[NT] Some Features Of ProjectNT

It was announced recently that Nexon and ThingSoft had signed signed an agreement for the publishing of the highly innovative upcoming ProjectNT in Korea, Japan, North America and Europe.

For lovers of Pokemon, ProjectNT has something to offer you. Within the game’s strategy-based combat is the small chance that you’ll be able to capture monsters after you’ve killed them. Once you have successfully captured the monster you may use it in battle.

Unlike most games in which characters are set on a single class with a single set of skills, ProjectNT doesn’t follow that system. Why? Because characters in ProjectNT don’t use very many skills at all! It’s actually the monsters that you capture that use skills when you command them to. As such any character can mix and match skills based on the monsters that they captured rather than being limited to a single set of skills.

ProjectNT is expected to make its global premier (likely the Korean service) in Summer 2013.


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  1. DO WANT!

    Why did you remove your “No” post, and what is up with that? ;/

  2. No… The secret is that there is no secret. When you post your no post you want us to think and say “what is the secret”. Then when we look at the body all it says is “No” being the answer to the question, “Is there a secret”
    You post is answering the question while feeding us the material to ask the question at the same time

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