[GMS] Summer Update Previews: Exclusive Class, Phantom

A new dev. blog has revealed some information on Global MapleStory’s Summer 2012 updates. Included in these updates will be a new exclusive class, a hero, and the Phantom class.


Hello Maplers,

Let me introduce myself; I’m Michael. I know you’re used to Eurydice writing the Dev Blog, but I’ve been given the pleasure of talking to you directly about what we’ve been working on recently and what we’re planning in the near future. I know you want to hear more from us, and I promise to update you regularly on the issues that you care about most.

What’s Been Happening?

So, let’s get started. I’m going to talk about some of the things we’ve done recently to help improve MapleStory as well as talk about this week’s update, Alliance Eternal. Finally, I’ll give you a little bit of information on what we’re working on for this summer.

As many of you know, we had some rough times in February and March with groups or individuals causing latency and disconnects from the servers. We went to a lot of expense and put in many long hours to make the servers more secure and protected. It’s great to see that our efforts are paying off with a more stable and predictable game play experience. We will remain vigilant and continue to protect MapleStory by improving our server environments.

We really hope you’ve been enjoying the exciting Mapler Appreciation events over the past two weeks, too, but now let’s get into what’s going on this week. We have some great new content releasing with the final update of the Alliance trilogy: Alliance Eternal.

Alliance Eternal is Here!

Hopefully, you joined us for our recent Twitch.tv live video stream as we assaulted the newly improved Lion King’s Castle. If you did, you’ve seen some of the awesome, enhanced skills that the Explorers and Cygnus Knights are getting with this update.

Ultimate Explorers are in for some big changes as well. (In case you’ve forgotten what Ultimate Explorers are, they’re level 50 Explorers you can create after getting a Cygnus Knight character to max level. They get to use some Cygnus Knight skills. (Read more about it here.) For those who already have an Ultimate Explorer, get ready for new skills, higher max health, and a new quest. If you haven’t tried this character yet, this is the perfect time to start.

The patch notes will be released soon with all of the details on the new content and events. We’re also holding on to some special surprises starting this weekend that we know will get you excited!

What’s Coming Up Next?

Summer is almost here, and we have so much in store for new and long-time MapleStory fans. Early May brings our Seventh Anniversary celebration. We’ll be providing details soon, but we can say that this is one anniversary party you won’t want to miss. Later in the same month will be a special treat for players who are long-time fans. We’ll have more information on this soon.

As we move into June, we’ll be ramping up towards our big summer content release. Not just one but two new characters will soon be joining the MapleStory cast. While you may have heard about the Phantom hero if you follow the news of Korean MapleStory, we’re also preparing a brand new hero that will be exclusive to Global MapleStory. I’ll be bringing you more news on our big summer updates in the near future.

Thank you again for your dedication, Maplers. We promise to provide you with an unmatched experience and lots of good times.


The MapleStory Team


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  1. wow! glad that some versions of maplestory are making their own new classes and stuff instead of following KMS everyday.

    • Yeah. I wonder how this will turn out.


        wtffff this news is worthy of my “return”.
        ZOMFGGGGGG a GMS exclusive job. And it’s a hero… that must mean that it is the pirate job. But that means since it is exclusive, that other verisons won’t get it, or its created within the walls of Nexon America and other versions will get it later…
        This throws off the whole content job thingy… wtf, omg can’t wait, unless it is some lame cake baker job to celebrate the Cake v Pie 3rd itteration, and they call him a hero because he gets up at 4 AM every day ….

        Or Eric class

        • Yeah, exclusive probably means that it’ll originate here but be ported to other services soon (or maybe not too soon). It’s likely that it was designed by Nexon America, sent to Korea to be developed, send back to America for testing then sent back to Korea to be implemented.

          What whole content job thingy What is it’s an awesome baker with super powaz who gets up at 3AM everyday?

          Gimme Eric nao.

          • ALways wondered this, are the people in hte job vids, like the Demon Slayer dude, Samurai and Eric, real devs. I know Luis and that women in the middle work for Nexon. Most likely the man with glasses too. Does Eric, and any other “actors” work for Nexon?
            That spy dude in the Mechanic (I guess) vid = epic :p
            Isn’t he the guy from Testers?
            I know Hime is the Fairy that gets shot twice :p

            Orange, tell Luis to hurry up with the Blabber BOx !! 😡 Been waiting for ~4 months now, I guess……………. I know Nexon wont do it for bad publicity, but I want to see RANTS more than RAVES

    • I agree. GO MAPLESTORY.

