[GMS] Lucky 7th!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 7 years. We want to thank all the loyal friends who have stuck with us and all the new friends that have come out to play. We’re dedicating the whole month of May to all the people who got us where we are today!

The Maple Star! competition heats up as Valerie, Lilin, and Empress Cygnus compete to become the one and only Star of Maple World! Watch the drama unfold as the girls compete for your votes, and don’t miss their awesome concerts to see if your favorite Maple Star wins!

Exclusive Mapleversary items, including all-new Beryl and Crimson Maple equipment, are available only during the Mapleversary event. The 7th Anniversary Coin Shop also opens up, with new Beryl Maple armors and Joyous 7th Dark Scrolls! Don’t spend the rest of the year sulking, just be here at the right time to get your gear!

New events are on the way, like Lucky 7 Fridays, a 7-week long item giveaway on our Facebook page. Also keep an eye out for the delicious Mapleversary Bake Off and the nostalgic Lucky 7 Maple Memories events with great prizes, like a new digital camera!

Love hanging out with the MapleStory game masters (GM)? Then rejoice! This month is full of meet and greets with GMs with fun events, buffs, and Big Puff Daddy!


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  1. So we get that singing event that was supposed to tease us about Mercedes, that KMS had over a year ago.

  2. when do the events start?

    • Wasn’t stated. Should be May 2/3 I’d guess.

      • may = anniversary, june = P/T revamp, July = Phantom, early August = GMS exclusive job. September DB Revamp and Stupid cygnus job. December….. whatever KMS will get in the summer :/

        • No after T/P revamp few weeks later Phantom come not July

          • Hi there new person inb4Zach says it ๐Ÿ™‚
            I like your image … and nameLook at what happened with Ascension. All the patches were on a 2 week intervall in KMS. Now look at what GMS did, they split it up with 1 month between each patch …. Most likely they will do the same with Justice.

  3. I wish Nexon NA would just catch up to KMS. They’re close! But They Need To Go Just A Bit Faster! o_o

    • Translation and localization time make it hard to catch up with KMS. And it makes sense to lag 6 months behind KMS so that there’s enough time for localization and major content is released during the most active months since KMS also tends to release major updates during Summer and Winter.

      So Big Bang is released in KMS in Summer 2010 and GMS in December 2010. Chaos released in KMS in December 2010 and GMS in July 2011. Legends in KMS in July 2011 and GMS in December 2011. Phantom in KMS in December 2011 and GMS in what I assume will be late June/early July 2012.

      Soo… let’s say KMS takes advantage of the Summer player leap and releases the legendary Super Saiyan 3 class in July 2052. Let’s say it takes 2 months for the content to be localized for GMS. That means that it’ll be ready for be released in GMS in September 2052. If Nexon decides to release it as soon as it’s ready then GMS won’t be able to take advantage of the player boost that comes in the holiday seasons. Therefore Nexon holds off until December 2052 to release the class so that they get the Winter bomb. And you can argue that KMS can just wait until all the other services localize the content and then all services including KMS release it at the same time but then KMS would have to wait for the localization process and their updates would be delayed. Let’s not be selfish about that. So yeah, that’s pretty much why lagging 3-7 months behind KMS, depending on the content, is the smartest move.

      • The only solution is when KMS and GMS and all other servers work in the same place, and the only thing that needs to be done is translate words, which shouldn’t be hard knowing that there are people like -Hime- and other korean people speaking english. The only problems that might be encountered is getting it out there as fast as possible, which would only take 2 weeks. I mean, if KMS releases it now, and GMS is still working on translating, given translating only takes a week, 1 week later GMS and other services will get it. I mean, all GMS needs to do, is go in the code, take out all the korean text and typ whatever they want the NPCs to say… I mean, look at what they did with NLC expansion. I was always someone that really liked it when devs made inside jokes, or referneces to memes or what not, but the GMS dev team pushed it to far. They broke the 4th wall so many times, that it really showed.. I mean … It makes it look like the devs didn’t care much about Maplestory and just raped it with their lame jokes. Granted, some wheren’t lame … like the mayor’s invicble limo, but the rest, like the talk to the alien once you are capture was kind of …. lame …. and that comes from a Shakar hater and a Nexon liker … F3


