[GMS] Champions Update


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  1. Do you know if the PvP Grand Battle gives good EXP? =o

    • No clue. Haven’t been paying attention to KMS updates.

      • 15 hours left zach, better give me a real drawing. To make sure you drew it, give me green hair but state that what hair collor you think I have…

        Just a disclaimer: If either of you guys fails to complete your task, this Sneaky Sunday reward might never return

        • This is a tricky one. Do I actually draw this and concede defeat to Robbin? Or do I not draw it and continue having my fun and I win another battle, while the war continues?

          • well if ya dont draw then you will piss of Joey, and you will maybe never know what was in this Sneaky Sunday.. MAybe its something you always wanted to know from me 😉
            Maybe I will never put this as a reward for any upcoming Sneaky Sunday, you will never know

            • What could the reward possibly be?

                • No, I won. I beat you at your little game with your non-existent reward. Now may the war continue.

                  Either that or the reward would have been super awesome and I just let down everyone. But I like to think positive.

                • Maybe the reward was just a picture.. Maybe the reward was something super special awesome…. Maybe the reward was the answer to all your trouble

                • Yup, maybe the reward was world peace.

                • “Maybe the reward was just a picture..”

                  Huh, so that was the reward.

                  Well, luckily I didn’t take 6 hours out of my day to draw that and just get a picture.

                • Okay. The pic on my blog kinda sucked. I mean.. ergh, black hair? You profile is blonde. I didnt really wanna admit it was me but.. sigh.. sad to see I didnt protest enough. seeing how close I was, and how robbin looks, would be AWESOME.

                • Wait wait wait. You drew a picture of how you think Robbin looks? O_O. How did I miss that? I demand to see it.

                • I dont believe you drew that, WAY to good 😉

                • @Robbin: Thank you for the compliment. :3 I do take my time in drawing. =)

                  @Zach: Zach, theres something you didnt do, called drawing Robbin. Henceforth I will have to punish you. Not showing you the picture.

              • Th answer to all my trouble.. like World Peace. Oh! And maybe Nexon can merge EVERY server in MapleStory and have only one channel! And make the max ppl for party 1,000,000.

                Isnt that a great idea? Eh? Eh? ….well i think it wouldnt be bad.

              • @Zach again: lol kids kids.

                idk how to send you the photo though.

                It’s on my computer, and I posted it on my blog for a good… 2 days? (well first i psyched him out by sending a pic of a toddler, then I actually tried.


                why that statement? Because I wanted to. =)

                • I seriously thought you google image’d a anime and that popped up. SEND IT TO ME AGAIN!! btw, I don’t look like that :p Not black hair, but not blond either… my profile picture is just Mihile after you created him.

                  On another note, today I had my first official WORDPRESS workschop in school :p
                  I was like “ugh not gonna learn anything in this because I already have a wordpress and know the basics”… LOL I laughed so hard when she googled WordPress Updates and your blog popped up.. HAHA she clicked it but quickly said… Oooh no this is wrong, not a good example.

                  Now we have to do some exercises with some program called Lynda or something .. it will teach us about WordPress. LOL “how to change your theme” … some ppl in my class really have NO CLUE, hahaha , they didn’t understood the most basic things. Some ppl though WORDPRESS was something you download :p

                • WAIT MINE? LOL! YESSSSSSSSS~..

                  wait not a good example? SHUT UP YOU TEACHING FOOL! O:<

                • Until September 21st. MY DRAWING IS UP FOR A LIMITED TIME!

                • I promise I’ll do a drawing on Friday.

                • @Robbin: Waiiiit… why the heck DID you take a qordpress class when you already know how to you use it?

  2. The wordpress workshop was mandetory, because we (group assignment) have to write a press release for a real company and post it on a wordpress and stuff. But we have to learn about wordpress first.. get it?
    And no, the teacher click on Zach’s blog and was like….. ooooh no, this isn’t a good example. I LOLED SOOOOOOO HARD at the inside,

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