Great Maple Election Quest Results Are In!

The poll results of Nexon’s Great Maple Election Quest are in  with Barack Obama winning 80% of votes to Mitt Romeny’s 20%.

Obama won the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Organ, Alaska, Hawaii, and the great CALIFORNIA.

Romney won the states of Montana, North Dakota and Utah.

If these were the actual results of the election, Obama would have won 518 electoral votes to Romney’s 20.

See more details on the results as well as upcoming events at


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  1. Funny.. I wonder how they got the area where people lived in.. I mean. I am from the netherlands, and voted Obama (just cuz I like him and his maple character). So that makes me curious…. I think they just made the states up, because there is no way that they can see where people voted from other than IP adresses.. But if so, then where are other countries than America. Nexon America states they are Global in the way that they probide their servers open to anyone not having a MS service of their own, no local version….. Thing is, they only do American events, have America-only real life events, and have things like this only showing american states, ignoring other countries (that don’t have their own version) I mean… maybe in Israel Romney won.. and maybe in the netherlands Obama would have won. Even thuogh we have our own version, we still voted 😡

    • That’s not the point. This is an American event for the American elections so the specifics on how international users votes are not all that important in my opinion.

      This response is to be continued.

      • In a way you are correct. Didn’t plan on making it some kind of rant, but while typing it I kinda felt like it was my duty to make it a rant, lol :p
        But still, Nexon America STATES that they are for every country that doesn’t have their own service (like Israel), yet they ONLY do American, and the occasional Canadian event…. I hate it when companies say something they don’t mean just to try and keep the community happy

        • Not really, no. Nexon America STATES that their service of the game is open to all regions without a local service. They have never said that content or events in GMS would be localized for anywhere else by North America.

          • Well, they state that their servicve is open for other regions without a local service. Which means they aren’t really North America only. This means that they also have audience from other places in the world. The only reason that they only do US events is because the majority of players are US, but does that mean you have to neglect all the other countries that also play your game just and only provide content to the biggest. Let’s look at EMS. Let’s say most of hteir players are from France. Does that mean they should only do French events? Nope. They look at their community and give every piece of the community a event, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain (?), England… Though ignoring Belgium, but hey, who wouldn’t? Jk :p

            The only difference between GMS and EMS is that EMS stated FROM THE BEGINNING that they would provide all the different areas of europe with related content. GMS never stated “we will provide content for all regions with no localization of Maplestory”, but what is preventing them from doing so? imo, this feels like on of those big patriotic things that America has. To be honest, it makes me kinda sick. I mean…(not hating…) it’s one thing to love your country, it’s another to be biased and think it is the BEST AT EVERYTHINGZOMFGGGGGG

            • Firstly, yes, Nexon America has stated from the beginning that GlobalMS was open for everyone without a local service.

              The difference between GMS and EMS is that GMS is a service localized for the North American audience that allows outsiders to play. EMS is a service localized for all of Europe. Therefore, Nexon America provides events specifically for North Americans while Nexon Europe appeals to its entire localised service region.

              • So if I were to have a Nexon HQ on a small island in the middle of the north sea, then I cuold have special events which are only specifically for fish people, and everyone else I let play should just get neglected by me to play. That’s not a good way of treating your community. Just because you decided to place you building over there doesn’t mean all other places shuold be 100% ignored

        • Canadian events… something they need more of. I mean, are they gonna do something like this for Canada’s prime minister?

          Most likely answer? NOPE.

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