[GMS] Announcing a World Alliance

As a note, I predict another merge in the future. That will be between Demethos, Galicia, Zenith and Arcania. Other less populated worlds  (Bellocan, El Nido and Nova) can hold their own where population is concerned and don’t need any merging in my opinion.

We are pleased to announce an upcoming World Alliance between YellondeKradia,Mardia, and Chaos. We know, we know – we previously announced a Server Alliance between Yellonde and Kradia, and that one fell through. However, this time the World Alliance is definitely taking place on June 7th, after the scheduled server maintenance is complete.

What does this mean for the players on these worlds?

  • You will still log in to your respective world from the world select screen.
  • All of your characters will still be separated by world, so you will essentially have quadruple the character slots for the allied world!
  • When you log in to your world, you will interact with players from the three other worlds as well.
  • We are expanding the channels available to 20 in the allied world, so that those of you who want to train by yourself still can.
  • Your place in the rankings will not change, as it will still be determined on the world your character is created from.
  • If two or more guilds on the new allied world share the same guild name, they will be renamed automatically. If this happens to your guild and you would like to choose a new name, please have your guild Master submit a ticket after June 7th to Customer Support under the Game related>World Alliance-Guild category.

In celebration of the World Alliance, we will be holding a 2x EXP & Drop Event (for the allied world only) from 2-6pm Pacific/5-9pm Eastern each day from June 7 to June 12.

We will also be giving a few gifts to the players of these worlds. Please log in from June 7 to June 13 to receive a 7-Day Hired Merchant Coupon, a Diablo Messenger, and a 7-Day Pendant of the Spirit. You can only claim these gifts once per account.

We hope that these changes will allow players on this new allied world to participate in more community activities than they previously could. We know you probably have lots of questions, so feel free to post them in our forums thread here. We’ll try to answer as many as we can.


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  1. Announcing: A big middle finger to Dementhos!

  2. This is just for the record.

    Some time ago I thought about, what would it be like if every version of Maplestory makes their own exclusive job, and then all the other version get a job from another server added each time.
    So it will be like this:
    KMS creates a KMS exclusive job
    GMS does the same
    EMS does the same
    JMS too
    and then TwMS (first I thought of CMS, but since twMS has been confirmed to be one that is also making it’s own job, I think JMS is bigger than CMS).

    They all release the job at the same time. So every server gets a “Version job” all at the same date. Then 6 months after that date, all the version devs pick one other job from another version that they will release in their server. So GMS will get the EMS version, EMS may want to get the JMS one, and KMS wants to get the twMS job.
    Then this will continue every 6 months, so that is like another 2 years of “new” jobs. The only downside is that it takes away the fun that each job brings, because everything is already known because they are all released in other servers. A pro about this is the fact that every version get’s to put their own input in what job they want to make, so they can make their ideal job.
    Looking at what twMS is going to release, it looks like they are getting a Pirate Hero with Justice. He doesn’t look anything cool or special but w/e.
    GMS will get a bounty hunter … but the hero dude of TWMS looks a bit like a Bounty Hunter himself. What if the same happens with Visitor.
    Both TWMS and GMS call it their own Exclusive, but they both got it at the same time. What if it happens again, with the new job. TWMS says they get a exclusive job, and GMS too. GMS dropped the clue of it being a bounty hunter, and from the pic released of the TWms hero, it looks like he is a bounty hunter. So are they the same?

    I think the idea of a version job would be cool.
    Maybe ID 7xxx is the “Version” race… :/

    Source: http://maple-news.com/2012/04/22/exclusive-class-in-twms-as-well/

    • Hmm, you missed out MSEA but never mind cos MSEA literately copy all the patches, what will happen if there’s no thief and pirate revamp?

      You did mentioned about how the servers copy each other’s job. But there’s a twist: they may make other server’s exclusive jobs crappy and useless, cos they didn’t revamp the whole job later on or don’t even care about it.

