1000th Post

2 years and 9 months.

1000 posts.


4,158 comments (thanks Robbin).

And now I’m bored.


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  1. Wow. 1,000?!
    It’s difficult enough for me to count from 1 all the way to 1,000… But 1,000 posts?!
    Nice, congratulations! Splendid job, keep it up :).

  2. -1 post where all you did was “Zach sad, Robbin sayd Paladins > Cleric”
    Yeah … I remember that :p

    Lol jk, congratz on your 1000th post :p
    Just curious, howmany comments have I made on this blog :p
    3k? xD

    • Nah. I doubt it’s that much. Last year you did 41% of comments and so far this year 37%. So I’d say out of the 4,158 you’ve done like 33% overall for 1,372. This takes into consideration that your commenting was at its most active last year and you didn’t start commenting until June 2010.

      Edit: Just searched your name, both Nightcodex and thechazz and got 1,381. That means my estimation was only 9 off. Am I good or what?

      • or you just looked it up before commenting, then you did a “rough esitimation” in the comments, but only a couple off so when you would say that you found the exact amount, it wouldn’t be the same or else I would get suspicious…

        • Nah that actually was just an estimation. I even explained how I got the number.

          • Congrats! I skimmed through all the posts in your blog, so I read 1000? I must’ve been bored that fateful day.

            Nonetheless, I’m glad to hear the blog has been a success as it is. You’ve done a good job Zach.

            Oh, And Robbin, If you never commented, Zach probably would have no motivation to continue, so good job for that!

            Then I started commenting. :3 I’m probably one of the top 3 who commented in May. Zach, Robbin, And Me. 🙂

            Let’s have more good times, more info, more Robbin telling Zach to change his son’s diapers, More Nexon Games, more Bera vs Scania, more icon changes, more challenges from Zach, and more laughs.

            Long Live msupdate!

            • You read every single one? O_O’. GJ. Thanks :D. Robbin really was part of the motivation for me to keep going, especially last year. And that’s why Robbin will be getting special privilege around here once I feel like I’ve tormented him enough (and that might be a while).

              I can’t tell you since May but I can tell you that you’ve posted 12% of posts since January 1. Of course you started posting after January so that’s low when you think about how often you post now.

              Yes. Nexon Next goal: 2,000 posts! And I won’t stop until I reach there. This next 1k will take longer though considering that back in Summer 2010 I was averaging over 2 posts per day and up until Summer 2011 I rarely fell below 1 post per day in the average month.

          • sure … sure … still no proof that you didn’t do “Search> number something close to the actual number> say the real number in attempt to blow my mind”

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