[GMS 1.12] Highlights

The highlights of the update can be seen in the following video:

It has also been confirmed that the pirate revamp will come later this Summer. Possibly with Phantom.

Not noted in the highlights but noticable from the updates and the video is the change of the character selection screen as pictured below, courtesy of (click for larger image).

The new selection screen shows up to 8 characters on one page and looks awesome.

The changes  to the level requirements of the party quests are as follows:

Henesys PQ: Level 50+

Kerning PQ: Level 50+

Ludibrium PQ: Level 50+

Monster Carnival: Level 80+

Ghost Ship in the Mist: Level 120-160

Also, Neo City has been revamped and is now available for players  level 125+.

Bed time.


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  1. Possibly the best update this year! 😀

    • Yeah it really has turned out to be quite an update. Even though the situation with Jett is disappointing, it still looks quite good. Plus the new character selection screen, character cards, PQ adjustments, thief revamp, news that the pirate revamp will indeed be making its way to GMS. I agree it’s the best update this year.

      • Where and when has it been confirmed that Pirate revamp will make it to GMS later this summer?

      • Am I the only one that kind of lol’ed when I noticed that the Renegade Coins still ahve the “J” of Justice on them? :p
        They could at least have changed it to a “R”, just like they change the number of the correct Mapleversary.

        • ‘J’ for ‘Jett’.

          • Nah.. well it is, but they are called “Renegade Coins”, so then it should be called Jett coins right? 😉

            • Yes. But Nexon was too lazy to recolour them/didn’t find it economical to recolour them when they could just call them Renegade Coins but leave the ‘J’ on it and make it stand for ‘Jett’. I wonder when MapleSEA and EuropeMS will get these updates…

              • What I would do is make the coin instead of light blue, light red, and make a R on it in the same fasion that the J now has, off to work now, I asume you are doing the same :p

              • I noticed “volunteer” on the Nexon Forums.. is there a way how I can “volunteer” at Nexon as well. Not as a forum person, well, I wouldn’t really mind other than the fact that that job will most likely be done at home and you won’t have any contact with your co-workers… but more of a “volunteer” for something easy like the Customer Service/Support Team?

              • “I wonder when MSEA and Europe will get these updates”, well, if I remember correctly, there once was this certain individual that would predict upcoming patches…. It was something that was the main focus about his blog …. hmmm… but I can’t remember who it was…. I think his blog started with M and ended with SUPDATE.WORDPRESS.COM.
                But I have no idea if he is still active….

              • Forgot to tell you guys something, I have decided to start my own blog. Don’t know how long it will be before I neglect it…. but whatever.
                It’s Rakahs.wordpress.com. Think I will be blogging about GMS and EMS updates, since Shakar is being to negative for me. So here is my question to you, where do you get all your information from? Like, I always visit you to get the latest info… but you must get your info somewhere… :/ I don’t want to me “captain late” or “Captain Slow”…

  2. NVM found it, a special little Sunflora posted it on the Maple Forums =D

    Okay here is my prediction:
    GMS will be getting Pirate Revamp later this summer because there need to be made some changes like I predicted before. Pirate Revamp will just give the pirate a damage increase, and give them new buffs from the revamp like Mental Clearity to increase their damage. Skill that change the gameplay will not be included. This is because everyone kept whining and complaining (like me) how Pirates lost their individuality. So now, Pirates will just get a damage increase and some new damage increasing buffs, and if you want to play the new playstyle that KMS now has, you need to play Jett.

    If they are completly going to copy Justice Pirate Revamp, then I don’t see the point in Jett, other than that it is just a character with a new storyline, and give players a chance to use both bucc and sair skills in one character… :/

  3. Not a bad update, I must say.

    I wasn’t really caring for this update other than Phantom, but they’re bringing more new things to the table that I’m gettin’ hyped!

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