  2. Well, welcome back Robbin! I’d love to see what the new class is. Demon Slayer is getting kinda boring for me. 😛

    • Same here. I haven’t played in quite a while because I’m bored of my characters. I haven’t played Vindictus recently or Dragon Nest. But Shanda announced the Academic class for Dragon Nest SEA recently and SEA and America are usually very close in updates (like ChinaMS and TaiwanMS) so America will probably get it soon too.

      • In other news, Pokemon B2/W2 gmaeplay has been released. Dang it fuck my life. In July, I will be @ Canada, so I can’t play much pokemon, which will release late June (illegal download :p) or Maplestory Exclusive job, which will most likely be released early July

      • FUUUUU !! Is there any record of Shanda Games, Cherry Credits or who ever is hosting Dragon Nest Global, deleting accounts?
        I remember I had a account with a warrior and stuff, and I thought I did it on my Gmail. I couldn’t remember my password, so I checked on the only Gmail I had to see if I could find the registration thingy from Cherry Exchange again …. But it wasn’t there. I have no idea if Gmail deletes emails after a X amount of time …. but I couldn’t find anything. I could have sworn that I got in the beta and stuff on my Gmail account. I also have a account for my Hotmail, and got the email from Cherry on there, but it has no characters on it. So, either Gmail has deleted the email or Cherry has deleted the characters on my Hotmail account… My lil bro still has his chars.
        Ooh, and when I clicked on “forgot password” on the website, it states that my gmail doesnt have a account attached to it…. wtffff is going on!

        • Remember that character data was deleted after the closed beta, as is the case in most game releases. Or maybe you used an email addy other than your Hotmail or Gmail to register if you’re talking about characters created in the open beta or later. This isn’t China, characters don’t get deleted by the company after X time.

          • @Zach(If I’m allowed to call you that): Yikes! “This isn’t China, characters don’t get deleted by the company after X time” HARSH! Poor Chinese people, I’d get pretty frustrated if my charicter got deleted, and deleted, and.. If I was in China I’d say “Screw Dragon Nest..”

            • Of course you’re allowed to call me that. It’s casual around here. Compliment and insult me. Praise and criticise my opinions and posts. Kill me and revive me. It’s fun :P.

              No, I’m not insulting the Chinese or anything. It’s just that the Chinese have… “interesting” practises and cultures and laws. It’s the custom of many Chinese publishers to delete character data if you haven’t logged on for some time. Of course, Shanda Games, the publisher of Dragon Nest SEA, is a China-based company. But they don’t delete data even in their Chinese operations, much less their SEA operations with CherryCredits as the channel/platform.

              • k so when your blog get’s 1 000 000 views a day and every single one except for me and Robbin flame you, it’ll be okay? I’m recommding my friends to check it out, but they dont wanna comment… whatever..

                I’d understand deleting data if it was like, a year. Better not be like a month, because final exam month? No one’s can play then! >:I

                • It’s umm… 90 days I think. That’s the average 3 months.

                  Ahh. 1,000,000 views a day. That… might take a while… And all of them flaming me? That’d actually have to happen for me to judge but I think I’d feel pretty bad now that you make me think about it. But flaming sparks heated discussion and debate which I love.

                • “everyone but me and Robbin”.. lol FYI, I flame Zach from time to time 😉

                • Nah, your too cool for that to Happen Zach, I’d defend msupdate. I’m currectly making a banner for this website actually. It looks nice. 😛 Back on Topic. I would use A Phantom so when A New Class Comes Out, with the boatload of people, it would be easy to nab new class’s skills.

                • what wep is the job using?! Zach, you really pissed me off here, I wanted to know it soooo badly, and now you do this ….. ARRGGGG, even checking the livestream chat doesnt work, because all I see is you guys saying good bye, and Joey saying that they most likely change the wep name

          • I made a character AFTER closed beta ….. I plaeyd wihit my lil bro, he still has his chars

            • Strange. And you ad your brother quitted at the same time?

              • yeah we quited at the same time.. :/ also, when I logg in, the game is kind of f’ed up for some reason. The trees in the background blend together and I see 20 layers of trees… you know …. like they are all stacked on each other and I only see the top of all the other layers, like you lay different pieces of paper on top of each other, but let the one behind the one on top stick out just a little bit everytime.. Thats what my trees look like at the title screen. And at char creation menu, the sorceress is missing a face, and legs :/
                And I thought you said the Acadamic job arrived… Its not there!

