Rock the Vote!

Rock the Vote’s mission is to engage and build political power for young people in our country.


~Msupdate, political activist


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  1. Like the way how they got the dude to really look like Slimm :p
    Awesome =D xD
    But the video was kinda useless to me, living in Europe and all, and not giving a crap about voting (not even here in the Netherlands).
    I mean, 1 vote isn’t going to make a difference, and if someone crazy would be in charge that would do some crazy ass shit, there will always be other people to prevent that from happening. In the worst case scenario we will have a crazy dude in charge. And when that happens, there will be someone just as crazy to assasinate him.
    So no point in voting. I mean, the amounts of people that vote or so high, that one vote more or less isn’t going to make a difference, so why bother.

    • One vote won’t make a difference? ONE VOTE WON’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE? What if everyone who voted said that?

      • Oooh the classic argument. Well if everyone said that, litterly everyone it will make a difference if I vote or not. Thing is, there will always be a couple x-thousand people voting, and 1/1000th of a vote (worst case scenario) is nothing.

        So what is your argument now? Right now 1/10000000 vote = nothing, so why bother

        • Just vote for teh lulz.

          And its fun. :3

        • There were just under 104 million votes in the 2008 US presidential election. Think of each vote individually, not as a group. All those votes were from people who came out and made a choice and made a difference. Every vote counts.

            • Though, this is about MS polls, for the luls.

              If you were voting for president or something, every vote counts!

              Say, 500 people who were on Obama’s side didn’t vote because they all thought 1 vote didn’t mater.

              The other guy wins by like 400 votes.

              If those people voted, Obama would’ve won.

              So it makes a difference.

              • yeah but now you are seeing it as a group. My argument to what you said is..
                If I am part of the 500 people that didn’t vote, it wouldn’t have mattered if I voted or not.
                If I voted, then there still would be 499 that wouldn’t vote and the other guy would still win wiht 400. If I wouldn’t have voted there would be 500 people to not vote and the dude would still win with 400. Even in your example, it wouldn’t have mattered if I voted or not, the dude would have still won.
                ONLY when multiple groups of people would change their mind and vote, instead of not vote, there would be a (really small) difference. But even then, it wouldn’t matter if one person from one of those groups decided not to vote, since the impact his vote has is almost zero.

                • Okay, so my cousin Joe caicoppo was in the Cadadian idol star Brain Melo band. (he was the guitarist) we naturally voted for him, calling and calling the american idol hotline to cast votes or whatever. we got around 300 votes.

                  Brain Melo won by around 500 votes. So if we were just like Ehh Our votes wont make a difference, the other country idiot would’ve won, and my cousin would not be the performance maker he is now, making tons.

                  SO BASICALLY votes do make a difference!! =)

  2. No, because what you did was vote multiple times, essensialy voting as if you were multiple people. But even in your example, if everyone could only vote once, and you knew millions (litterly) of people would vote, then you know 1 vote more or less really wouldn’t make a difference. It is something completly difference if your whole town decides not to vote and majorities of votes in one town are copllected as 1 vote representing you whole town. You have to see that 1/10.000.000 doesnt make a difference, where 1/200 might make a difference. However, since there wouldn’t be only 200 people voting, voting now is useless

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