[GMS 1.17] New Dawn – Highlights

I’d make it look a bit more presentable  if I wasn’t about to fell asleep while standing. Good night (and it’s 3:15pm here).//



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  1. When I read your post before from my bed at 1 AM and I read “good night”, I was like.. lol, good night to you too Zach, I am going to bed at the same time you are… Romant- …… wait wut… lol
    I like how they made this one look a bit .. okay-ish, make it seem like a Black Wing Report, only the purple bottom doesn’t fit the rest
    However, I wondered one thing. “He has been sighted (okay, so in the Maple World), but he will return to the Maple World on September 5th”… So he’s already there but he’s not and will return while he actualy is already there o.O

    • Or Nexon just said something without knowing what the actual situation is.

      • Let me pull a Zach and say : “I don’t think I follow.. :/”

        • Let me be myself and say -facedesk-. I’m saying that the people who created these highlights weren’t informed to what the actual situation with Mikhail is so that’s why they said the wrong thing.

          • Yeah well that is what I don’t like. I mean even Shakar (-_-) pointed it out…. The people that make the hihglights should know what they are doing. It is like having a truckdriver fly a airplane and hope things go well

            • What if the truck driver can fly?

              • Then he is qualified to make the patch notes… But in most cases he can’t fly, otherwise he would have been a pilot. I think my analogy makes perfect sense 🙂

                • I’m a game designer. I have a pretty good knowledge of flying because it has always interested me and my uncle was a pilot. Along with weather and politics which I also obsess over. I mean I wouldn’t be able to like jump on some big commercial jet and fly but if the pilots like died mid-flight or something and no other pilots were on board I could probably do a decent job of landing that thing with only minor injuries to people. O_O. So anyways, what if the guy is in a situation like that? He kinda has some flying skills but not enough to be a pilot?

  2. So he has some writing skills, because he wrote a little story in kindergarten once….. and now he is writing the patch notes.. .Something like that?

  3. @Zach: Yep. August! ^^

    @Robbin: LMAO! I wonder how Zach will reply to that. xD

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