[GMS] Renegades

MapleStory Renegades is three weeks away and Nexon has revealed the teaser for this update which includes exclusive content! A message has been sent to Maple Planet from the distant planet Cerberus as seen below:

Citizens of Maple Planet:

A dangerous criminal has fled to your planet after committing a heinous crime (CLASSIFIED) against the planet Cerberus and its people. We are hereby offering a hefty reward to anyone with information leading to the identification and capture of the intergalactic terrorist known as “Jett.” Contact the Cerberus Rapid Reaction Force immediately with any leads.

– Cerberus Rapid Reaction Force HQ

Check out the full teaser site!


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  1. I WAS RIGHT !!!!

  2. So, get me the job at Nexon because I was right.
    2 Things I don’t like.
    1. The Jett character is a female. Doesn’t look like a cool female either, because it is just a women with red hair…….. booooringggg
    2. The animations in the video suck. Sorry Orange, not trying to offend your drawing skills, but especialy with all the bandits, or at the end with Kyrin, the drawings aren’t super good.
    It misses the “bright” feeling that is Maplestory, and to be honest, the video is kind of boring. I mean, all the kMS things are epic looking, but then the GMS trailers are kind of … lame I guess for a lack of better words.
    Why is it lame?
    GMS doesn’t try to make the job look epic. If you put humor in something that you want to make look epic, then you will fail at that. Humor and epicness don’t go together. GMS just made a “humorous” (wasn’t even that funny) trailer by making weird sorts of bandits and Kyrin better 100 messo (like 1 cent, WOAH that’s a huge gamble) that nothing cool would happen…. really, really? pfff -,-
    srry for my rant, I still like Nexon, but in my opinion, they shouldn’t out the weird American sense of humor in it, like they did in NLC revamp.

    That reminds me, I was watching the awefull show caled “married with children” some time ago, and my irritation level was through the roof! Converstions went like this,
    “Hi, how are you doing”
    “I have a bit of pain in my belly”
    *activate laugh machine*
    “how come”
    “you arrived”
    *super laugh machine actived*


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