[ThMS] Thailand MapleStory Is Closing

After a lack of game updates since June 2011, AsiaSoft has announced that they have chosen not to renew their license with Nexon for the Thai service of MapleStory. The game will close on June 29, 2012.

The AsiaSoft team has been negotiating with Nexon since the Birth of the Mechanic update in June 2011 but could not agree to the terms of renewal set by Nexon. These terms included a fully English game client (instead of Thai) and a general increase in cash prices to match the prices in other services globally. Another condition put forward by Nexon for the renewal of the game was that all character data must be wiped and players start over from scratch. Interesting…

Thai MapleStory’s Previous Updates


3rd Job Advancement



Floating Market [Exclusive]


Omega Sector


Guild Quest + Orbis Party Quest


Siam + Golden Temple [Exclusive]


4th Job Advancement

Korean Folk Town

Monster Carnival + Mu Lung + Herb Town

Amoria Party Quest

Pirate Party Quest + Henesys Party Quest + Level 200 Content


Ariant Coliseum +Multi Pet + Skill Macro + Mini Dungeons + Guild Alliance + Party Search

Episode 2: Fishing King



Ulu City + Leafre Mini Dungeons


Mu Lung Dojo + Finding Master M

Guild Story [Exclusive]

Monster Carnival 2

Knights of Cygnus

Game Arcade (Gacha Room) + Gold Richie

Big Ugly Balrog Boss


New World: Xyria

Time Temple + Pink Bean + Mushroom Castle + Mirror of Dimension

Monster Survival + Ellin Forest


Neo City + Kerning Square + Ghost Ship In The Mist + Ellin Forest PQ


The Visitors

Dual Blade

Chaos Zakum + Chaos Horntail + Resurrection of the Hoblin King

Party Quest reward update [Exclusive]





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  1. Say GoodBye to Thai MapleStory.

  2. Goodbye THMS. 3rd MapleStory service to shutdown 😦

  3. R.I.P Thai MS, I asume everyone knows how I feel about games closing, like most gamers do ; sad 😦

    But why a full English client?
    If it is for Thai people, why does it has to be in english when they don’t speak english (I think… not sure on this).
    I mean, are they harping on Japan or China for doing that. Hell even the big guy Nexon Korea?! If they want to bash people on not having a full english client, they should look at themselves first!

    Or am I missing the point?

    • It’s possibly to reduce content delivery times and because it’s hard to find Thai speaking people in Korea to work on the development team.

      • yeah but that is just translating right?
        They can just make the coding korean or what ever and then pull a Google Translate … I mean …. just translate it :p

        Also, when looking at Formosa, I noticed that 2 mobs are in Kerning Square, so Korea took those mobs from the Exclusive content of ThaiMS and put it in Kerning Square …

        And GuildStory looks alot like Silent Crusade to me

  4. Expected, unfortunately.
    @nightcodex, they want a Full English client probably because half of the ThMS client is already in English and I assume it would be easier for them if they just copy off MSEA.

    Oh, and according to this guy in (http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=55130), Asiasoft Thailand has to wipe off everyone’s account and data.

    • Ahh, correct. That was another condition. I wonder why though…

      And you’re right about that too. It’d be much easier for them to drop Thai service and copy from MapleSEA. It’s not like a pretty decent percentage of players would get lost in the English language anyway.

      • soooooo.. would it be possible for Orange to send me a confirmation thingy, or atleast show the logo so I have “proof”, like i said in the email?

  5. “Another condition put forward by Nexon for the renewal of the game was that all character data must be wiped and players start over from scratch. Interesting…” Seriously? Wow, Nexon Korea was pretty dependent on them.

  6. Well shucks. The writing was on the wall bt its still sad 😦

  7. I think Nexon wants Asiasoft to delete all characters due to the time lag between the last Mechanic update to now (About Jump/Legend update).

    • why? What does that has to do with the deletion of characters. It makes no sense. Why would EVERYONE has t start over? Unless there has been a MAJOR exploid which almost everyone used, which is unfixable, unless there would be a rollback 10 versions back, then it would make sense… hmmmmmm.

  8. Coz it will close.. lol

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