[MS2] What’s Everyone’s Problem With MapleStory 2

Every time I see people discussing MapleStory 2 I hear negative reviews about it. Negative reviews when we’ve only gotten a single picture and no details whatsoever on the game. I would love for people to wait until more information is released on the game in order for them to form opinions, but I guess they can do whatever they want there. But what I find so ridiculous is some of the things people say. Some of the statements. I find them ridiculously ridiculous, full of ridiculousness and, quite frankly, ridiculous.

For example I was watching a video on Youtube of a guy talking about MapleStory 2. He showed the picture that was released by Nexon and made his dissatisfaction known. He was stating that he “wasted 5 or 6 years playing this game” (referring to MapleStory). He said that “the thing [he] liked about MapleStory was that it was 2D”. “It’s a sad, sad time for all of you MapleStory players”.

Now I’ve said “maybe I’m just stupid” on several occasions and I’ll say it again. Maybe I’m just stupid, but last time I checked when a company releases a new game, whether a sequel to another game or not, usually this doesn’t affect the original in any major way. He said that he wasted his time playing the game. I don’t understand. The game is going to be shut down eventually. So you choose to complain for no reason that you wasted your time playing the game rather than thinking that in however many years when the game can no longer sustain itself and the decision is made to shut it down your time would be wasted? Umm MapleStory is still going to be 2D. I’m not getting the point with that. And instead of acting as if Nexon just announced the shutting down of the game, by describing the announcement as a sad, sad time, why not understand that it’ll likely be more beneficial to Nexon for them not to release another 2D game? It’s not all about what we want. It’s what Nexon feels they can make the most money off of.

“Even having the number ‘2’ in the name, like MapleStory 2. Who the heck does that? That sounds so cheesy”.
Call of Duty 2
Diablo 2
Battlefield 2
Starcraft 2
Team Fortress 2
Halo 2
Portal 2
Battlefield 2
Mass Effect 2
Guild Wars 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Half-Life 2
The Sims 2
Final Fantasy 2
Crysis 2

I’d go on, but I’m getting bored. I just don’t get it. I didn’t see Mabinogi players complaining like this when they saw their franchise expanded from the fantasy life, casually calm social RPG to the 18+ blood splattering, sword burying, action game that is Vindictus.

“[Nexon] is for sure going to loose a lot of money”. I’ve heard that said time and time again. I don’t see why either. There are so many games which look similar to how that picture of MS2 looks such as Everplanet and they’re been general successful. Almost every other move Nexon makes people say that it’ll cost them a lot of money.

“I’m official going to quit MapleStory. I can’t express how much I hate MapleStory 2″.


“6 years of playing MapleStory down the drain”.


It’s a new game. A new game just like Mabinogi or Dungeon Fighter or Dragon Nest. The only thing different is that it will serve as a sequel to MapleStory. I don’t see what the big issue is all about. If you don’t like what you see in the game then don’t play it. If you like MapleStory then continue playing it.


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  1. Because everytime a new itteration fo a game comes out, they ditch the other version to make people interrested in the 2nd part and buy/spend money on THAT and not the previous game

    • No. That’s only the case if the original game is really really falling off by player activity and is become unprofitable. MapleStory is far from that.

      • yeah but you have to look at it like this: Maplestory get’s patches that introduce new content, while all those games you have listed, didn’t get new content patches. So technicly, patches are like what a new game is for the fans on the above listed games. When they get a new version of their game, they get new content. We get new content when a new patch comes out.
        So if a new patch = new game for other games, then a new game for Maplestory = the developers going into a whole new direction and switching over the core gameplay of the game.

        Think of it like this: if they can release new content with patches, making a new game would be useless because everything they want in the new game can be made in patches to the old game…. UNLESSSSSSSS, they want to change the core-gameplay of the original one. They can’t do that to the fanbase of the original game, to give the game they love an overhaul, so they decide to make a new one. This is why I suspect the new game to be different from MS1, because if it was something related to MS1, they could have brought it in a patch. Obviously that is not the case, because they are making a new game, and thus w ecan asume that MS2 will be a completly different game than Maplestory, that only carries the name because it is a brand. Much like Infinity Ward.

        Not ranting, just pointing out the facts why people might dislike it.

        • But many of the games I listed do go through patches and expansions which introduce new content. Their patches may not be as big as ours though. And not necessarily. In some cases, yes. A new game is seen as just additional content and updates like in the Fifa series and others but not in the majority. The second game is a totally separate game from the original which has many changes from the original and usually continues or references the storyline of the original.

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  2. Also, because (maybe) different people are working on it, it would maybe kill the lore of the game, if you know what I mean… Devs might make mistakes.. like make the Black Mage female when in Maplestory one it is a male… not that specific thing, but stupid things like that that destroy the maple universe

  3. One thing I learned these past couple of days, is not to give a crap about what other people think, why?
    Well Imagine the following…
    Someone on Basil posts a thread “when will P/T revamp get released” (posted in december).
    Then I see 5 people in a row comment “march, because there are no updates left”.
    I then say what you always say with the highest player amount in hte summer and winter, and that w should wait for an official statement from Nexon, because I know just as much as you do, which is nothing, so all we can only do is speculate.,
    Then some random guy starts flaming me, calling me a noob and says : “Well dumbass, if you look at the Maplestory wiki, it got updated saying it will be released in March, and Phantom in May”.. The moment I read WIKI, I got so pissed off….
    I mean, how stupid can you be. Wiki is a “fan” page with unreliable information, because anyone can update it. I said “if I update it to where it says that Nexon America will never release Phantom because they don’t like the job, would you believe it just because it said so on a “fan” page website”….
    People are stupid, but as long as you don’t get involved, you won’t be bothered.

