[MS] “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q1 2012

Update: A few changes have been made to the rankings on April 5, 2012.

Hello and welcome to Msupdate’s “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings, released in the final week of the final month of each quarter. This is the first release of these rankings for 2012.

This project started in April 2011 when I compared the content of all the services, but specifically KoreaMS, GlobalMS, MapleSEA and EuropeMS, in Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS . The last rankings were “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q4 2011.

To quite understand what I mean by “fastest updating” and “most updated” and why additional, original and exclusive content cannot be counted in how fast a MapleStory service updates (*cough* JapanMS), please read Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS.

There is a small change in terminology in this and future rankings and blog posts. Content which contributes to the game’s main storyline and usually originates in KoreaMS and is ported to all other services will no longer be referred to as “main storyline content” or “storyline content”, but as “core content”. Content which does not originate in KoreaMS and usually dosesn’t contribute to the game’s main storyline will continue to be referred to as “original content”.

Fastest Updating

Current Rank Service Move Since December 2011
1* China MapleStory +5
1* Taiwan MapleStory +5
3 Global MapleStory -1
4* Europe MapleStory -1
4* MapleStory South East Asia
6 Korea MapleStory -2
7 Japan MapleStory -6
8 Thailand MapleStory

*These services are tied.

ChinaMS and TaiwanMS share the top spot, GlobalMS falls while JapanMS reverses the gain they made last time.

ChinaMS and TaiwanMS continue to receive updates at the same time. They did moved very quickly from Legends to Alliance Unbound and despite receiving concluding Legends after GlobalMS and JapanMS, are currently moving quickly through Alliance content including the boss Arkarium.

GlobalMS may be equal in content with ChinaMS and TaiwanMS but took longer to reach here than they did after Legends. It was only around an extra two weeks, but that two weeks can make a pretty big difference.

EuropeMS and MapleSEA are tied because they ended their Chaos updates last Winter and are receiving their Jump update now. Not much to say.

KoreaMS is hard to rank since there is no one to compare them to given that there is no other service which receives most of the game’s core content before them or receives core content three months or less after them which would be enough time for me to compare the speeds of content delivery and then rank them. KoreaMS moved from Phantom into Mikhail pretty quickly but have received no other major content recently which causes them to fall down the rankings.

Although JapanMS is currently getting the Alliance Unbound update at the same time as GlobalMS, ChinaMS and TaiwanMS, they plummet down the rankings from the #1 spot to the #7 spot due to the amount of time between the release of their Legends updates and the Alliance Unbound updates. When it took the rest of us currently getting Alliance Unbound 1-2 months, it took JapanMS 4 months to get here. In Q3 2011 JapanMS was ranked #7 due to the lack of releasing of the Ascension update. They moved up to #1 in Q4 2011 due to the merging of the Ascension and Legends updates and the release of Legends before everyone else expect KoreaMS. They are back down to #7 with this latest development.

ThaiMS still hasn’t received an update since they received Mechanic in the first half of 2011.

Most Updated

Current Rank Service Move Since December 2011
1 Korea MapleStory
2* China MapleStory +2
2* Global MapleStory +1
2* Taiwan MapleStory +2
5 Japan MapleStory -3
6* MapleStory South East Asia
6* Europe MapleStory +1
8 Thailand MapleStory

*Services with the same rank are tied.

Korea MapleStory tops the most updated list for obvious reasons.

GlobalMS, ChinaMS and TaiwanMS are currently the most complete non-KMS services of the game. Joining JapanMS as the only services of the game with the Arkarium class apart from Korea, but holding the Nett’s Pyramid and the PvP system, these services share the #2 ranking.

JapanMS may be with GlobalMS, ChinaMS and TaiwanMS as the only non-KMS service of the game with Arkarium right now, but with them lacking PvP and the return of Nett’s Pyramid, I’d say they aren’t quite #2 yet.

MapleSEA and EuropeMS have both recently rapped up their Jump updates and are patiently awaiting the arrival of Legends.

ThaiMS is dead.


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  1. Japan is going to overtake global on the most updated list on the 11th of April as they have already announced the Justice Update yesterday.

    Justice Update being 3 parts namely :-

    1 – Thief & Pirate Changes
    2 – Phantom
    3 – Aswan

    • That’s the big issue with JapanMS. They update quickly now and then updates are nearly non-existent for a few months then they surprise us with another quick and big update. This is why JapanMS moved up and down these rankings like crazy every time I publish them. On the Fastest Updating JapanMS has moved from 7th to 1st to 7th. With this new development (the announcement of Justice) it’s highly likely that JapanMS will sit atop of the list once when I publish the Q2 ranking come late June.

      I had actually seen the Japanese trailer for the Phantom class. But this list doesn’t take into account future releases even if they have already been announced. It takes into account the content in the game on the day of the release of the ranking and the updates over the last 3 months (since the last ranking was released).

  2. I dont think JapanMS will move above GlobalMS even if they are releasing the Justice update before us. Global is getting Alliance Unbound 2 sometime this month, and then shortly after
    I’m sure they will announce the Justice Update. Considering they like to have Big updates in the summer and the Maple anniversary will be included in this I say a late April or early/mid May release will be the “Theif & Pirate changes” and then following that.

    If anything GlobalMS and JapanMS will be tied since they are receiving updates only a week or so behind the other. Also JapanMS likes to do a lot of “exclusive” content or crazy things so we’ll see how this will turn out.

    At any rate, LF>Justice Update for GMS :D. (Instanced boss runs here I Come!)

    • Based on how JapanMS tends to have a big update now and then take a little break from substancial content delivery for a while, I predict that when the Q2 ranking is published in late June:

      JapanMS will be #1 in the fastest updating list once again for how quickly they moved from Union into Justice.

      JapanMS will be tied with GlobalMS or 1 place higher than GlobalMS on the Most Updated ranking.

    • The Thief/Pirate is summer, and the Maple anniversary is next month’s “big patch,” so GMS may be 2 with JMS at 1 next time.

      • crap, aniversary next month… darn it … I screwed up. I wish I put myself to making the CtF revamp sooner, so the devs could make implent it in the anniversary patch. I don’t think they will put a revamp of their beloved Exclusive CtF game type in a regular update…. Maybe I can make it in time for Justice 😉

  3. I think you need to review your ChinaMS placement.

    ChinaMS: http://act.mxd.sdo.com/project/v100/event_02_2.html

    Too lazy to look for where TwMS said they released Arkarium but I’m going to assume they released it as well.
    TaiwanMS’ events are pretty much the same as the ones we have (Equipment boxes, 1+1 potions.. etc..)

    • Now it makes sense. I was wondering why they weren’t releasing it. Yeah it’s likely that TwMS released it too. I’ll look back at this later :). Thanks.

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