[GMS 1.13] Game Update

MapleStory will be going through a game update starting on Tuesday, July 17, 2012. This update will last for approximately 5 hours during which time the game will be unavailable for play.

Pacific: July 17 @ 11PM to July 18 @ 4AM
Eastern: July 18 @ 2AM to July 18 @ 7AM

{ Changes }

  • Back-end changes will be made to the game client, which will entail a full version update to v113.
  • Phantom characters stuck in a PvP map will be moved to Henesys.
  • Those Phantom characters affected by the white eyes issue will have their eye color set to violet.
  • Cash Shop items will be extended for players affected by the Phantom white eye issue.
  • Working Pendant of the Spirit (7 Days) will be distributed to each of the merged worlds.
  • Cash Shop specials ending: Functional Pet Equips, Royal Hair and Face Coupons, this week’s Clearance Sale items.
  • Please see the Bug Extermination Report for a list of resolved and known issues.

Regarding “Several Hacking Issues”

We are aware of some severe hacking activity and we ask that you bear with us as we resolve any issues you may be experiencing. We will update you in the near future. In the meantime, if you observe any suspicious activity, please report it here. Thank you for your patience.


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  1. So… why go a version up, just for some fixes? They aren’t adding in any new content, so why make it a version up :/

    • “Back-end changes will be made to the game client, which will entail a full version update to v113.”

      • Regarding “Several Hacking Issues” Says Nexon.

        THATS WHY!

        I’m scared. I logged into DFO one day, and My goblin pad was changed. I fixed it.

        THEN My Password was changed. I guess he got a lucky snap at one of my security questions. My not my other one, with my email, so I could change my password.

        Now, I’m gathering data into a memory stick to restore my computer. Guess I should’ve gotten anti-virus sooner. -facedesk-

        Maybe I has tired and I inputted my password/goblin pad wrong. but idk..

        Guys, what do you think I should do? File in a ticket, wait for another problem to arise, make sure I’m not wrong, then file a ticket, or file one now?

        • I don’t think they were talking about account hacking, and stand by my age old view that 99% of account hacking is the fault of the account holder. I’m pretty sure that they’re talking about the botting, etc. going on in MS right now. It’s so widespread it’s ridiculous.

          But wait could you go through what happened in a clear order please? Zach’s small brain is kinda confused about what you explained happened to your account.

          • Oh Botting. True. There’s alot of Jett tornado spammers and stuff.

            One Day, I go on DFO, and I do a few dungeons, my inventory is full, so I go to Seria to sell some items for cash.

            When ever you sell/buy items/trade you need to insert a (Bolded)Goblin Pad(Bolded), for example, so someone doesn’t drop all your money, or trade a legacy equip from my character to their character.

            It’s basically the same thing as “PIC” from MapleStory. Oddly enough, it’s CHANGED. Which means: They got onto my email, changed the goblin pad, and deleted the “You Have Changed your Goblin Pad” Message.

            I Changed it back, using my email.

            Next Day, I went to Play DFO again. (Lol That game is my new MMO addiction for now)

            I Type out my password..Fail? Again, Fail? Once again..Huh!? FAIL. Type it carefully so I don’t forget anything. FAIL.

            Luckily, they couldnt jack out my “Change email” Security question. So My email was still intact, and I safely got a change password.

            The End. If They Change my email then It’s all over… but even if they don’t.. I’m worried about one last thing.

            What if they use illegal programs on my account (Like, Going On Combat Arms and using aimbot, or using one of those “botting” Hacks on MapleStory), Nexon realizes it and Terminates my account because I was using illegal programs, meanwhile, it was him/her.

            System restore is a hassle, So I’m downloading AVG Anti-virus Free to see if I have malware. (I Had a different one, but I srsly cant trust anymore, after something happened to my friend)

            If I have nothing it means:

            -Dumb Luck, someone guessed my 2x-character password.
            -I inputted my password/Goblin Pad wrong a bunch of times.


            • Wait, so you haven’t been using anti-virus this whole time?

              • LOL Nvm My father said that we had Norton. I forgot out of frustration. Everytime anyone went on a virused website, a warning from it would pop-up, and then it does a weekly (no notification pops up) scan.

                Last time it happened is when my mother typed in goggle instead of google, and Norton warned us so we got no virus.

                How could I forget! o.o

            • Same thing happened to me, but with Maplestory. I wanted to log in on maplestory, and my PIC or password (can’t remember) was changed!
              So I checked my email… NOTHING. There was no request for a PIC/PW change. So I immediatly reacted my changing my PIC, Password AND password of my email adress.. Then I left a message in my hotmail saying “fuck you loser that logs in my hotmail and Nexon account”, so if he ever logs in my email again, he knows I’m pissed at him :p.

  2. No I got hacked, lost items and messo, logged a ticket and I got 125k maple points… And I lost a total of 55k NX

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