[NX] Nexon Acquires Japanese Mobile Game Developer Gloops

Nexon Co. Ltd., the global giant in online games, has announced that it has acquired all outstanding common shares of Tokyo-based mobile games developer Gloops for US$468.4 million. The transaction was closed today as was unanimously supported by the boards of both companies.

Gloops is very well known in Japan for its mobile games such as Three Kingdoms Guild Battle and Japan Pro Baseball Card Battle. Last month the company announced a partnership with DeNA in order to work on an international expansion targeting North America and Europe. The company has plans to launch five titles in North America and Europe in 2012 and another five in 2013, and one title each on the Mobage platform in China and Korea.

“This acquisition significantly accelerates Nexon’s mobile strategy, giving us immediate exposure to Japan’s large and fast growing mobile market,” said Seungwoo Choi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexon, in a statement. “gloops has established itself as one of the premier mobile game developers in the world and a key player in one of our most important growth areas, with a robust portfolio of hit titles and a strong track record of driving market innovation. We look forward to leveraging gloops’ outstanding capabilities and scale to expand the Nexon game experience to users on mobile platforms worldwide.”

“We are thrilled to become a part of the Nexon family,” said Shinsuke Kawakata, President of gloops, in a statement. “Providing compelling games for mobile users has always been our passion, and we look forward to being a part of an even larger organization as we work to continue bringing new and exciting titles to a growing base of players around the world.”

Other recent Nexon acquisitions/investments included NCSoft, Gamania, JCE and NClipse.


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  1. -Mobage is a good delvoper. I’m level 1xx in Ninja Royale. =)

    -Gloops BETTER MAKE GOOD GAMES. It seems to me their gonna make more card games. -_-;

    • They’re going to develop what they can be successful with. And so far they’ve enjoyed robust growth with their card games.

      • Let’s hope they release new games soon. =)

        • They should if they plan on releasing 5 new games this year.

          • How do you know they’re not gonna release them all in December?

            • Ahh, differing interpretations of the very relative term “soon”. By “soon” I was talking about within the next 6 months. By “soon” you seemed to be thinking more like the next month.

              • Yep.

                You know what? Let’s make a little wager. For $0.00, the closest to Nexon first iOS game release from gloops will be on this day. Whoever’s closest wins.

                I’ll say October 15.

                • November 1.

                  But I’m not so sure if Nexon will publish Gloops’ games. Gloops will likely self-manage while channelling through Mobage. But no matter what I’ll keep an eye out for any North America and/or Europe releases from Gloops :).

                • I hope they publish through nexon.

                  Though I usually check Mobage games too. (Add Gijoeyboss!) so I’ll probably know also.

                • Me a minute ago: Time to search up Nexon like I have been ever since me and Zach made that bet. -Sigh- Its reaching the 23rd. If it goes up to then, then whenever Nexon’s Gloops game releases, November 1st will be closer than my October 15.


                  Results: 1 of 21.

                  Me: !?!?

                  21!? It’s always 20!


                  -Sees- “(Nexon) Space Tanks


                  -Pride courses through my veins-

                  Time to tell Zach!

                  Then….. I made this comment. So Yeah. Hmm.. Can my reward be to become a
                  mod-*Gets shot*


                  I’ll have my first impressions on the game on my blog in an hour..

                  ..What? Don’t give me the “Shameless-advertising-on-another-persons-blog” face!

                • Nope. SpaceTanks is a new mobile game from Nexon but it isn’t developed by Gloops.

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