Zach’s Bored

So who can find the secret with this post?


Posted on July 23, 2012, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 21 Comments.

  1. There’s no secret. xD

    • Omg nice eye! xD Thanks!

      Edit B1’s comment so Robbin doesn’t see it! O_O!

      And edit this comment so Robbin doesnt Know its about him. xD

    • Congrats! The last time I did something like this no one noticed it. Well that might be because I didn’t tell anyone anything was wrong with the post. I oppressed you so Robbin doesn’t see.

  2. there is no READ rest of this entry

  3. And you revealed ur name :p

  4. idk not in the mood to use my brain…

  5. Puck I don’t know, just tell me, it is litterly driving me insane

  6. LOL WTFFFF hahahahahahahahaha.
    Hey wait a minute


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