Happy 4th of July

I’d like to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July.

New posts coming soon so watch out!


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  1. Happy 4th of July… Don’t really know what it is…. Isn’t that where America got their freedom or something,.. or is that Independance day x]

    I find it odd that Nexon America isn’t doing anything with it like they normaly do every year. No post on the website, no sale, no event, nothing :/

  2. Woo New Posts! The Day has Come! Zach is coming out of blogging hibernation! ;D

    For the wait, he should give us a reward like making Robbin dress up like a giant happy pink bean and walk into a funeral. 😀

    • wuuut, how is that Zach giving us a reward?! o.O

      • It’s a reward for Joey since he can laugh at you. After you tape it and upload it on Youtube for all to see, of course.

        • Well it would be sad for the ppl at the funeral. If you guys can get me a pink bean suit, I will do whatever you guys want me to do and take it. Not lieing, I will do it. I think it would be fun :p

        • JMS keeps amazing me (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OrcZXSMLA0&feature=player_embedded). According to shikage, they will get at least 5 exclusives jobs in total, sometime in the future, with 2 of them, Samurai (wasn’t there a BasilMarket job idea about that once) and a Shinre Maiden (exorcist), this summer. Samurai will be released July 25th, Shinre Maiden August something… Cool. I really like what JMS is doing. I mean, it is not that I hate aliens or anything, but GMS is doing it so wrong. They try to put in to much lame humor (like the NLC mayor saying he can’t count -,- ). JMS is making it epic with a Demon Dragon thing and a guy wanting to reincarnate in it. It could easily be a anime. But then GMS comes allong and let’s aliens invade NLC … o.O I mean.. wtf. They could atleast made it more epic, by giving it a beter storyline, or atleast an ending, But NOOOOOOOO, they destroy the city, and that’s it. We don’t get to destroy the aliens, we don’t get to save the town, nothing. Worst of all, no easy way to get GFA 60% !!!!!

          If I could put in ideas at Nexon America it would be to give the players on final epic alien piece of content, to let the aliens go out with a bang, and then NEVER EVER return to it, because players get sick of it. Just make it really epic, nicely drawn sprites, WORKING animation/cutscenes, and most important of all, a good epic storyline with some plottwists.

    • Yup. I know I’ve been bad recently with the posting but I’ll get back on track soon. At least four new posts are coming tomorrow and Friday.

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