  3. why did you delete ur THIS MONTH IN OUR FUTURE?!?!?!
    I just woke up realising there was no way for me to see the job niformation Joey was gonna pass on, because u deleted the post. All I know now is the job name, if it’s real …. Ryuho (Rio?)

    COME ON GIVE ME MY FULL REVEAL !! Only Joey nkows now because I was asleep 😡

    • Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha /zach’sawesomeevillaugh. In due time, Robbin.

      • @Robbin: I’m Sorry, I’m not allowed to tell you the name or weapon. If you checked last night you would’ve got the name. Keep in mind these are just “project names” They may not be the last names of the things in the game.. Oh! some boss named Nathman joined the chat also. We were trying to figure it out together. XD Was hectic until the last second. :D. Oh! And it’s NOT a six hand weapon. lmao

        • JUST TELL ME. I am not lieing, I seriously am mad right now…. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT !!!#er@)(F89Q347TYG7WERHGBHEROU
          I know it’s Ryuho… check basilmarket ….. pffff…..
          What is the wep name and everything els. PLEASE !!

          • LOL. I’ll tell you soon. I just need to get the head’s up from Orange about telling so many people.

            • SO MANY PEOPLE … wtf it’s not like you get many views on this blog.. haha see what I did there? Thats what you get for making me angry.
              And what harm will it cause, People high at Nexon most likely wont even know 10 players know about it. You can always just send it to me in a hotmail. Or do you want me to kidnap Maplefreak, you wife. Come on Joey, lets kidnap Maplefreak, aka Sammi

              • That post got 603 views yesterday and the answers were in the comments for a little while. That’s more exposure than I expected. Fine I’ll email it to you later.

                • Thanks, going to bed now .. and WTF, So I was right?> Well I knew that it was a pirate. EVERYONE Knew … so after my last comment when I went to bed, did you guys (Joey, David, nath or something like that in chat) post answers in the comments

                • Joey did :). It was after that that I realized that Orange told me not to tell many people and that only people who could decipher it should have access to the information.

                • keep in mind I went back on the post for over 50 times

  4. Sorry msupdate. I Should kept the answers on the LiveStream Only.. I know for next time. :$
    At least you deleted the post though. I guess I’m fine-ish..

    @nightcodex: I WANNA TELL YOU! I FEEL SO GUILTY! BUT I CAN’TT! Don’t rage at me, but I keep my word. ._.

    • Don’t worry Joey :). Nothing wrong with posting them. I saw them but didn’t delete the post at the beginning. It was after that I felt like it was the best thing to do given how many views the post was getting. And I’m just now noticing the inspiration for your name, ‘GIJoey’.

  5. @Zach: Phew, thanks. I didn’t want you to be frustrated. At least I know everything’s clear. And Robbin’s happy. So It’s a win-win situation. 😀 *Cheers*

      • wrong, I am not happy, because I still dont know what the job name is and all that stuff that you know. Heck, I dont even know if what I dechipehered is right. I came up with a bazilion wep names : Rasp, Saber, PsP (lol no not that one)… I dont remember any more that I came up with … but I have no idea which ones are right. I know Pirate is right, and i dont know what to think of Ryuho …. so … give me that email that you would send to me 😡

  6. I’d tell you to go to the >>livestream<< but..*hint*

  7. This sounds awesome, but some things I wanna mention:
    If Eric class is REAL, Ima give up at life (Especially cuz I’m an Evan.. =3)
    And, if it’s not Eric class, I’m kinda scared because I’m worried the new class could be a bunch of skills recolored or something into a pile of, well, poop.

    Otherwise, LET’S GO GMS =D

    • Nah, it’s not Eric :). Hopefully it’ll be designed well though.

      • “hopefully it will be designed well though”
        In other words, because this is designed in Korea, and not by Orange, your super awesome good brother, it will be designed poorly? :p

      • Alright Zach, who is Natasha, and since when does “S” stand for autority … WTF !!!!
        Is Natasha’s Orange’s secret crush that his girl isn’t allowed to know about, and that because all answers were given in the post you deleted, Orange didn’t want Maplefreak to know, because then she would tell it to Orange’s lovely wife.

        S = authority, if, x = chicken
        idk lol -,-

        • I’m not following.

          • You said in the livestream, that you know .. the wep I am not allowed to mention, was based of a girl in the design team named Natasha, the S stands for authority, and ship …. so … wtf is up with that xD

            • That’s not here real name. It’s close. It starts with a N though.

