My Comment On “Incorrectly Named Package in the Cash Shop”

The 1 NX Puffram Package in the Cash Shop is incorrectly named “Permanent Puffram Package”. Sorry for the confusion! If you hover your mouse over the item, you can see that the correct duration is 7 days.

Now, on two quite popular fansites I see people complaining about how quickly Nexon acknowledges and fixes issues having to deal with the cash shop. Now I have to tell people, only IDIOTS like YOU wouldn’t address issues related to the cash shop, especially issues which may cause people to WRONGLY EXCHANGE REAL MONEY FOR AN IN-GAME ITEM that they thought was ONE THING, decided to buy that ONE THING and it turned out to be ANOTHER THING. This is REAL MONEY becoming involved and anybody with any SENSE would address it AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

I should do this CAPS thing more often. It’s quite invigorating.


P.S. This isn’t exclusive to this situation. It’s meant to apply to many similar situations with have occurred in the past.


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  1. If it was Perm for 1 NX, I’d be emailing Nexon about not getting my 10,000 maple points from playing PopTag. Then I’d buy it. I mean, its just 1 NX.

  2. Yeah but what they mean is that Nexon si so quick to do stuff about their money flow, but don’t react even at a normal speed compared to other developers when you are talking about in game content. I mean, for how long has that issue with Mercedes ear clipping through the hat’s been there. I mean, there are SO MANY things that could be fixed if engineers LITTERLY TOOK 5 MINUTS OF THEIR TIME FOR THE PROBLEM. I mean, just change something in the coding so the ear’s get cut off, NOT THAT HARD IF YOU OWN A MMORPG. Look at the speed with which CWPQ got fixed. A wooping year and 3 months. I mean…. WTF !!!! And it is only available to a couple of classes if I am not mistaking. They said it would be available for more classes in the near future, but we are 6 months in the future and nothing happened.

    Another thing that bothers me is the lack of KNOWLEDGE/EXPERTIZE or whatever you call it, in the GMS developement team both over at Korea, and the enigneers at Nexon America.
    -If you look at Mutiny update. Why did they in gods name decide to make the pirate update be a month after the thief update, while pirates needed it the most!!! Why delay it 8 months compared to Korea. It is a kick in the face of your COMMUNITY. They all really wanted it, but you kick em in the nuts by not giving it to them and instead revamp another class.
    -The mutiny update is more DB related than Pirate related. I myself consider myself as a bit of a pirate. Sure I play a lot of different jobs, but pirates are my favorites. Now when I look at the update notes, I see 1/30th of the update note about the pirate revamp. Heck, we don’t even get events. The only events are for DB. Sure you can argue that Korea didn’t had event either, but Korea didn’t screw over the Pirate community like this. I mean, at least give us a exclusive hat with a hot time, just like you did with Jett and thieves. I mean, even DB get their own exclusive gear on creation (that I freakin’ bought when Dual Blades were released!) but Pirates get NOTHING! If you let your community wait that long for something (look at the rage of them on both the official forums and fansites like Basilmarket) you should give them something extra, not ANOTHER kick in the nuts by not giving them anything special.
    -Aliens… They could have done a MUCH MUCH MUUUCH better job at the Masteria exclusive content update. I mean, the cutscenes are glitched (not for everyone, but even if they are glitched for one person, they are glitched), the aliens randomly dissapear in cutscenes, or your character/aliens keep on wakling to either the left or the right of the screen. Stupid mistakes like that can EASILY be fixed, EASILY…. by just having a bit of programming skill. But obviously Nexon doesn’t even WANT to fix it, because we have this content upate for over 6 months, and it’s not even an adressed issue!
    If developers would even play their gmae they would realise what is wrong with it and they dont need to rely on their community to state the most obvious problems. If they would KNOW their audience they would know that we do not want 7th day of market. If they played the game and wuold socialize with their players they wuold know how people think about cetain pieces of content. But NOOOO, it had to be said in a Q&A with Basilmarket people, that they removed the 7th day of market.

    You would think that a company like Nexon America would be proffesional in whatever they are doing. that they would fix buggs, adress problems ASAP and COMMUNICATE with their audience. But nope, they slack like there is no tomorrow on fixing bugs
    , they aren’t fixing problems even at a remote speed, and they only communicate 5 times a day on the forums (gotta love that Nexon Tracker). Look at what games like LoL and it’s devs over at RiotGames are dong. They communicate, they adress issues, their games has ALMOST NO GLITCHES!
    Nexon has been in the bussiness for over 7 years, but they are still acting like they just started their company, with now good organization, not transparancy to their consumer, no fixes on their game, and crappy content that I am sure people I know that are still in school for it, would do better.

    Sure, transparancy isn’t your best friend when you run a company and it doesn’t go to well with the PR, but you have to realise that if your community already knows about the content you will be having in a couple of months, that you don’t have to be super secret about everything. It is not like you are doing something unexpected with it, make some changes or something, because you all discussed it over a meeting in Korea how you should make that piece of content.