    Same thing with youtube. I see a lot of these advertisers using Thumb Up bots, “replying” to someone else and saying that they should go to a website to get the latest game for free. OFCOURSE IT IS A VIRUS THING, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE TO CLICK ON IT !~!!!
    Before, I would do everything I could to inform people about it, but recently I change that. Now, I don’t give a fuck. If you are to stupid and naive and plan on clicking on it, then you deserve to get the virus. And if they are to naive to click on it, they wouldn’t listen to me warning them anyways.

    About the Maplestory 2 thing. Just ignore the reviews. I get it that you want to defend something you love, Nexon and Maplestory, hey bro, same here. But the thing is, you can NEVER convince everyone. And then again, who are they hurting with their opinions. THe only one getting hurt is the company, but they make enough money anyways and won’t notice it when 200 people don’t like the game.
    Just ignore the news about it, it’s just opinions. As long as you don’t get involved, you shouldn’t NEED to care. When 2 random people on the street aregue calling each other fat, you don’t feel insulted. It is the moment that you jump in, start protecting one of the guys that get’s called fat that you feel terrible, because the guys keeps getting called fat even though you TRY to protect him. You fail to protect him and you feel bad for failing.
    Solution: don’t get involved, that way you won’t fail and you won’t feel bad for doing so.

    • -Understands what Robbin is saying-

      I saw posts too about people saying P/T reorg. in April and Phantom in May. It’s possible, as is anything but highly unlikely. As a matter of fact I don’t see how it’s not possible. If Nexon America had Mikhail and their exclusive class in the background then why didn’t they release Phantom or one of them during March/April. It’s like in 2010 when after Winter 2009 they had two classes, Evan and Dual Blade, to be released the following year. So they released Evan in late March when Spring Break was on and then the more anticipated Dual Blade in the Summer. But you’re right Robbin, it was unlikely with all of the revamps that would theoretically have to come before Phantom is released, unless Nexon moved some stuff around.

  4. Msupdate I’m a maplestory fan (ever since the big bang update) and I have a liking to ms2 since it reminds me the old 3d animations wizet use to make

    • Awesome :D. Team MS2!

      • Okay time to argue here!

        I personally think maplestory 2 sucks because it has better graphics!!

        And because Maplestory is gonna die. O:<

        And because there will be more skills!

        And Because There will be more worlds!

        And Because They Will Have More Events

        And Because Nexon Will Have Another Casual Game Because They DONT NEED ANY

        And Because Its Upgraded In So many Ways.

        And Because There's a rumor that there will be a 5th job advancement. If it happens I'm going to file a ticket to nexon saying that they will close this game because 1 person's opinion matters so much. because MORE SKILLS = BAD

        And Because I'm a whiny 5 year old


        All jokes aside.. GO MS2!!!! 😀

  5. Note: I’m not 5 years old. o:

  6. Even with the tiny ass screenshot, I’m excited for the game.
    Any new Nexon game excites me.

  7. Wish they would release more info about it, looks interesting. Also, u listed Battlefield 2 twice 😛

  8. Why do people hate on this new take you ask? Well, it’s simple really.

    What’s the first thing you think of when the word MapleStory arises. For me, it sparks epic sidescroller adventure, with a UNIQUE and wonderful art style UNLIKE its rinse and repeat competitors (NOTE: The rest being free to play eyesores with hideous if not ageing “3D” visuals on what can only be considered a generic graphic engine). Now place it into perspective: we have an insanely popular anime inspired 2D epic sidescroller adventure going generic 3D. What? How? WHY?!

    Additionally. what’s more fucking disturbing is the lack of professionalism the developers have made in releasing sneak peak screen captures. I mean look at the fucking thing, it’s not even in HD. They’ve just lazily uploaded what looks like a cluster fuck of pixels, and that scares me because it may as well reflect their quality of work.

    Well, seeing as this IS a funeral, I would just like to say I enjoyed playing this masterpiece. I appreciated the deliberate 2D pixel graphics. I loved its charm, its difference, its appeal. But now all I see is another free to play yawn festival that will crash and burn due to its generic elements. It pains me to say this but so long and goodbye, MapleStory.

    • 1. You apparently missed the biggest point of my post: MapleStory is staying what it is. A completely new game based off of the original is being created. If you don’t like MapleStory 2 then just don’t play it.

      2. The 2D uniqueness has run its course. I’ve always said that MapleStory has been as successful as it has because of when it was launched. If the game had been launched two years later I’m telling you it wouldn’t have seen nearly as much success as it has. Another example of a game becoming popular on a unique feature is Flyff. That game was once extremely popular, mostly due to its extensive and central flying system whereby characters could actually fly. Just like 2D with MS, that uniqueness has run its course, it no longer has anywhere near the same appeal.

      3. Another huge point: WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING OF ANY GREAT SUBSTANCE ABOUT MAPLESTORY 2. Which screen captures are you referring to? We have never gotten even a single official in-game sneak peak. The only SINGLE actual in-game picture we’ve gotten, and it wasn’t a sneak peak, was in one of the letters Nexon releases with their quarterly financial results several quarters ago. It was an extremely small picture and WE, the community, ENLARGED IT, thereby making it LOSE QUALITY. Apart from this Nexon has never given us any actual indication of how the game will look apart from the artwork previews on the official site. How can you describe it as “another free to play yawn festival that will crash and burn due to its generic elements” when you know next to NOTHING AT ALL about the game?

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