              • Then why did he call her (or you) Natasha… Is it Nadia, or maybe … Noob….
                lol, but what does her name have to do with the job. I mean, you don’t have to say “it’s the name of the job” , but you could say like .. well … it is related to the name of the job, or the wep, or the background… or she is the person that came up with the idea of the job … something like that … why would you mention her ..

                Completly off topic, of the first (maybe Second or 3rd time) since I made my account, I got targeted by someone hacking me. I just downloaded some Skyrim mods from Nexus, and I got a email in my hotmail that I request a PIC change, which I didn’t .. then when I trie dto loggin on maplestory, it didn’t accept my password.
                I was like, wtf is there a loser hacking me. So I changed my password, but when I clicked the link in my Hotmail, I noticed that the email where I got the noticication of changing my PIC, was gone!
                Then I realised that someone must also have acces to my hotmail account, because of my password on Maplestory also got changed, but I never got the notification. So someone must be on my hotmail deleting all the evidence.
                So I changed my password of my Nexon account again, logged in maplestory, only to realised someone changed my PIC. I quickly changed the PIC, and then decided to change my password on my hotmail, since some asshole knows the password to it aswell. So now i have a different password on my hotmail, Nexon account, and a new PIC…. lets just hope I remember it … but … wtf, how could this happen to me xD
                Now I am just on a random character logged in the game, so that that loser cant login my accont.. Is that a safe way to prevent it. I ahve ot log out in 2 hrs, since I gotta go to work soon 😦

                • Most commented post ever.

                  Hacking doesn’t just happen. It’s most likely that either someone you know IRL and probably trust gained access to the information or you made an oopsy and need to scan your PC ASAP. The chance of you actually being hacked is low but it’s possible.

                • Lol was that comment good enough to start an argument? =D

              • yeah, thing is, I am SUPER DUPER UBER scared that something goes wrong wiht my ample account, so I ENVER EVER give my info to anyone, or downlaod stuff I dont know the source off. Heck, evne my own lil bro doesnt know any of my passwords… there is no one in the world that knows them, except those hackers. Think is, right after Igot hacked, I scanned my computer, turned out I had like 4 Torjan Horse Packers, or whatever they are called, and the most interesting thing was… a file that i just downloaded was said to be a infected file. It was a mod for Skyrim “Warzone”. When I downloaded it and tried to open it, I got an error that it was a damaged file. I worked my way around it with 7-zip, and got it to open. But as it turned out, my PC thinks its a infected file.Maybe thats where I got the keylogger from? But then again, thousands of other people downloaded it too, and it is a “legit” mod… :/
                Anyways, bye bye 12% int half earring, my pride 😦

                • Things like mods and game cracks/key generators are often picked up by antiviruses due to their purpose and/or what they do to reach that purpose. If the mod is from a person with a good record and the mod has good reviews then it should be safe. Do you remember exactly what the reason that your antivirus gave or exactly what file it was? That’s something that you should always note whether mentally or by writing it down or screenshotting especially if you’re not sure about what’s going on.

                  Thing is that I honestly don’t believe in hacking. Or I believe but I’m somewhat sceptical. I have many mortal enemies on MS yet I have never been hacked. FangBlade, curryishott, Novinha, Starlighzz, kimcheengk86, keturah, mecate, Australia, HealLyn, dolob, Iphigenia, AngelWingsAB are people very high on the MS rankings who have never been hacked before and some have many reasons why they would be targeted. I’m sorry but I think that it’s either you were VERY unlucky or you did something to make it easier for someone to access your account.

              • Not possible. I see my maple accoutn has a vault wiht gold in it. I try my best to protect it, and even when something like a stupid add for a free computer clean up comes up, I run away as fast as possible of being scared of getting a keylogger or virus from it.

                My AVG anti-virus stated : 6 tracking Cookies, placed 5 in quarentine, 1 was restored.
                10 spyware, most of them were named Winject.exe and 1 was named .Skodna.Generic_5.A, all placed in quarentine
                4 infected programs, all Torjan Horse Droppers. 2 named Minecraft_Xray ( a mod my lil bro downloaded to see what blocks he was mining in Minecraft), and 2 were named WinJect.
                Then my Skyrim Mod tool, damaged executed file, removed to quarentine.

