[KK] [gP] gPotato Now Accepting Karma Koin

Karma Koin is expanding quickly these days, as GALA-Net Inc. began accepting Karma Koin on their gPotato game portal this week. The publisher of games such as Flyff, Rappelz and Allods Online, gPotato was one of the first successful free-to-play MMO publishers in the North American market. The portal is taking a step forward with the releases for the innovative and action-based Sevencore and Eternal Blade, both coming soon.

Karma Koin (http://karmakoin.com/) is a virtual cash card from Nexon America which was launched in September 2011. 1% of all purchases made using Karma Koin is donated directly to charity. In addition to use on Nexon America’s online game portal, Karma Koin’s growing list of partners currently consists of JoymaxZ8GamesGameRageDekaron GlobalElsword GlobalFantage and  Musicshake. For a full list of the thousands of locations where Karma Koin can be purchased, see http://karmakoin.com/where_to_buy.


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  1. Off topic but am I the only one who notices facebook games are now web games on nexon.net?

    • Hey, B1! Your still chillin’ here! ^^

      Yep. I remember when I got excited and thought you didn’t have to use FaceBook anymore. Ah Well.

      • Joet wuts ur facebook, ADD ME DANG IT !!!

        oh, and ZAch too -F3-

        • Haven’t we been through this before? You’ll never track me down on Facebook.

          • Don’t worry, Orange send me an email with the names of everyone in ya huose, all I need to do is put your last name behind one of them, and if I find one that looks Jamaican, I’ll look in the friends lists for a Zach. The moment that you read this the damage has already been done bcause you are most likely sleeping at the moment that I make this comment, MUHAHAHAHA

            • Fine…. You win. You hear me? YOU…. WIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!! Searching for the names of everyone in ya house (besides Mo and Jennifer, your kid and Orange’s kiddo’s) and adding your last name got me NOTHING. I did find a Natalie that had both a Zach and a Jennifer as friends, but to bad the Zach was white -_-

              • I’m surprised you couldn’t even find one of us. Well it would be hard since you don’t know much about how we look. Facebook search sucks anyway.

                I always win (sometimes).

                • lol always – sometimes :p
                  But no it is easy. I just look if there are any Natalies that have both a Zach(ary) and a Samantha in her friends list that live in the US somewhere in LA, and are collored…. =D
                  No need to know your face because I can just do it like this.
                  Oppression only gives me some white/asian guys

                • I’m secretly Asian.

    • Just go away already, no one wants you.
      Lol just kidding of course (just to let you know, I like to kid around from time to time) =D

    • Ooo. I didn’t notice that. I wonder if that means that browser-based games off of the Facebook platform are coming soon? Something to think about.

  2. Cloudstone is now playable on Kongergate (A flash game site owned by GameStop).

  3. NX removed the link for some reason but it’s still playable here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/nexoncls/cloudstone.

  4. B1 Is so knowledgeable..


      • LOL!

        Well, it’s certainly good to have you here!

        Anyway On-Topic a bit: Why does Nexon KR do all apps for Android and not iOs Devices? -_-;

        • Android controls 90% of the South Korean smartphone market.

          • o_o.

            Here I was thinking Apple was the king! Though my home country isn’t there, I’m guessing it should be close to the USA?

            Well, Apple needs to catch up in Korea, it would be nice to play something like Bubble Fighter Adventures…Yeah.. I don’t care if it’s Korean. >:o

            Oh, B1, You should make blog! You know EVERYTHING Nexon KR related.


            • The apk’s for Nexon KR android apps are out there, the problem is that they glitch out as English confuses them and they need to integrate with some obscure korean app store.

              • Well all androids should have like an app store hub, where you could choose a country and download. Also helps because say your English, but you wanna play.. lets say..
                KartRider Dash+.

                You could download it from the Korean app store. Heck, and vice versa, I mean, someone in korea might wanna play angry birds or something.

                Good idea to me! I should start a buisness. =)

                • I China they’d probably censor Angry Birds to Happy Birds. Ban it outright in North Korea.

                • LMFAO! SO TRUE!

                  Btw, the beginning word should be “in” instead of “I”

                  *Gets Shot*

                • ROFL.

                  Last August I was averaging 4,062 viewers per day. Down to 1,740 this August. 3,652 per day last September, just 1,616 so far this September. I think I need to start posting more often. At least I can say that I’m safely up from the 36 views I got for all of my launch month, August 2009. -F3-.

  5. I have a Chinese class mate, he has ANGRY birds, not Happy bird… so what are you talking about?

    Lol just kidding I know it was a joke 😉
    Korea (the one with the dictator thingy person, forgot if it was north or south, even though in the time I typed this I could have done a Google search) would make it so that their country would shoot bullets at the other countries in the world, instead of having a slingshot that shoots birds at pigs…

    Idk lol, I have lost my creativity for a min

    Zach, just add me on facebook FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! I wanna see what you and ur super duper cool bro Orange look like. And I wanna know is god @#$! real name. I mean, he told me the name of everyone in the house except his own!

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