[AS] [EP] AsiaSoft and Nexon Take Everplanet To Thailand

Don’t count Nexon’s local Thai publishing partnership with AsiaSoft Thailand out! AsiaSoft has announced and opened a teaser website for the Thai service of Everplanet!

Check it out at http://everplanet.asiasoft.co.th/index.html.

Previously developed by NClipse and now developed by Nextoric, Everplanet is a casual cartoonish super fun MMO. It is very MapleStory-like with characters, skills, enemies and even a storyline similar to MapleStory’s, but in a 3D with an innovative camera system. Everplanet is the first game to use to “globe” camera system in which your character seems to be located on a planet and as you walk, the camera moves forward giving the effect of you walking around a spherical planet rather than a flat world as in other games. In other games when you walk along, distanced objects just seem to come into view from out of no where. In Everplanet distanced objects arise from below the horizon giving the world its spherical appearance.

Everplanet was placed at #3 in Msupdate’s Top 5 (4) Nexon Games That Should Be Brought To North America.

AsiaSoft Thailand is one of the biggest online game publishers in Thailand with games such as Dragon Nest, Aika Online, Atlantica Online, Cabal Online, Granado Espada, Ragnarok Online and, until the service closes on June 29, MapleStory.

Everplanet is currently published in Korea (Nexon) and Japan (Nexon).

E     V     E     R     P     L     A     N     E     T


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  1. Reads: AsiaSoft and Nexon Take Everplanet

    Me: YES! YES! FINALLY!!!

    Reads: To Thailand

    Me: Awwww…

    Grats To Thailand Though. 😛

    • You should’ve known since AsiaSoft doesn’t publish in North America -F3-. But I guess if they opened a SEA service and it didn’t have an IP block then you could play the game in English.

  2. Just a off topic question MSupdate, but do you need to pay to blog?

    • Nope. WordPress.com blogs are free for the platform and free hosting. I could put money into this and get some extra neat features but although I really love this blog, I don’t care for it that much.

      • Question, do you make money with this blog?
        I want to know if having this blog, and investing time in it, will actualy pay off now that this blog belongs to me… If i don’t get any money with it i won’t post anything and just let the blog die… MUAHAHHAHAHHAAHAH



  3. I don’t know .. it kind of tingles….
    Just kidding… Happy b-day Maplefreak :p
    When did Shakar congratulate Maplefreak with her birthday? I don’t see it anywhere

  4. Oppression.

  5. Oppression.

  6. did some1 hacks me? i Never said oppression. D:

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