[GMS 1.09] Alliance Eternal This April

Long-awaited powers have been bestowed upon the Explorers and Cygnus Knights, Ultimate Explorers have become stronger than ever, Nett’s Pyramid has been renewed and tests not only your strength but also your wits and stamina, and the halls of Lion King’s Castle will soon ring with cries of the slain monsters. Witness the eternal victory of the Alliance in this third and final part of the Alliance updates!

  • Explorers and Cygnus Knights have been enhanced with new powers: Warriors, Magicians, and Bowmen will be the first of the Explorers to enjoy their new strength, and a new high-level quest chain awaits the Cygnus Knights.
  • Ultimate Explorers have become stronger than ever with increased max health points, new exclusive skills, and an exclusive chain quest.
  • Nett’s Pyramid is renewed once again with rebalances to requirements and the monsters inside. Defend against waves of mummies, and get your hands on exclusive, new riches that will only be available for a limited time!
  • Lion King’s Castle, Maple World’s favorite hunting ground, gains a new overarching storyline and a new boss to defeat.
  • Events galore! Rescue the Miwoks from savage monsters. Celebrate the coming of spring by helping research flowers to receive great buffs. Receive a special pendant to increase the EXP you gain. There’s always something fun to do in MapleStory!

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  1. Sounds great! What was the KMS equivalent to this? (So many small little patches everywhere!)

  2. Nope nope its hard to tell from Nett’s Since Korea got like 2 or 3 revisions on it
    but van leon is equivalent to v1.2.111 no name though only Van Leon on that patch

  3. Nett’s is uhm had 3 revisions already so really no equivalent here
    But Van Leon’s revision hmm never heard of that maybe cause i never play or was too low level to event see it

  4. Cool. I’ve been waiting on the new Pyramid 4ever

  5. wtf, in the previous patch they changed Nett’s piramide, and now again. I mean, sure KMs can do it because they develop changes, but when it comes to GMS, all the changes are done already, so why not implent the FINAL VERSION of Nett’s piramide already…..

    I’m happy for you Zach, that you are getting more visitors and commenters, but …. I wanted to be first, as in the good ol’ times…. you know, 1 month ago :\

    Now we have Neilz, david, and blake commenting twice, before me :(((
    I feel like trash now. I thought we had something Zach. But you know what, you know what.. It’s OVER you hear me, OVER !!!!! We are done, finished. I thought you were the one, but now, seeing as there are 3 people here before me, and one of them did it twice… I …. I ….. I can’t handle this. Sorry. Good bye 😦

    -Btw I still have the flu

  6. Dont magician get some changes .

    • @Luis: Yes. As it says: “Warriors, >> Magicians <<, and Bowmen will be the first of the Explorers to enjoy their new strength"
      Magicians will get buffed. Explorers do need some more attention, so I'm fine with this.

  7. Then why didnt they show a magician in the image

  8. @Luis: They’re showcasing the “Cygnus Knights” No explorers are shown.

    See? That’s a picture of a Dawn Warrior, Blaze Wizard, And Wind Archer!

    But of course, The Explorers are getting buffs too. I guess the Cygnus knights are just more popular..

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