Nexon America’s Q2 2012 Approval Rating Survey

**Survey closes at 6:00PM PT (9:00PM ET) on May 19. Be sure to vote before then!**

Update (May 18 8:36PM PT): 38%

It’s that time of quarter again.  It’s time for Nexon America’s Q2 2012 approval rating survey, conducted by Msupdate. We’re going slightly off scheduled by having this survey a little earlier in the month than the usual schedule. It will return to its first Monday in the month to the Friday 19 days after scheduled in August. So instead of running from May 7 to May 25 as per the usual schedule it will run from May 1 to May 19. This post is up but the survey will not be open until May 1.

This survey will give us a quick idea of how the community feels about how Nexon America is currently running its games. I request that survey takers focus mostly on the running of the game over the past three months.

No specific personal information is required to be given. Some personal information, such as age, is requested so I can know who is taking the survey. Your IP will be recorded once you have completed the survey.

Unfortunately, there will be no NX giveaway this time around, but this will return in the Q3 survey coming this August!

The survey is six questions long, with all requiring answers. It should take no more than two minutes to complete. An update on the current approval rating will be posted and updated on this post regularly. The final approval rating will be posted on May 19 after the survey has been closed.

For those wondering, the results of this approval rating survey will be sent to and likely accepted by Nexon America, and through a more reliable medium than their ticket system. If Nexon actually cares about the rating or the feedback is another story altogether.

Take the survey by clicking or copying and pasting into your browser’s main search bar the link below:

Approval Rating History

Q1 2012: 25.10% (2,753 takers)
Q4 2011: 50.92% (>1,500 takers)
Q3 2011: 55.92% (>1,000 takers)
Q1 2011: 66.38% (>1,000 takers)
Q4 2010: 70.98% (<1,000 takers)
September 2010: 62.71% (<1,000 takers)
Q3 2010: 45.23% (<500 takers)


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  1. It says the survey is closed..? Msupdate, please help? o:

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