[NXNA] Nexon America Executive Shake Up

New staffing and an internal promotion has shaken up Nexon America’s executive team.

Makoto Iwai, industry veteran of over 20 years and former label president of Namco Bandai Games, has joined Nexon America as Vice President of Corporate Strategy. Iwai will handle much of the day-to-day corporate strategy for the American market. His post at Nexon is just the latest in a long career which has spanned from Namco Bandai to Sony and to multiple countries around the globe. I find it exciting that this position is going to someone known for his experience with console games.

Eundo Chae transfers to Nexon America from Nexon Korea as Vice President of Live Game Production. Chae will handle live game production at Nexon America after over 10 years working in the Nexon Group, helping to build a “robust game portfolio”.

Referred to by many as “the man who brought MapleStory to America”, Nexon America co-founder Min Kim has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Live Games. He will oversee all live game operations, marketing, public relations and community for Nexon America. After helping to found Nexon America and helping to open the Global service of MapleStory, Kim has previously in recent years served as Nexon America’s Vice President of Marketing (and I think he did a magnificent job here) and more recently as Head of Live Games.

Nexon America’s CEO has been Daniel Kim since 2009.

I assume that these new additions to the executives will join the previous executive team to continue to build Nexon’s presence in North America.



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  1. I hope to god that they improve they customer service. They need 70 people in customer service just to catch up with all their lazyness over the last couple years. Then, they only need around 50 people at customer service. My ticket from over 7 months ago, still hasn’t been answered. I feel like it is injusticy. It is like be mean robbed, I call the police, and they say “yeah, we dont have time right now because we have to much work. so we will handle your issue next year okay?” NO, thye need to get more people if they don’t have enough man power GOD DAMMIT @!#@(U(E^#@*($(@#
    I mean, I am afraid that because some hacker bought his arrows in the MTS for $55,- buck right now, OF MY MONEY, that because time will pass by, next will tell me that they can’t look it up in the MTS history anymore, or look at the IP that was used that day, because time has passed by. If that happenes, I will seriously, 100%, visit Nexon HQ, with all the pages of proof, screenshots, and replies by Nexon America printed, and I will walk in their office to have a talk with someone of the customer service. I will then most likely do that in the summer, so I can have a vacation there at the same time 😡

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