      • what do you mean with “revamp the whole job later on?” If you mean that they didn’t get revmpas for a job that the original verison would have then here is the solution : get the other Version Job the way it is in the original version around the moment of patch. GMS did the same thing with, I think it was Dual Blade, or PvP, where in KMS it had a couple revamp patches, and GMS decided to take the content the way it was with all those patches already in place 🙂
        And welcome to this blog 🙂

        • I am already welcomed.

          • Bye who? :p

          • *by who lol

            • Most likely Zach. ’cause I didn’t. 🙂

              • IF YOU TWO SCARE HIM OFF I’LL KILL YOU. Sorry I’m not replying to comments or posting I’m on holiday…

                • Joey, let’s scare him 😉
                  So, have you guys seen the TW/C- MS Dragon Warrior job… I DON’T LIKE IT !!!
                  I think it is a pirate, that just, shoots a gun … like a gunnslinger… dafuq.
                  If this turns out the be GMS’ exclusive job I am going to be sad, because the Dragon Warrior looks like a bounty hunter. I am still sticking with my theory that every version will make it’s own version job and they will all rotate. I mean, TWms and CMS share a exclusive job, GMS is making one.. I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that 3 servers are allowed to make their own job. It has to be that Nexon want’s every server to show some originality with Version Jobs. Dragon warrior is in the Chinese style, so I think that GMS will make a badass american sheriff Bounty Hunter person. I imagine him looking like this : http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FK77uRfeVoY/TZ_lU4bTY0I/AAAAAAAAAII/dQPt1oc0E2M/s1600/Clay.png
                  But then as a mage or something :p

                  But this makes me wonder… I mean, we have to original adventurers, and we have the Gaiden jobs (DB and Canoneer) who are also adventurers. What if Nexon just plans on creating new jobs, like another pirate job for CMS, and adds them in the adventurer job category.. Like, every job that they come up with that isn’t a hero/Resistance/Cygnus will become a adventurer. What if the adventurer race isn’t a seperate race anymore, but more of a collection of jobs that don’t fit the other races. Much like when you have dinner that you can’t eat anymore. You save it for the next day and just cook something extra with it. This way you create a new dish from leftovers. So adventurers can just be a collection of “leftovers”.

                  If they decide to make another warrior right now they can only add him in adventurer since the adventurer race has “infinity” space and the other races already have a warrior. Get where I am going?

                  In other news, I just had my super special day at my Game Design school, the HKU. I had to show them all my stuff, my board game and a portofolio. If they liked what they saw I would be invited for a interview. Waited for 2 hours, and I was invited 🙂
                  So I waited another hour, and then I got my interview. It went alright. They asked me stuff like “if someone comes to you and wants you to create a game for 12 year old girls that go to middle school (the age where kids from the netherlands go from primary school to middle school is 12) what game would you create”? I replied with some kind of Sim game that would show the girls what they can expect from a middle school and give htem some more insight in how to “grow up” a bit more. It should educate them a little bit while still having fun.

                  I had mixed feelings about it. I hope I passed, but I am not sure 😥

          • lizhti, if you didn’t know, it is mandetory that if you want to be a poster on this, you have to upload a picture of yourself dressed in a monkey suit eating your own poo. So go and buy that monkey suit you saw yesterday and start taking photo’s because we need to see proof or else you aren’t allowed to post here anymore!

          • Ignore nightcodex and GIJoey. They’re retarded and I allow them to post here so they feel useful.

            • That’s right, we run a daycare for retarded people over here. Joey and me are both retarded, but thank god we have Msupdate, he takes care of us. So please, join us, on this retard daycare, because from the looks of it, you seem pretty retarded too, for coming to this blog ;).

  3. So, about my school thingy. My boardgame has to be about my eduction, so kind of related to it… thing is, I already have my Chess-kind-off-game almost done, and I don’t want to start all over again in just 2 days…. so …. can anyone help me think on how I can relate my boardgame to my game design study xD

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