                So thats all the stuff I got …
                Ooh wel, I dont care anymore. The ONLY bad thing about it is that I lost my pride, my 12% earring, and 300m, which was basicly everything I had.
                I mean, the 12% might not be good, but I was proud of it, becuase I crafted it on my own. I would have never have sold it. I would have kept it to boost my nubby mages, and to remind myself of what epic stuff I can create 😦
                I have logged a ticket to Nexon, and CC’ed your email adress, just for fun :p

                • Yeah I saw it. I can follow the progress on your ticket now :). Not that it will do anything good because everytime I even think about talking about the ticket system Orange threatens to murder me and then walks away.

                • HAHAHAHAHAHAH ! Just wodnering, how many people do they have @ customer service…. I did some calculating while bored @ work, that I will typ in 8 hrs maybe .. hen I get back .. have to hurry now, gotta work from 3pm – 10pm … which is in like 20 minuts . and it takes me 10 min to get there ….
                  @ mc donalds lollll -,-

                • I want to see this… BTW we got to get this post to 100 comments.

  8. Crap, guess what, I did got hacked and lost items …
    Lost a couple hundred mill (only have 10m left), lost good (for me) items like a 6% int 3% str 6% int half earring, and allot of other %int equips. Lost my dep star with 2% int, some duchebag dropped all my good rings except Gratias ring … and as it turned out, all my chars were in the FM

  9. Alright, let’s say we have 500.000 real players in Maplestory.
    Let’s say everone loggs 10 tickets a year, as an avrg, because some ppl spam stupid tickets, and some never send a ticket.
    This means Nexon gets 5 million tickets a year.
    5m / 300 (taking out 65 days to make calculating easier, holidays, and lazy people at work time), then you get 16667 tickets each day.
    16667/10 employees = ~~ 1500 tickets a day!
    This means 1 employee has to look over 1500 tickets a day.
    8*60 = 480 minuts a day.
    480/1500 = 0.32. This means they have 30 seconds for each ticket.

    This is impossible. So this is a good explanation on why tickets take such a long itme ot answer,
    1. people sending useless tickets and keep resending the same ticket over and over again.
    2. lack of people @ customer service, even when doing nothing else than answering tickets for 8 hours long, with no lunch or toilet breaks….

  10. Remember when you said KartRider Dash post had the third most comments? Well, this whoops it with an amazing 95+ comments. What place is this post? 😀

  11. K I made a Gravatar. 😀 I used a different email cuz I didnt want spam and my main is still J****07@hotmail.com. If Robbin Or Zach needs my email I’ll comment using my old one. 😛 ~GIJoey.

  12. What? All lower-caps? *Sigh* And @Slash you’ve never heard of me? Look at the other comments from other posts. 😀 I’m a regular commenter.

  13. Haha. Then I Guess I Haven’t Properly Introduced Myself. Sorry!
    I’m GIJoey. An on and off maple animator, (How I drew this picture), A Nexon NA gamer, And A regular on the msupdate blog. Hope to see more of you. 😀

    • Like your picture man !! like it ALOT, you should become an artist!
      Did you draw it by hand or what? ❤

      and to Slash, I play Bera … pfff Scania -,-

      @Zach, dude in what DN world you play …

        • I play on GreenWood, cause my bro is playing on it. :/
          I have an idea, why dont you switch to the super awesome GreenWood :p

          Any new hints on the new GMS Exclusive job you can give us?
          Who the %*&^ is that one women on the design team and what does she have to do with the job

      • -And I Play Windia. Willing to switch tho. Scania or Bera? *Thinks*

        -Uh, Of course I drew it by hand. 😀 Only took me an hour though. Was pretty bored at the time. Thanks for the support! 🙂

        • I play Scania. But I’m really inactive right now. Won’t be active until Summer. Well maybe not Summer. But not for another two weeks. Just need a bit of a break from the game. Ahh you’re an artist too? We should share work sometime. I love drawing. Getting paid for it by doing it professionally, especially when that profession is creating global entertainment, I just love my job. I think it looks good too :). The expression is cool. Robbin is right. You should look into being an artist as a profession if you like it.

        • Scania.
          But only if you love maplestory at its best, of course. xP
          Oh, and if you DO decide to switch: My IGN’s “ultislasher1” 🙂

        • Go Bera, it is not to full like Scania but yet full. It has a good economy, and .. I PLAY IN IT!!!

          • …I hope you’re joking. Bera’s economy is far from good.

            • Compared to Scania and Windia … Bera is a world with alot of players. It has a good economy for the amount of players. Please tell me, what world has a good economy?

