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Recently athreadwas made about the decrease in population of smaller servers and how it would be greatly appreciated if a few of the servers were merged.

Most, if not all, of the comments agreed with the poster’s message. Here’s the author’s message directly from the forum post:

As of now, the smaller servers such as Mardia, Kradia, Yellonde and all of the new servers are having serious issues with under population. Not only is it extremely difficult to find people to train with, even during 2x events, but the free markets are all governed people from larger servers using real money as a currency to trade in game items.

The loss of MTS and world transfers are a good start, but unless these smaller worlds are combined with 2 or even three of their struggling counterparts just to get to 1/2 the size of Scania Windia or Bera…

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  1. Zach, make sure you show this to Orange.
    This is a official death threath from me, to Orange, for fooling me with the GMS exclusive job info.

    Disclaimer : video is not made by me

  2. If Orange is made like this:

    Then how are you and all your other siblings made? Are you all fruit?

  3. Actually, server mergers have advantages and disadvantages.


    – Allows players to interact more
    – Opening up of more channels
    – Can play double or triple the number of accounts in a merged server (but for storage is for each single world)


    – Having to look for more channels in PQs (I have this problem in MSEA, D/E/I world where Ludibrium PQ is crowded and could not find a channel in all 20 channels to play)
    – Lag in towns, especially Henesys, where less RAM space is applicable

    Although server merge is a good thing to increase the population, but it should not be stuffed with much people in it. It will be good if Nexon would stop creating more worlds and expanding channels for overcrowded worlds.

    • That’s why Nexon has to be sensible with what they choose to merge. Seven GMS worlds in particular, Kradia, Yellonde, Demethos, Galicia, Zenith, Arcania and Chaos, but especially Yellonde, Demethos, Zenith and Arcania really are underpopulated and need to be merge. Nexon really has to be sensible. Any merge shouldn’t overpopulate the resulting server. I’d say a population of Bellocan should be decent. Possible combinations are:

      1. Kradia + Yellonde
      2. Kradia + Demethos
      3. Yellonde + Demethos + Chaos

      Those merges, based on concurrent users, would give the merged server are comfortable population, not too populated, not too underpopulated. There’d be a good amount of players around the place but there shouldn’t be many problems getting into a PQ or lag in towns. Once Nexon merges only 2 or 3 of the each of the underpopulated servers then the disadvantages you listed shouldn’t be TOO big of a problem once the players get used to the increased population. The thing is that even merging all of the underpopulated servers still would only get you a server about the size of somewhere between Khaini and Broa. So it’ll be hard for Nexon to overdo it.

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