[KK] Rock Hippo Joins the Karma Movement

Rock Hippo, the Toronto-based publisher of the third person action games Micro Volts and Brawl Busters, is now accepting Karma Koin as a payment option. Check out the publisher at http://www.rockhippo.com/.

Karma Koin (http://karmakoin.com/) is a virtual cash card from Nexon America which was launched in September 2011. 1% of all purchases made using Karma Koin is donated directly to charity. In addition to use on Nexon America’s online game portal, Karma Koin’s growing list of partners includes of JoymaxZ8GamesGameRageDekaron GlobalElsword GlobalFantage,  Musicshake and many more! For a full list of the services in which Karma Koin is accepted as a payment option, see http://karmakoin.com/where_to_use. For a full list of the thousands of locations where Karma Koin can be purchased, see http://karmakoin.com/where_to_buy.


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  1. Its been a week since your last post. ='(

    Though i cant really say that since my blog is dying. xD

    • But I’ve changed the background, theme, header and my gravatar :).

      • I like your gravatar. =)

        Seems like I have to change mine now. Though I dont know WHAT to change it into. Phantom is old news. :/

        New bg and header and not perm right? I wouldnt mind something a little more cheery.The days I visit the blog in the morning. I dont wanna see black. >-<

        New Theme? -looks- "Theme: Mystique" LIAR.

        Overall. I see you got a new post. The blog looks nice.

        I stand corrected. =')

        • Yeah it’s only temporary. Until after Halloween. I’ll probably renovate again in around the second week of November. Yeah, I changed the theme for like five minutes before realizing how much I like Mystique so I changed it back.

          • I actually LOVED my old theme. As Robbin said on one of my previous comments. Thing was the was no “white” to cover the words on my blog. So with my dark bg, you couldnt read it. So I changed it to Mysique. Whatcha gonna do, right? =)

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