              • -Artist-ish convo) Heh, thanks everyone. 😀 idk if I want to become an artist actually. I’m pretty one-sided, as in, I’m only pretty good at MapleMations. I’ve only made MBR’s though. I done one with Zach versus Robbin. (Well, in the middle Chuck Norris came and you teamed up to defeat him, but whatever, I couldn’t choose A Winner from you two.)

                –MapleStory convo- Well, basically, I guess it ends up with who wants me on their Friends’ list the most. 😛 I Mean, I really don’t care about the economy, because I don’t really have anyone to play with in Windia. ._.

                • Show me that thing that you made of Zach VS me :p

                  Bera > Scania

                  as if Scania has such a good healthy economy :p

                • -This is gonna be a battle of the ages. Bera Or Scania.. I think it will have to resort to flipping a coin. o_o, anyone want the honors? BUT is anyone wants to switch to Windia after Justice update, then I’ll stay there. 🙂

                  -Windia: Really populated, I’ve seen a good economy. since its really overpopulated, you can easy find expeditions and PQ’s, so no need to wait. :D, you can even sometimes find a PVP match, if your into that stuff. Monster park is good to go also, I went with a 8-man party, EXP GALORE! 5 lvl ups in a monster park at lvl 50. Mind-boggling.

                  -EHH, its almost done. 😀 I was getting lazy with my animation, and decided to move into a 6 person MBR. If I manage to actually finish it, I think I’ll take out the Chuck Norris part. Btw Zach is a spearman, Robbin is a Gunner. 😛

                  -If the debate goes to 5pm, then I’ll flip a coin.

              • I have the amazing ability to see if a book’s crappy by looking at its cover.
                Scania > Bera 😀 (My opinion)
                Oh and Scania’s economy is good. Lots of Merchants are in Scania. Affordable stuff, but you can also get a good profit (7bil)

              • Also, Scania has a great COMMUNITY, nice people, barely any noobs, actually, basically all the nice people with good maple Knowledge is in Scania.
                Hence, I know that Scania > Bera.. xP

                • “great community” LOL
                  Go on Scania and you will notice there are ALOT of duchebags, scammers, and all that stuff. Why? Because Scania is the biggest world. If scammers and beggers want to make the most proffit, they go to the biggest world.

                  Bera ….. has …. Fangblade

                • Yes, because Bera’s community is sooooooooo awesome. No.

                  Scania has curryishott who, in my opinion, is just as great as FangBlade given his achievements. Fang is going to kill me the next time I see him online.

                • Joey, I’m pretty sure your better off with Scania.
                  Take my word for it.

      • Scania is obviously 101% better then Bera..

    • Hi! I like your profile pic, it looks great 🙂

  14. I mean, I know a BOOK (Ranger’s apprentice) where there’s a place called “Scania”.
    Scania FTW 😀

    • Lmao, Robbin’s not even giving you a counter-arguement. If he doesn’t by 10:00pm EST then I’ll take Scania.

      Yay Competitions!

      • Wow, Robbin actually didnt comment! I guess I can offically say I’m leaning towards joining Bera, TBH. anyone wanna give me a reason i shouldnt?

        • I guess you can join Bera. Robbin will probably be more active than me in the short-term since I’m on a break from the game. And I have high leveled characters in Bera so I can play with you guys some time. But I’m in retirement in Bera so I don’t log on there much at all. I’m not moving from Scania as my current main server though.

          • *Ahem* but, you may retire, which is pretty sad, but I (The pro and mighty) will still be in Scania, so of COURSE he wouldn’t join Bera, what in da world were you thinking?

        • Of course you shouldn’t I don’t even know why in the world you thought of that. I mean, Scania’s awesomeness is so awesome, that even awesome cannot define it.
          That’s pretty awesome.

          Oh, and if that didn’t win it, I love Scania so much I learned to spell supercalifragilisticexpealadocious.

