[GMS 1.20] Masquerade Update Highlights

Quite a nice update I’d say.


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  1. YAY for them listening to us (after 1 year ++) and giving us the beaty coupon back. To be honest, I miss the Witch Hat event, was so much fun just getting multiple witch hats and scroll them, seeing which of all your hats would get the bests stats :p That way I got a +17 str lv 10 hat or something :p So much fun xD have like 7 hats on my account xD

    Kinda stupid for them to throw in the electional event in a halloween patch. Why not release it a bit before or after it, and let it continue through the halloween patch.. and why the efff you gotta kill remaining aliens o.O

    Doesn’t seem like this is going to be too much fun.
    -Kill some mobs get coins for (presumably crappy) items
    -Do quests like “kill 100 ghosts” for NPC’s to get halloween items (crappy food and stuff)
    -Ride over zombie with a truck, I think this is going to be one of those things you have to do like 100 times to get a good reward, and it will only be boring since you only need to move around.. more of a chore than fun…

    Not much for the Halloween content :/ Was hoping for it to be as fun as in the past, having all mobs in henesys being halloween themed, and going inside the Dungeon to get halloween hats.. Those were the good times…
    Only fun thing seems to be those beaty coupons =D

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