        • It doesn’t only take 1 month to translate. And it’s not just translation that’s done. Localization also has to be taken care of which includes addressing cultural difference between Korea and America and inside jokes that only Koreans would understand and optimizing the content for an American audience, although Nexon doesn’t always do a very good job at this. I think that the current schedule is what’s best. It allows enough time for translation and localization while taking advantage of the holiday bomb and allowing KMS to release the content as early as possible.

          • You can look at it from 2 perspectives.
            1 is the company side, which is 6 month interval.
            the second one is from a player stand of view, release it as soon as possible

            • Yes, but any company, run by me or the average person and I’m pretty sure, will release the major update 6 months after to take advantage of the boom in player activity and player spending power. Because not only are Summer (say July, August) and Winter (say December, January) the times when the most players are playing but they’re also the times when the average player has the most money to spend on the game.

              • I know, so KMS releases it the first month of that celebration period (November – early December/ June) and other versions release it in the 2nd month (late Deceber – early January/ July)

          • And about the inside jokes. Once again, all they need to do is delete all text, and place their own. If they want they can just copy paste what KMS did, only translate it and leave the jokes out. For example, if the text of a NPC in korean would be like this:

            [Chat screen 1]
            Hi there I really need your help

            [chat screen 2]
            Thanks for accepting. I need help with my television. It broke down after I heard horirble singing from (insert korean singer).

            [Chat screen 3]
            Could you collect 20 Televisions for me so I can craft me a new one, thanks.

            Then the english one could be:
            [Chat screen 1]
            Hello there lone adventurer, could you please help me.

            [Chat screen 2]
            Thanks for accepting. I need help with my television. You see, it broke down while watching American Idol. That one guy, Zach, started to sing a random Jamaican song, it my television just…. broke!

            [Chat scren 3]
            Could you collect 20 television screens for me so I have enough backups. Oooh don’t worry, you don’t need to buy them. Mobs will drop these expensive flatscreens. Makes you wonder why stores still sell them. when people can get them for free by slaying a snail, right?

            • I think they should release all patches leading up to KMS’s currect version in one big amazing update in the summer! ๐Ÿ˜€

              • And then what? How would we keep up with the extra time needed to port content over? We’d eventually fall behind because once content can’t be delivered within a month or less of KMS it makes the most sense that Nexon America lag 6 months behind KMS to that major updates which arrive in KMS in the main holiday seasons will line up for release in GMS during the following holiday.

              • nice Phantom picture :p

            • That’s basically what Nexon does. But when literally hundreds of thousands of lines of text needs to be localized and revised for major updates it doesn’t take a short time.

              • @Robbin: Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

                @Zach: BUT What if KMS finishes their updates by November or even October? They could bring it over to GMS to localize and translate? Then they both release it in the summer/Winter!? Eh? Eh? *Genius*\

                Don’t agree? Then Brad’s filthy daipers will be found in Rihanna’s closet. O:< (This has become an official debate. :3)

                • Good boy

                • Like I said to Robbin, that’s quite possible. But once again KMS will have to wait for a little while necessarily to release content already prepared for release in Korea. And usually it takes more than a single month or 2 for content to be localized. I also think that having a little while between release in KMS and other services gives time for the content to be perfected (or as close to it as possible) by making adjustments to the content in KMS and gives time for hype to be built so that the player boom is even bigger than otherwise.

                  Player Boom (noun): A new addition to Msupdate’s list of frequently used phrases. When the number of players active in a game surges, usually around the release of a major content update or in the holiday period.

  4. 1. Are You Agreeing?

    2. Yes. They will, but don’t they always wait for Winter/Summer for the “Player Boom”?
    KMS could finish content September/October or March/April. and then AFTER they start working on another content boost while GMS works on localizing/translating.