          I think. 😀

          • Btw, SCania has lagg out of the wazooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
            Look at all those scanias complaining about server crashes and not getting their Hot Time because they lagged out. More people = more lagg = not fun events..
            How is training on 2x events? Ooooh sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you…

            • -Picks up Robbin- -Strip’s Robbin’s clothes- -Places Robbin in the middle of Times Square- – Leaves Robbin there until he dies of embarrassment-

              • As if I would let you do that to me… pfff =,=
                If I would really be there in that position, I would run to the ….. I would go to …. I would take ……….
                Crap I have no idea what to do.
                Ithink I would just run away go to the police station and tell them what happened.
                I wouldnt be THA embaressed, because I would never ever see those people again :p

              • But to coutner what you just said … I would send the video of you dancing in your underwear on Lada Gaga’s song, I was born this way, while wearing make-up and high heels, to your family and you people at work….. AND play it on Time Square. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH xD

              • pfff -,-
                Anyways … FUUUUUUUUUUU &*((%*&^$%&*^$%* Iam done with dragon nest.
                I fucked up!!!
                I finaly got my academic lv 15, did the stupid advancement quest, and as it turned out, I fucked up my build, TWICE!
                I used the SP reset because I couldnt acces any new skills, because my other skills as Academic were to low….
                I only have 87 max SP, but I couldnt level up my quick shot to unlock the Mecha- duck thing..
                So I used a reset and got Air shot and Quickshot to lv 5. Then I got Napalm bomb to lv 5 and all my other skills to lv 1 … but I cant put anything in Stun Grenade, ebcause I have 80/87 SP, and it costs 8 points to unlock. And even then , I cant put any points in Alfredo … so my academic is FUCKED UP!!!! No alfredo, no Stun Grenade, FUK THIS GAME (^*&(%*^$*&%^*%^%$&*^^^
                Seriously, is there any way how I can reset my SP, I already sued the scroll Event planner gave me, because that is how I fucked it up the 2nd time …. or any way how I can increase my max SP.
                Omg, the maplestory system is WAY better -,- didnt even gave me an indicator or anything wtfff

                • Number of players online per world when I’m typing this comment:
                  1. Scania: 4214 (4247)
                  2. Windia: 3459 (3484)
                  3. Bera: 3007 (3020)
                  4. Broa: 2347 (2404)
                  5. Khaini: 1686 (1699)
                  6. Bellocan: 1199 (1210)
                  7. El Nido: 1037 (1061)
                  8. Mardia: 900 (921)
                  9. Nova: 855 (863)
                  10. Galicia: 706 (705)
                  11. Kradia: 482 (485)
                  12. Chaos: 406 (404)
                  13. Demethos: 377 (367)
                  14. Yellonde: 342 (336)
                  15. Zenith: 331 (333)
                  16. Arcania: 315 (317)

                  I have no idea why I just did that. Numbers in brackets are stats five minutes later.

        • what what what .. because I DONT comment, you move to my server … wtf lol xDDD
          also, about your monster park thing. How can you be in a party with 8 people, when 6 is max o.O

          • Scania’s more popular than Windia? I’m liking that. And I like how you have high-lvled charicters in Bera so me, you and Robbin can just chat together. Though, Robbin, Zach, And Slash, Do any of you plan to make any new charicters after the Justice Update?

            • WTP. Of course Scania is more populated than Windia! I thought that was common knowledge. I’ll definitely be making a class after Justice. Whether it will be Phantom of the exclusive class I’m not yet sure. I’ll have to wait to see exactly what the new class is.

              Currently it’s:
              1. Scania: 4603
              2. Windia: 3751
              3. Bera: 3233
              4. Broa: 2505
              5. Khaini: 1594
              6. Bellocan: 1311
              7. El Nido: 1120
              8. Mardia: 1014
              9. Nova: 939
              10. Galicia: 749
              11. Kradia: 556
              12. Chaos: 431
              13. Demethos: 396
              14. Yellonde: 358
              15. Zenith: 345
              16. Arcania: 309

              Total concurrent user mark on GMS: 23,214. That’s good for a game on a regular day off peak hours during the regular school term. Of course during hot time in the middle of a 2x event in the middle of peak hours on a Saturday when school is on break = GMS’s record 136,000 concurrent users back in December 2010.

            • Yeah, I’m ditching my mercedes for a phantom, and maybe Eric. Though Eric’s an idiot.

              • But Mercedes are awesome.

              • -Drifting More And more To Scania-
                You guys have convinced me. 😛
                See You After Phantom Comes Out, Scanians!


                  To Robbin: -Puts hand on Robbin’s head- You’ll learn eventually grasshopper.

                • lol Anyone would have gone to -The mighty- Scania well before you announced that =P

                • Being serious here for once: I really don’t care where you are going, it is your choice and you decide who you want to talk to. Keep in mind that you most likely wont talk that much to me, because I live in europe. Zach lives in CA IIRC, and I live 9 hours ahead of him. This means Iwill live ~this time for you too, which means we wont be able to chat that often. So go to Scania, because you will be more able to talk to Zach and Slash than to me.
                  But keep in mind, that Scania has A LOT of crashes when there are a lot of people online, like during hot time. Also, training will be close to impossible even on a normal non-2x day, because Jesters are ALWAYS full and other training spots as well

                • I still don’t see what people see in Jesters. All it is is crowded with low spawn. I can train just as fast elsewhere. But yeah finding training maps during peak hours is hard in Scania.

