[NX] [CA] Nexon Partners With Syncopate To Take Combat Arms To Russia

Combat Arms has already seen great success in the global markets it has been released, namely North America, Europe, Brazil and South Korea. Combat Arms has hit 28,000 concurrent users and 26,000 concurrent users in Europe and North America, respectively. But Nexon isn’t satisfied just yet. Developed by South Korean Doobic Studios and developed towards Western markets, Nexon and Syncopate have partnered for the publishing of Combat Arms in Russia.

“Combat Arms has seen rapid adoption in every territory we have brought the game to,” offered Nexon’s DongSun Kim.

“With Russia’s huge, ever-growing market for online games, particularly high-quality, free-to-play games, and the expertise and reputation of our partner Syncopate, we expect a very successful launch.”

The companies expect to kick of Combat Arms Russia’s beta test in the second half of the year with the official launch following soon after.

Nexon has partnered with other publishers to service their games in Russia in the past with Crazy Arcade (PopTag!) Russia and the now closed Kart Rider Russia both being published by Innova Systems. This is the first time Nexon has partnered with Syncopate.



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