Nexon America’s Q2 2012 Approval Rating

Total number of votes: 2,258
Approve: 37.95% (+12.85%)
Disapprove: 38.04% (-0.97%)
Undecided/No Opinion:  24.01% (-11.88%)

Five common reasons why people disapprove are:

  • Inability to keep number of hackers in games at acceptable numbers
  • Inadequate customer support
  • Cash users have a huge advantage over those who do not have access to NX regularly
  • The number of bugs and glitches in the games
  • In-game events are no longer fun

Five common reasons why people approved are:

  • Great content updates (core game content and game events mentioned)
  • Nexon doing a better job than many other free-to-play publishers
  • Implementation of Black Cipher
  • Games are fun
  • General service improvements in recent times

For the second quarter of 2012 Nexon America’s approval rating is 37.95%, up 12.85% over the first quarter. Disapprovals moved down only slightly to 38.04%, down 0.97%. This means that the rise in approvals was fuelled by people making up their minds, evidenced by a 11.88% fall in Undecideds which now stands at 24.01%.

80% of takers began playing Nexon America games outside of the past 3 years (2009 or prior), more than enough time to form a valid opinion on the way the company runs its games. This is down from 83% last quarter.

75% of takers were from the United States or Canada, down from 78% last time. 13% from Europe, 0.5% from Mexico and 5% from Australia and New Zealand. Most popular ‘other’ responses were Peru, as with last time, Venezuela and Singapore.

Age group 17-20 has moved to be the most popular with 38% by surpassing 13-16 which has fallen to 33%. 17-20 is up from 20% last time and 13-16 is down from 43%. 21-24 which had 26% for second last time only received 9% this time.

95% of takers play MapleStory, down from 97% last time. 34% play Dragon Nest and very interestingly, 30% play Dungeon Fighter Online. Other games ranged from 29% who play MapleStory Adventures and Vindictus to 3% who play Wonder Cruise.

Last time’s results were: “97% of takers play MapleStory which is up from 93% in Q4 2011 and up from 95% in Q3 2011. 35% play MapleStory Adventures while 29% from Dragon Nest. Other games ranged from 28% who play Vindictus to 5% who play Wonder Cruise.”

The percentage of takers who play games from publishers other than Nexon America fell to 59%. Not bad, but I wish it were higher. This is down from 65% last time.

Approval Rating History

Q2 2012: 37.95% (2,258 takers)
Q1 2012: 25.10% (2,753 takers)
Q4 2011: 50.92% (>1,500 takers)
Q3 2011: 55.92% (>1,000 takers)
Q1 2011: 66.38% (>1,000 takers)
Q4 2010: 70.98% (<1,000 takers)
September 2010: 62.71% (<1,000 takers)
Q3 2010: 45.23% (<500 takers)

The quarter 3 poll will be held from August 6 to 24 so join us then!


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  1. Off topic, while browsing though the Nexon Tracker on the forums, I came across this interesting comment from Grizzly (Forum person thingy at Nexon) : “Hi Tayrona0321, we are aware of in-game issues related to AD spammers and malicious behaviors. MapleStory GMs have been dealing with those issues though we admit that our responses are not as effective as you expect. MapleStory team is working on issues related to both AD spammers and malicious behaviors. We hope we provide the better service and you feel the difference over this weekend. Thank you for being patient with us.”

    “we admit that our responses are not as effective as you expect … you feel the difference over this weekend”

    Interesting, to see a Nexon Employee admit that the company itself is doing a bad job at preventing hacking (not counting Orange). And what is with the “you fell the differnce over the weekend” all about ?

    • Nexon has many many times admitted that they are not doing a very good job at running the game in notices and GM/dev. blogs. Now if only they would do more to fix their admitted mistakes and mismanagement.

      This weekend thing will be interesting to watch, assuming that post is true.

      • The weekend has already passed… and nothing happened lol.
        Why can’t Orange just wear a t-shirt at work that says something like “Nexon, on behalf of the community, FIX YOUR GAME !!
        *Now please don’t fire me :((( “

        • Because it’s not as simple as just fixing the game. Multiple steps have to be put in place to work towards fixing the game, steps which Nexon doesn’t seem to have mastered.

          • *sigh* I thougt you knew me good enough to realise I was just joking. I know that it takes a lot of steps, and I was just trying to make a joke… F7 -facepalm-

            • Oh. -Facepalm- because I didn’t realize.

              • But maybe he SHOULD wear a shirt or something like that, or just scream it during lunch break. “Fellow Nexon brothers and sisters, I HAD A DREAM. A dream where tickets could be answered within 5 working days. A dream where our security was top notch. A dream where a awesome dude who comes from the Netherlands, has a place here in the company. I want to make that dream reality. Who’s with me?!”

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