[GMS] FangBlade Is Banned

Well this is interesting. First it was curryishott banned and now FangBlade is noticeably missing from the rankings. That now means that Global MapleStory’s first three level 200 characters aren’t currently on the official rankings.

Congrats Korwyn on #1.


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  1. Any proof that this is because of banning and not just some ranking mistake? It happens A LOT that FangBlade dissapears from the rankings… Now if his NPC would be gone, then we could asume he is banned… But then they also have to remove the EVAN MOUNT NPC since that is FangBlade too.. right? He teaches you about Dragon Mounts…
    But who were all off the rankings?
    I know Fang and Curry, but who was the 3rd one?
    Maybe something is wrong with the rankings and they are to be returned soon. Sure Curry has been missing for a few weeks but it happens a lot that Fangblade dissapears and then returns after some time….
    Or maybe he just deleted his character, or someone else did

    • I assumed since the other characters ranked seemed to correctly move up 1 spot and the fact that FangBlade is still on the Weekly and Monthly rankings (at least until the end of the week/the end of the month) he was actually banned. When I deleted by Marksman he disappeared from all rankings immediately. Oh, I’ve never seen FangBlade mysteriously go missing from the rankings before. Maybe we’ll just have to wait and see then.

      His IGN was IYuI (or something like that). He was a Scanian (?) bishop who was off ranks and was either the first or second level 200 in GMS.

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