            • I will continue on my UA bucc and my shad. I will make a phantom for fun, and the GMS exclusive job as my main….

  15. Me and Zach commented at the same time! 😀

    • 4:36PM Pacific:
      Scania: 4114
      Windia: 4113

      Windia is almost above Scania. Granted, Scania channel 1 crashed a short while ago xD.
      Edit: Mmm… Scania’s population surged. People must be logging back in after the channel crash. Discussing server populations with you guys is fun.

      • I always thought Windia was the most popular. o_o;

        Btw, Zach Convinced me with the server populations and the fact thats hes making a new charicter so I wont be at lvl 10 while hes at lvl 15x or something.

        Slash Convinced me because.. Well.. he just has a heck-ton of motivation. 😀

        Btw tell me your new Phantom/Pirate Hero IGN’s. I think I’ll be MegaGIJoey, so add me from the get-go I guess.

        • You’ve got to be kidding me. Scania, the first server. The server renowned for its overpopulation. The server which had to have character creation disabled a few years back due to Nexon’s server upgrading capabilities not being able to keep up with the population?

          My IGN will probably be something like CardsCo if I make a Phantom but I can’t be certain about that yet. It sounds kinda lame to be honest. I keep my SP life and my blogging life separate, but are you on basil?

          • Now that you think about it, 3000 people in a server isn’t that much. Let’s say that there are 10.000 maps in the whole maplestory game, counting every single thing a portal leads to, or a NPC leads you to. That means that for every 3 maps, there will be just 1 person. 3000 people on a server is actualy not much at all. I mean, if we would all spread out, then you would almost never meet someone because the maple world is so big. But the only reason we meet other people, is because everyone clusters at a single area, Jesters, MP3, Henesys…..

            -About Dragon Nest-
            I learned that you gain 10 sp everytime you level up … might just continue leveling, but Academic is kind of boring to me, even though that duck shot thing is EPIC, shooting a duck egg to let a duck attack for you 😦
            I think I am going to make a warrior now. Lol this is what I always did in Maplestory pre-bb. Get a char to 2nd job. Level him 10 more levels. Realise that I know what all it’s 2nd job skills do already, don’t want to be bored with using the same skill for another 30 levels, make a new char :p

            • No it’s not that much. When I said it was a decent amount I was walking about the game as a whole. Per server GMS is actually really low outside of Scania, Bera, Broa, Windia and maybe Khaini. It’s because of the number of servers that we have, an unnecessary amount. What GMS needs is a server merge. Merge Chaos and Arcania. Merge Kradia and Yellonde. Merge Demethos and Zenith. Then release a new server and after a while repeat the process.

              • Why not let Orange propose that… You have an inside man to get all your demands done … just formulate it good and make sure Orange does it too.
                Any inside info on what happened on the server merge between Windia and Yellone, or which ever 2 servers they talked about a year ago?

                ABout your other comment. Why Jesters? Because when you are powerfull enough with good mobility, it is godly. And it is a good social spot while training.
                1350exp per jester. There are around 25 jesters on the map. If you have good mobility like a WH, Merc, Ds or Canonneer, you will get 25x 1350 exp per 10 seconds when they respawn. Most of the time when you are really strong or have a friend or other account to guard your map and protect you from KSers, And that is not even counting exp boosts

                • It was Kradia and Yellonde. Server merge was put on hold due to “technical issues”. I’m pretty sure that Nexon isn’t working very hard to get it done.

              • why not let Orange “remind” Nexon about it with a strong left hook.

              • Lol that wont happen right? Or are you seriously scared of him getting fired? Is it that bad at Nexon? Howlong has Orange been working there? Maybe, you and your family should spend the upcoming night writing hundreds of fake letter to Nexon about wanting to let servers merge because they are to dead, and then just let Orange drive to work in the morning and drop them all off, as if the post-deliver-guy-person-male/female did it. 😀

        • Scania FTW 😀
          Oh, and btw, I pretty much concluded your thoughts to migrating to scania, right? 😛

  16. lol Zach.. I’m the one that convinced him of course =3

  17. It’ll prob. have to be revamped.

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