They May Be Late but They’re Coming

This Month In Past: July and “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q2 2012 are overdue but are coming soon!


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  1. not lieing, litterly 5 min ago in the showe I was thinking about TMIOP and that u havent done em in a while… dont ask me why i think of u innthe shower, i dont really have a socialy accepted answer.

  2. Off-Topic WOO!

    I felt like I had to share this with you because it was really confusing. o_o;

    So I was on Nett Pyrimid PQ and some lv. 100 is like “tell me how to get explorer mount plzz”
    He did that for like 10 minutes so I went up to him and said: “I got a secret, there’s a place called YOUTUBE *GASP* and you search up how to get explorer mount and ITS THERE *DOUBLE GASP* Then I got a trade request. I accept, and its the guy, and he says: “This is for helping me.” Then he puts down 1.5mil Mesos Yes. 1.5 MILLION MESOS and we trade.. and he said goodbye and left.

    LOL!? YouTube is common knowledge..?

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