[NX] Nexon Strong In Second Quarter, Stock Soars

Tokyo-based Nexon Co. Ltd. has reported strong financial results for the second quarter of 2012 with revenues increasing 12% year-over-year. Revenues for the quarter reached 22.876 billion JPY (291 million USD), operating income of 10.678 billion JPY (136 million USD) and net income of 6.768 billion JPY (86 million USD). This equates to a operating income margin of an impressive 47%.

Nexon’s global MAUs (Monthly Active Users) moved down from 83.1 million to 77.4 million, while Nexon’s payrate (the percentage of users purchasing in-game premium items) moved up to 10.3% from from 7.8% one year ago.

For more information, see Nexon’s consolidated financial results report, the Introduction to Nexon publication and Nexon’s letter to shareholders. The latter especially two are very interesting reads.


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  1. Yeah I heard about it.

    In a nutshell – Nexon NA percentage didn’t change much, but basically everyone else got GREAT shares and it was a successful month for Nexon as a whole.

    Nexon NA has to step up their game, you know, stop hacking, false banning, glitching (That Phantom ship glitch was brutal), and stuff. And port Cyphers or Kartrider, which I’m positive will grant great money.

    But their not. They’re RELEASING NAVY FIELD 2!!! -facedesk-

    • Not really. The only region which saw huge increases was China. Japan and ‘Europe and Others’ actually fell, while North America and Korea made slight advances even if only on a set currency basis.

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