    3. Hmmm, sure, it may take more than 1 month to localize/translate. But most likely not 2. And what if KMS finishes a patch even earlier. AND it doesn’t have to be June. What about July? That gives Nexon plenty of time. Well, If they’re dilgent workers.

    4. Little while between releases? k, a week or two. People will learn about the content and they don’t have to wait 6 months for it.

    5. If I make a dictionary, then tell me your “list of words” ๐Ÿ˜›

    • 1. Agreeing with what? Since you didn’t quote any of my posts I’m not sure what you’re speaking to here.

      2. Yeah but in order for the 6 months to be made up initially either KMS will have to hold off on content or releasing just updates for a while or GMS will have to release a big massive update to try to catch up quickly. I’m also not sure whether KMS actually finishes development months before release now or if like KMS rushes updates and just gets it in just in time for release in the boom period. You’re right that they probably finish it a comfortable time before release though.

      Boom period (noun): A new addition to Msupdateโ€™s list of frequently used phrases. The period in which a Player Boom takes place.

      3. July (or very late June) and December (and very early January) are the busiet months for most services of the game. This includes KMS, JMS, TwMS, GMS, MSEA and EMS. I’m not sure about CMS given China’s “interesting” laws, holidays and customs. So releasing content in KMS in June would put KMS at a disadvantage.

      4. Mmm… I kinda get it. Two weeks will be quite enough time for hype to build I guess. Events could be planned and fit in before hand.

      5. LOL :P.

      • but then again, we need to give the KMs team as much time as possible to make the content perfect, and not just stop once they are done with the craetion of it and it is ready to go. They need to test if it is balanced and stuff, and not immediatly send it to GMS.Give them time, maybe they will come up with a new twist to the content.

        And Zach, you said that GMS has those 6 months to also make changes to the content. I only know of 2 time when GMS really made changes… 1 was the LHC nerf, which they just scrapped. And the other one is where they did something, I thought it was Dual Blade, where in KMS he had a revamp, and then another revamp 3 weeks ago, and GMS decided to take the final stage of the revamp, because the 1st revamp would be useless because a new one would be in place after 3 weeks…

        On the update notes they said something like ” don’t worry, Dual Blade will come as he is in KMS right now”, or something like that.

        • It has happened before where a class is released, similar to what happened to Dual Blade, and skills are reorganized before it sets foot in GMS. Many of the changes are anything huge so you don’t hear about them but enough time is needed for content to be perfected.

          • 1.idk how to quote posts. lol.

            2. “Youโ€™re right that they probably finish it a comfortable time before release though” Win. End of that dicussion.

            3. This is referring to summer: “So releasing content in KMS in June would put KMS at a disadvantage.” Okay. BUT you also said: “Player booms occur in July (or very late June)” KMS: Releases patch Late June GMS: Releases patch Early July. This hold up the “Week or two” hype.

            4. “Mmmโ€ฆ I kinda get it. Two weeks will be quite enough time for hype to build I guess. Events could be planned and fit in before hand.”
            Win on #4 too. ๐Ÿ˜€

            So I have to convince you on 3. Could I actually win my first battle? o:

            • You’re getting quite close to winning your first battle. Just so you don’t go back to how you were before with the whole “I’m sorry for disagreeing with you” thing (that was you, right?), I’m smiling right now. My viewers disagreeing with me and changing my opinion on something is great. Robbin does it all the time too.

              1. Reply*

              3. But to capitalize on the biggest boom you’d have to release the content right when player activity is really really picking up, which means not too close to the end of the school year. The Korean Summer break doesn’t start until like the 3rd week of June, meaning around the 21st or so. So it’d have to be released about the same time that GMS released its first Chaos update in 2011, June 29. I’m finding it hard to find an argument here xD.

              I do believe you have won this battle. BUT YOU HAVEN’T WON THE WAR :P.

            • Great in this one, the force is.
              You well I raised.

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