[GMS] Mutiny

We intercepted a covert message between Kerning City and Nautilus Harbor, but it got garbled. [The time has come for P______ and D_____ B_____. ]


Posted on August 2, 2012, in Global MapleStory, Update. Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. Dual blade revamp is part of justice… ?? o_O

  2. P!nk and Dragon Balls. Did I get it right?

  3. I still think Pirate vs Ninjas would be a better name. Sure, it isn’t something they would do to make it look cool, but it could be really epic and GMS could have some “exclusive” content and feeling for it (would also give Justice (seewutIdidthere?) to the delayed Pirate revamp) by making some quests in it that the Dual Blades and Pirates are at war. And to train themselves to win this epic battle, they will do a whole lot of self training (revamp). I think that idea would make everyone happy, it gives us some quests, some reasoning behind the delay because they had to fuse the pirate revamp with the Dual Blade revamp, and some other stuff.

    It’s a sad thing that this won’t happen, but I do think they should atleast put in some hints at the meme, just like they did with Athena Pierce and the “arrow to the knee” meme.

    Make sure Orange reads this: Orange you should lobby for this. I mean, I had som expectations and I still have them. if nothing like this turns out in the game…. then … *sigh*, then I’ll be very dissapointed in you.

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