[GMS] Bounty Hunter Event – Starts on June 6


And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to being dead. June 26 and 27 will be special days so make sure you’re here for them!


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  1. You think the people on the wanted poster in the first picture is the new class?

  2. “clues left behind by the deadliest criminal in the maple world”
    “KIlled the king of planet Cerberus”

    I remember on Spadows’s blog some people commented about mechanic being a cop from out of space … What I think is that this is a Pirate Adventurer (just like the Dragon warrior pirate in CMS adventurer spinoff) Bounty Hunter. He hunts bounty’s, but he is a bad person because he kills innocent people too. Someone told him to kill the king of Cerberus, and now instead of just being a Bounty Hunter he is a cirminal. Why do I think he is a pirate?
    1. If you go to Orangemushroom’s blog you can see the colored version. The male holds a gun in his hand, a space gun. He is said to kill some king on another planet, so he is a evil dude. Evil dudes = pirate.
    2. If you look at the top of the announcement, you see 2 canonneer characters. Why only canoneer? Because Nexon is hiding the clue that the job is a pirate. The canoneers are pirate, and the job is also pirate. It is the same as when you announce Mercedes and only show people firing their bows and crossbows.

    So the story? I think it goes like this. There is this awesome Bounty Hunter called Jett. He is doing stuff only to make himself rich. So one day this shady guy comes up to him and asks him to go to Cerberus and kill a evil rich person. What Jett doesn’t know is that the “evil person” actualy isn’t evil, he is the king of Cerberus, and the person that gives Jett the message is Black Wings general Baroq in disguise. So he goes to the planet, kills the king, and suddenly everyone is in shock. People are all scared and fear Jett, but he doesn’t know why. Then he finds a bounty board with his name on it. “Wanted, dead or alive for killing the high King on Cerberus. 10000000000 messo”
    “nooooooo” Jett screams, this isn’t what I wanted, how is this possible!
    He then realises that the Black Wings tricked him in killing the king of Cerberus. The Black Wings feared Jett because they were afraid he would one day try to destroy the Black Wings and the Black Mage. So to try and prevent that they wanted Jett to commit a bad crime that makes the whole Mapleworld and the universe outside the Maple World to be angry at Jett, so that Jett will hide for the rest of his life, or be in prison.

    Jett wants to take revenge on the Black Wings and the Black Mage, but how….. He then hears from Heroes, who fight along side each other to fight the Black Mage. He sees this as the perfect opportunity to take revenge on the Black Wings, Join the heroes and destroy the Black Mage..

    Sounds a bit of a mix between Edelstein, Evan, and Phantom right? Well Nexon has to take their inspiration from somewhere ….

    If this turns out to be true, you should get me some kind of internship/ job at Nexon. Even if I have to sit under Orange’s table the whole day cleaning his shoes.

  3. You have GOT to love -hime- :
    “Replies are always welcomed!
    You are right about the perception. That was why I asked for additional thoughts on that statement. We’re all ready for Jett and stuff but noooo Taiwan MS gotta go and steal our thunder. Not a coincidence I say!”

    Official quote from Hime..

    Lmao at her saying that CMS steals their thunder by revealing their exclusive class before GMS planned on giving us some of their tease xDDD

  4. More epic quotes from Hime Raging on the asian verions of maplestory stealing their thunder :
    “Poor timing. Jett is a big deal. We’ve been working with the developers to finalize all the information, details, schedule, etc. And right before we open its grand door on what Jett is all about, some other exciting news gets thrown into the mix from the other versions. Not cool! @_@

    I don’t think the salivating for some of the Asian content will ever change but at least (and for the most part) give players an idea of what to expect and look forward to before it becomes localized.”

    “Sometimes we’ve been lucky with our timing and sometimes we haven’t (the latter more so). So I rage as much as you guys when something oh so cool comes out and we are SO SOOOOOOON on releasing information about our own update. Too much of a coincidence sometimes. TOO MUCH.”

    ❤ Hime raging at CMS/TMS/KMS

    • I’m back from the dead. 3 days of being inactive, because of the wedding I told Robbin about (Hence the fact I couldnt get those drawings done. Doubt you guys even noticed I was gone. 🙂

      How did that project turn out, Robbin.

      -revives Zach- k now make more posts *whip* *Whip* (Nah kiddin’)

        • Zach, stupid people on the internet (basil) don’t believe me when I say that all work for every version of MS is done in Korea… could you like, maybe make a small post or something explaining this, so it will show up in a Google Search so when I tell them to google it they can find it? It is annoying the crap out of me because I am getting flame over it on Basil!!!!

          • Well technically not all the work is done in Korea. When exclusive content is being developed it’s usually designed by the local publisher in coordination with Korea and then the designed content is developed in Korea, then tested back at the local publisher and then implemented by Korea.

            So Jett was likely designed by Nexon America in discussion with Nexon Korea and then the designs were sent to Nexon Korea who developed it and then it’s sent back to Nexon America for testing and any needed translations and then once it checks out okay it’s sent back to Korea who puts in the game. I’ll make a post.

            • Yeah so what i meant was that the concept is developed by the (in this case America) Nexon team, then it is send to Korea to let them do all the art and drawing because people like Orange suck. Then GMS gets to test it, and then it is send back to korea who then implents it in the game, and hten it is send back AGAIN to let GMS launch it? What do you mean when you say that KMS puts it in the game… WHy doesn’t KMS test it and then “put it in the game”, or GMS test it and put it in their game .. why do they need to keep transfering it between KMS and GMS..
              Also, by now, do you think the Jett class is fully done, just waiting for the time of the patch to release Jett, or do you think they are still in development of making new skills in korea , or testing it in America?

              • A lot of the content testing process is done at the local publisher. So America conceptualizes and designs, Korea develops, America tests and translates and then Korea implements.

                I’m pretty sure that Jett class is already more or less complete. There are maybe a few changes to be made or preparations to be made related to the class.

                • So Orange is actualy playing Jett at work …… if he was a game dev and not a artist … but maybe Hime is playing right now 😛

      • lol :p Well, I was right about the Jett storyline, in almost every way.
        Jett kills the king of Cerebus without knowing it was the king. People angry at him. Jett runs to earth. And he is a pirate using a space gun.

        So, how was you wedding? Why was it 3 days o.O was it on the other side of Canada?

        • @Zach: I know. I wasn’t forcing you to make new posts though, it was a joke. 🙂

          @Robbin: only 4 hours away. o: This wedding was 2 days (Big right..?) So we came back the 3rd day. Nice to be back though. 😛

          @Post: So.. Jett is a pirate who uses a space gun..

          -still waiting for Phantom- 😛

          • yeah well I read what TWMS is doing with their exclusive job. What I heard and read, and saw was that it was using the skills from the revamped pirate job. I think that they want to make a job that has all the revamped skills for pirate and thief, and then keep the pirate and thief the way they are now. This is because pirates and thieves will play differently after the revamp. So then you have a choice. Play as a pirate/thief the way it is before Justice with the normal jobs, or play it as it is post-Justice with the job that uses their skills, which for Corsair = Dragon Warrior…
            I like the idea of giving players a choice of playing post or pre revamp, but I would have loved to see new skills with the Dragon Warrior job. Now just hope that Jett isn’t the same thing as what TWMS is doing 😦

            • That make sense. We’ll have to wait to find out.

              • I just had the worst dream of this week, I dreamt that I was on Max’s blog, and I read that Jett was released, and just like TWMS, that Jett used skills that the revamped Pirate has. I was like, NOOOO Nexon America, WHYYYYY T_T

          • I know you were joking :).

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