[GMS 1.11] Maple Class Reunion


Dear Class of Maple,

Dear Class of Maple,
Our Lucky 7th Mapleversary is in full swing, but we're not done yet!  We're holding a Maple Class Reunion, and it's full of events new and old!  I want this to be the biggest, best class reunion yet, so mark your calendars, and prepare to attend!
back to the old (school) maple

bug extermination month

bounty hunter event (starting june 6)


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  1. Cool, I LIKE IT A LOT. So this must be why Hime asked on the forums what our most loved thing back in the day was 🙂
    I can’t wait to go back to the old maps, complete the quests AND get good maple weps, especialy because I just got hacked, so some extra ways to get money are always welcome =D

    Bounty hunter and Messo…. good for me now, but if I had some money I don’t think I would care.
    And the bug killing better be fun … :/

    • I really like this patch too. It’s so much different that our average everyday update.

      • Only thing I DON’T LIKE, is that this feels like a filler. I get the feeling that they want to release Justice as late as possible in June, so they can get as much revenue as possible, other than releasing it now when there is still school. Still like it though. +1 on the GMS exclusive liking list. It is at -2 right now :p

        • So what if it’s a sort of filler? Justice needs to be released in late June or early July. Nexon has their content schedule that is designed to take advantage of the bombs and dips in player activity.

          • yeah, but for ME, it is bad, because I Want new skills, revamp, new gms exclusive job, and mroe cool content 😦

            • Who cares about you [at Nexon]?

              Nah, people care about you to some extent but their profit comes first. I’m not the type of person who calls an update a “filler patch”. They’re all fit into the update schedule for a reason.

              • Lol F3.
                I think there ARE filler patches. I can’t name any now, because I just woke up, but when it is clear that they are looking for a way to release some “new content” which is only there to make sure there is an update every so often so the player won’t get bored, and that the BIG patch will be in the summer/winter, then we have a filler patch…
                Useless patch = filler

                • I don’t like to call them filler patches though. They’re content updates. Not every update can be big. Some have to be events (hopefully fun and original events) while some have to be big. This update isn’t useless.

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