Music of the Week: Lawson [Episode 1]

Welcome to Music of the Week, the weekly feature of one music artist/group and my favourite songs from that artist/group. From the super popular to the relatively unknown, from the established to the up-and-coming, the featured artist/group are some of my favourite acts in the music world.

British music has really stolen my heart in the past few years. I mean it always had a place within me with groups like The Beatles and Coldplay but recently more and more British acts have come into popular focus and it seems like non-American acts are seriously coming into a dominant position in popular Western music. This with acts from Britain, Canada and the Caribbean growing rapidly in popularity.
Lawson is one of those British bands which has come out of the woodwork within the past few years but has yet to enjoy charting-levels of popularity. They’re incredible though and will release their first album, Chapman Square, on October 22.
Lawson rose to fame in 2011 when they acted as the supporting act for The Wanted, a more popular British group, on The Wanted’s The Behind Bars Tour. Since then it has been up and forward for Lawson with steady growth in popularity with their popish rock (or rockish pop) sound.
Lawson‘s band members are Andy Brown (aged 25), Joel Peat (aged 22), Ryan Fletcher (aged 22) and Adam Pitts (aged 21).

For more information on Lawson, see

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