[GMS] Mikhail This September; Tempest Almost Confirmed For December/January

We now know what was likely from the beginning. That the Mikhail class would be pushed in off-season in order to ensure the release of the Tempest update this Winter. Mikhail, the knight of light, will arrive in Global MapleStory in September 2012. This was revealed on the official MapleStory Twitter page just a few hours ago. GlobalMS may be the first service outside of Korea to receive this class.

This development just about confirmed that the Tempest update which includes the classes of Luminous, Kaiser and Angelic Burster will be released this Winter.

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  1. Didn’t we alrady know that Tempest would come in December. I mean, they always do big updates in December, Tempest being WAY bigger than a stupid Dawn Warrior on steroids… I hate Mikhail.. Biggest waste of computer space ever

    • Yes, we could assume that Tempest would come in December. That’s why I said we expected it. But we couldn’t confirm that it wouldn’t be pushed back in exchange for a Winter Mikhail (which was unlikely).

      • -Shrugs-

        Eh, I’d better get my Phantom to lvl 200 b4 Tempest, or I might be tempted to make a new character. I cant trust myself.. ;~;

        • What level are you now? is it your highest level character?

          • -Sigh- Long ways away.

            Level 113, Highest Level character.

            Training at LHC Crockies, Mainly leeching, but I try to attack to gain a bit more EXP.

            I get admission to the party just because I have Bless/Holy Symbol, I think.

            I’m using the level 110 renegades weapon. (Att 108 Int+3 Luk+6)

            Well liked in LHC, Though I still wish I had someone like you guys in LHC with me. ._.;

            ….Yep That’s all.

            Think I could race to win?

  2. -Tries to convince self-

    Luminous gets frustrating during training because there’s always a good skill, and a bad skill your FORCED to use during training.

    Kaiser is too DSish.

    Angelic Buster Is to slow.

    Phantom FTW! ^^;

    • You ar never forced to use dark, only if you dont want to do crap damage you need to use some dark skills. And the dark skills don’t suck, nor do the light ones. they are all good, no crap skills. And uhm…. HOW DARE YOU TO TALK TRASH ABOUT THE BIGGEST HERO EVER! FYI, he’s my new main. I rarely make “mains”… because … well yeah.. my latest main was and is my CB when they were revamped with BB. Then some time my UA bucc, but still my CB stays my main all the time…. I also wanted DS to make it my main, but then I heard about the nerf and I stopped wanting it to be my main, My highest lv character is my lv 134 Canonshooter: MonkeyKidnap =D Luv his name 🙂

      • Let’s see what nerf Luminous gets.

        Then we’ll talk. =)

        • I wish no classes ever got nerfed. Then I would make a Luminous, rather than a Phantom. (I picked Phantom because he got like a Mercedes nerf. Not a big deal.)

          Luminous is SO EPIC and SO AWESOME and DOES SO MUCH DAMAGE, that I wouldnt be surprised if he got a DS nerf, along with Kaiser and.. well AB isnt really that OP.

          • I have no idea what you just said, but okay.

          • “AB ISN’t THAT OP” Have you seen their skills? Without any funding you can break the damage cap and do atleast 5m damage with a maximum of 100m damage!!!

          • AB can LITTERLY 1HKO some of the strongest bosses out there. ONE… HIT ….

            • She seems boring to play though.

              Again, “You’re Too Slow!” AB.

              • wut ya mean with too slow? ANyways, she WILL hopefully get a nerf, or she will be the most OP job EVER in the game. I don’t know if you have seen her skills, but she has a coupe of skills that will let her break the damage cap to a maximum of 100m!

                • I’m Saying.

                  She’s not OP..

                  ..for a class that’s supposed to be OP.

                  This is when they reign, like Mechanic reigned when it came out. Where are the mechs now?

                  Though, if she doesn’t get nerfed. Yeah, she’ll be freaking OP as heck. O_O

                  Again, I prefer Agile characters. So yeah. I know one skill can go up to 99,999,999.

                  I know another skill can go up to 9,999,999.

                  Though, all other classes hit ALOT ALOT ALOT. This class hits like once or twice, with that damage.

                  Though, the idea of not being funded and hitting 5m is good, being unfunded on a phantom and using it’s 4th job attack skill (not prenombre, the other one. I’m not 4th job yet so i wouldnt know the name), you’ll be hitting more in the end.

                  Good thing about Burster? Soul. I HATE using MP, so DS got me hooked (till nerf) Kanna would be nice And Burster will leave me envied.

                  But I’m k.

        • Doubt they’ll nerf him. I mean, he isn’t OP OP OP OPPPPPPPPP like DS was, or Mechanic (ooh he was HELL), however, me having a nice +15 % all stat earring plus like 10% INT from other gear… yeah, I think I’ll do some nice damage. I’ll give it the ABR I have been keeping in my inventory for a couple weeks now, and the lv 120 DB mask … ooh yeah =D

          • LOL.

            Bwahahah. If they nerfed Phantom, they’re gonna nerf Luminous. Hard.

            • WHen Phantom got a nerf? He hasn’t .. well not big atleast. And Phantom is way stronger than Luminous because of his hurricane like moving skill. Luminous has no super OP moves like that, only mediocre mob moves

              • Luminous: 4th Job Dark skill. Whooa..


                It actually hurt a bit. Phantom’s nerf.

                -Dmg on skills. (Not Much)

                -Crit rate. (20% I think) Though, a hyper skills buff gives you +20% crit rate anyone.

                Therefore, both of these don’t matter, but check this out.


                -Effect on stolen skills by 30%

                So say you steal lucky seven and it does 100 dmg. with this nerf, it will do 70.

                Same goes with buffs, so bishops have use again!

                And -40% duration.

                Say HS goes for 100 seconds, it will go for 60 instead.

                Though, It’s stolen skills only, so Phantom’s skills will be left untouched.

                I wish there was a class that can transform into any other class. Likre Jump to Kaiser to angelic to Luminous to..-sigh-

  3. lol what is your crap AB is strong luminous is fun and kaiser is fast skils that he point lol =)

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