[GMS 1.12] New World: Renegades; Phantom Update Highlights


With recent information shedding new light on the so-called “criminal” Jett and wild rumors abounding in the streets, the citizens of Maple World wonder – what’s really true?  Who can you actually trust these days?  Well, who besides the hardworking staff at the Maple Times, Maple World’s most trustworthy news source, of course!
And boy, have we got a scoop for you!  We’ve just received word that one of the five legendary Heroes who battled the Black Mage hundreds of years ago may have returned!  None other than the infamous Phantom – the greatest thief of all time – who stunned everyone when he showed up in Ereve, defeated Hilla, and proved once and for all that our beloved Empress Cygnus is the rightful heir to the late Empress Aria.
Lately, top Black Wing commanders have returned to find their richly appointed homes not quite so opulent, with nothing but a single playing card as a clue to what happened.  According to legend, Phantom used playing cards in his attacks, alongside his unique weapon, the cane.  He also had the mysterious skill to mimic the abilities of others and could travel far and wide on his own personal airship, the Lumiere. Coincidence? We don't think so.
But the return of Phantom is not the only big news this week! The newly discovered world of Renegades will soon be open for exploring by adventurous Maplers. There will be an all day, every day 2x EXP & Drop Event running from 7/9 to 7/22 on this new world, as well as a special new world quest event running from 7/10 to 7/17!



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