    It is no secret that Angelic Buster will break the Damage Cap with ease. It would also not be suprised if Luminous, for whatever reason, will be glitched in GMS. I don’t know how they do it, but they will. Look at what happened to Phantom, in KMS he wasn’t glitched at all, but suddenly GMS comes in, for some reason some engineer thinks it is fun to open up the coding, changes one thing, and BOOM, glitched.
    Same thing with Mages right now. Mages are glitched, all mages, hitting the Damage cap at times, but also hitting 1’s and 0’s. When I was playing Justice in KMS, this never happened, nor is there any report on the glitches that GMS has now. This means that all those glitches at GMS has, are GMS exclusive (how’s that for some nice exclusive content?). I do not know how they do it, or WHY they do it, but for some reason, people over at Nexon America feel the need to CHANGE the way the content comes in. If they would just import it from Korea they way it is when they patched it, removed how it would affect content we don’t have, add how it would behave on content we have and they don’t, and just translate it. How can there be a problem if you do it like that. I mean, after ALL those years you should know some korean if you work at Nexon America. I mean, most of the coding are numbers anyways. And all the text that is in there is text you would have seen thuosands of times before, because all they are are the words “min, crit, value, max” in korean! Heck, you even have people from Korea working at your office to translate if it is still needed, like Hime.

    Another problem is the way they approach and “listen” to their target audience. Heck, they could hire me and I would do a better job at listening to their audience than who is doing that right now. We do not like the way Nexon is doing these commericals / videos, all with the stupid corny stuff. We do not like all tihs alien stuff the way it is brought to us. VPQ was cool, but making aliens be all dumb and make the content corny too, that is just wrong.

    I really love Nexon America, you know that, but I am so frustrated that they aren’t listening, and they surely aren’t acting proffesional. I do NOT understand why people aren’t getting fired for having so many glitches in the game. This is why I think they should bring back Tespia …. again. I mean, just to check if there aren’t any GMS exclusive glitches. I also do not understand how some glitches like the Phantom Ship glitch weren’t noticed in the internal Tespia at Nexon America. I am starting to wanting to punch everyone that works there at Nexon America that works on coding.

    • You seem to forget that Zach has a short attention span. I’ll read it when I reach work :).

      • It’s funny how you say you will read it when you get to work, when you are supposed to be at work and not do things like browse the internet :p.
        What does your boss/co-workers say about that? xD

        -greetings from Germany, my last day 😦

        • LOL. I have more than enough time to browse while working. Of course everyone does it.


          • So what would you do when they se eyou on this blog? They don’t know you own it so what wold you say?
            Is your team a close team, like, do you all feel like one team. And is it like the Art team is really close, and the dev team are close, but not the whole company .. Like you are divided in groups?

            Yeah am in Germany for one week. On holiday with my dad and bro. Going home right now in 30 minuts or so. It will be like a 4 hour drive back home :p

            • Well the entire team working on my game is pretty close. The company is closeish. We know each other’s names and pass a hi and bye but I don’t always get to have conversations with distant employees.

              Cool. What’s it like in Germany, the gaming capital of Europe?

    • Read it. I’ll reply later.

  3. Jesus, that’s a long post (above).

    I agree with everything you said.. It only makes sense to acknowledge the issue ASAP, because real money is involved.

    • Tell me about it. I came on to read comments, but I think I’ll wait until after I reach work and then read his comments in parts :P.

      • Nexon’s coding is messed up.

        I want to punch civilians in the face.

        Yeah that’s Robbin post in a nutshell.
        But in all honesty, you should read it. It’s a nice read! 🙂 True facts too!

        • Well it is true. I mean. Nexon America has the same content as Korea. Korea has everything just fine, but for some reason we get all these nice Exclusive GMS content: Glitches. I mean, there are glitches that are SO easy to fix and never appeared in KMS, but for some magical reason they appear in the GMS server and it LITTERLY takes 6month+ to get a fix which introduces 3 more glitches. Why don’t they fire everyone in the bug fix team that creates a fix for a problem which in turn creates another glitch. That way you take out the bad coders (Orange) and you get new good people.

          • Speaking of whom, Orange’s birthday is next Tuesday.

            • So he’ll be 28? Early happy b-day Orange 🙂 Now go make that lil cousin Brad has been wanting for so long 😡

            • And I mean that you (Orange) should go spend some time with ur wife.. or is she just ur girlfriend? I mean, your lil bro caught up on you man!! xDDDD
              But then again, then there will be 7 people in ur house :s

              @Joey, Orange isn’t a bug fix person, if he was, then that explains why the bugs are getting fixed as such a slooooooow pace. He is a Game Artist, just like Zach, but Zach knows some stuff about programming but is to lazy and just wants to draw stuff 😉
              He send me some pictures of what he did at the office like a year ago (but I lost them like 1 week after he send em to me xD). It were just drawings of a Orc kind of thing with a spear, kinda looked like a skinny orc from WoW (never played it besides the demo, just looked at some videos) with a spear…. And some random drawings on a big white board…

              • I read it but pretty much forgot what I read LOL. I think I had some objections, but I don’t remember and am too lazy to re-read it.LOL.

                • So as I said, Zach has a baby. But then again you are married. It is kind of a tie actualy. So if Zach marries before you have a baby he wins!!! So my suggestion : Make that kiddo!
                  But what specific thing have you made Orange?

                • Orange: I have 2 children though Robbin. I win! The most epic thing ive created recently was the new DFO banner on , but I didnt do that single handedly.

                • Oppression. Check your email too.

        • Ooh and if you want to know, Zach is working on a game for Activision-Blizzard for as long as I know him…. ~2 years. He can’t say anything about it, but I can’t wait for it to be released :p

  4. MaloMyotismon

  5. Hint: I am hitting dem Korean hard!

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