[MS] “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q2 2012

Before I start I’d like to wish TaiwanMS a happy belated birthday!!! That’s 7 years.

Hello and welcome to Msupdate’s “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings, released in the final week of the final month of each quarter. This is the first release of these rankings for 2012.

This project started in April 2011 when I compared the content of all the services, but specifically KoreaMS, GlobalMS, MapleSEA and EuropeMS, in Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS . The last rankings were “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q1 2012.

To quite understand what I mean by “fastest updating” and “most updated” and why additional, original and exclusive content cannot be counted in how fast a MapleStory service updates (*cough* JapanMS), please read Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS.

Fastest Updating

Current Rank Service Move Since December 2011
1 Japan MapleStory +6
2 MapleStory South East Asia +2
3* Europe MapleStory +1
3* Global MapleStory
5* China MapleStory -4
5* Taiwan MapleStory -4
5* Korea MapleStory +1

*Services with the same rank are tied.

Interesting to see the bottom ranked version moving up one. That’s due to the tie for #5 and the removal of ThaiMS from the table.

These days it’s not about weeks. It’s all about the race to receive content down to the day. As JapanMS, GlobalMS, ChinaMS and TaiwanMS are all more or less around the same place, KoreaMS out front and MapleSEA and EuropeMS lagging behind.

JapanMS sits at the top of the table. They received Alliance Unbound at around the same time as GlobalMS earlier this year but sped up to receive the Phantom and Justice over a month before anyone else (except for Korea).

MapleSEA’s ranking show how much small differences affect your ranking on this table. MapleSEA received their Legend updates beginning ONE WHOLE MONTH before EuropeMS, and that has made all the difference. Moving from Chaos into Legends in just four months has shot MapleSEA into the second ranked position.

And EuropeMS gets its place at #3, tying with GlobalMS. Both EuropeMS and GlobalMS ended their last major updates at around the same time (Chaos for EuropeMS, Legends for GlobalMS). They have both moved into this Summer’s major updates at the same time (Legends, Renegades).

While ChinaMS and TaiwanMS continue to get their updates at the same time, and quite sluggishly, KoreaMS’s Tempest updates have been relatively lacking in content thus far. CMS and TwMS (I can just call it TMS now that ThaiMS is closed, right?) got their precious Dragon Warrior class pretty quickly, but are moving through the remainder of Justice really slowly! Meanwhile KoreaMS is making its way through Tempest with the release of a new class and several game changes. As usual, KMS is very hard to rank due to the fact that there isn’t any service ahead to compare its speed with.

Most Updated

Current Rank Service Move Since December 2011
1 Korea MapleStory
2 Japan MapleStory +3
3 Global MapleStory -1
4* China MapleStory -2
4* Taiwan MapleStory -2
6 MapleStory South East Asia
7 Europe MapleStory -1

*Services with the same rank are tied.

Korea MapleStory tops the most updated list for obvious reasons.

JapanMS now has completed its Justice update and is currently working on the delivery of pretty awesome original content. GJ.

GlobalMS now its original class as well as the Phantom class to gets the #3 spot.

ChinaMS and TaiwanMS have begun their Justice update by receiving the original Dragon Warrior class. But lacking Phantom has hit them hard and they fall to places and out of a tie with GlobalMS, to #4.

MapleSEA has completed Legends and is looking forward to the Union updates.

EuropeMS is now the least complete service of the game, at least until August 1 when Demon Slayer arrives!

I absolutely refuse to go back through and fix any mistakes that I may have made.


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  1. Mistake: You aren’t supposed to place three exclamation marks at the end of a sentence. Only a maximum of one is tollerated.

  2. May i ask if its possible to tell how much time does MapleSea needs to take to have Luminous and kaiser?

    • Very difficult to say. Based on your current speed of updates, we’re looking at May/June 2013. But I doubt it will be later than that and it could be earlier if any surprises are made.

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