[GMS 1.15] Mutiny Update Preview


“The Pirates and Thunder Breakers are becoming more powerful,” they tell me. “They’re learning incredible new skills,” they say. “They can’t be stopped!!!” they scream. Well, until I witness these bigger, badder Pirates and Thunder Breakers, I’m just gonna go ahead and do my own thing. The Dual Blades have nothing to worry about. Yup…no need to lift a finger.
I’ve just decided to revamp my Dual Blade training. No, it’s not because of the rumor about Pirates and Thunder Breakers; I just feel like it! I’m teaching my new Dual Blades some super-secret skills that I’ve been working on for a few years now. I’m also having my henchmen add some new quests and a whole new tutorial to help in the early stage of Dual Blade-dom that I like to call the “I want to be an awesome Dual Blade but don’t know how” stage.
Seems like that old loon Spiegelmann’s up to something. He’s collected some paintings capable of transporting Maplers to some new themed dungeons, each with a quest for you to complete. I got pretty close to one of the paintings and I heard some pretty crazy stuff going down on the other side. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure Spiegelmann’s taken safety into account. Sure of it.
As always, MapleStory has a ton of Events lined up. There’s the extended Renegades Festival, the Red Leaf High dungeon, the Return of the Knights of Virtue… Unfortunately, I won’t be going to any of them, so you’ll have to tell me how they are. I’ve got things to do here. Right here in this spot. No time for fun.
People are starting to panic now that Renegade Coins are going away. The other day, some kid wanted to trade me his lunch for Renegade Coins. I had to tell him I didn’t have any even though a turkey sandwich sounded delicious. The kid just started crying right there on the spot! He only stopped when I told him several event quests that reward Renegade Coins are being extended and NPC Conor is also sticking around a while longer to sell some new equipment he got in. That shut him up. Didn’t get me a sandwich though.
Looks like school started a bit too early at Red Leaf High, considering it’s still overrun by monsters. I’m sure the students would appreciate any help they can get with clearing out this premium dungeon. Every time you complete a quest, you’ll get friendship points to unlock equipable totems that raise all kinds of stats.
Someone was telling me about the fall of an ancient kingdom. Sharenian I think it was called. There was something about an evil demon, Ergo…or maybe Ergoth? I’m not quite sure, I was sleepy. Anyway the Knights of Virtue formed to prevent any more kingdoms from falling, and it looks like they’ll get put to the test because this Ergah character is back. No big deal though. Cassandra is giving everyone a Stone of Virtue to buff up for the fight!




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