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Nexon America’s Q2 2012 Approval Rating Survey

**Survey closes at 6:00PM PT (9:00PM ET) on May 19. Be sure to vote before then!**

Update (May 18 8:36PM PT): 38%

It’s that time of quarter again.  It’s time for Nexon America’s Q2 2012 approval rating survey, conducted by Msupdate. We’re going slightly off scheduled by having this survey a little earlier in the month than the usual schedule. It will return to its first Monday in the month to the Friday 19 days after scheduled in August. So instead of running from May 7 to May 25 as per the usual schedule it will run from May 1 to May 19. This post is up but the survey will not be open until May 1.

This survey will give us a quick idea of how the community feels about how Nexon America is currently running its games. I request that survey takers focus mostly on the running of the game over the past three months.

No specific personal information is required to be given. Some personal information, such as age, is requested so I can know who is taking the survey. Your IP will be recorded once you have completed the survey.

Unfortunately, there will be no NX giveaway this time around, but this will return in the Q3 survey coming this August!

The survey is six questions long, with all requiring answers. It should take no more than two minutes to complete. An update on the current approval rating will be posted and updated on this post regularly. The final approval rating will be posted on May 19 after the survey has been closed.

For those wondering, the results of this approval rating survey will be sent to and likely accepted by Nexon America, and through a more reliable medium than their ticket system. If Nexon actually cares about the rating or the feedback is another story altogether.

Take the survey by clicking or copying and pasting into your browser’s main search bar the link below:

Approval Rating History

Q1 2012: 25.10% (2,753 takers)
Q4 2011: 50.92% (>1,500 takers)
Q3 2011: 55.92% (>1,000 takers)
Q1 2011: 66.38% (>1,000 takers)
Q4 2010: 70.98% (<1,000 takers)
September 2010: 62.71% (<1,000 takers)
Q3 2010: 45.23% (<500 takers)

This Month In Our Past: May [2012 Edition]

Before I begin with my monthly installment of This Month in Our Past, I’d like to say a huge happy 9th birthday to Korea MapleStory, the world’s first service. On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, the public was officially introduced to Maple World for the first time.

May is probably the biggest month for Global MapleStory (and me). Sure the content hasn’t been all that spectacular and some events have been huge let downs but it was in May of 2005 that the Global service of MapleStory was launched officially. One of the game’s most powerful bosses and quite a lot of excusive content  met us this month in our past. May is also my month of birth!

May 1987

On Thursday, May 21, 1987 at 5:01PM Eastern I was born :) . Anyway, on to more important matters…

May 2006

Client Version Update: 0.23
Game Update Name: ‘Behold Zakum!’
Game Update Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2006

– Zakum
– Birthday event

The great Zakum arrived on May 03, 2006. This was our first anniversary so it was very special.

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[GMS] Lucky 7th!

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My Song Addictions Of April 26, 2012

C     O     L     D     P     L     A     Y

[NX] [EA] Electronic Arts Stock Price Surges. Why?

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA)’s share price soared today by 6.13%, the most the stock has risen in the last four months. Average price ended the April 26 NASDAQ trading day at US$15.93. But why? Because reports are emerging that Tokyo-based free-to-play publisher Nexon Co. Ltd. are in talks to purchase the company. In the mean time, Nexon’s stock fell (TSO:3659) fell 2.31% to close the April 26 TSO trading day at 1,524JPY per share.

It is said that it was Nexon which contacted EA to try to work something out. Both companies are refusing to comment on the reports and rumours. “Nexon has a policy of never commenting on rumors,” the company said in an e-mailed statement. Jeff Brown, an Electronic Arts spokesman, said in an e-mail that the company doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation.

In the calendar year ended December 31, 2011 Nexon reported revenues of US$1.12 billion while EA is expected to report revenues of US$4.17 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. EA has a net worth of US$4 billion while Nexon has a net worth of US$6.8 billion.

Experts are saying that the deal either wasn’t even being considered in the first place or that it won’t work out and I agree with their reasoning. Research different experts’ views on this. We’ll just have to wait for these rumours to be dispelled or confirmed and see how this acquisition discussion ends up.

[NX] The Nexon Report

Four main stories from Nexon went public this week that I didn’t blog about so I’ll cover them in this post.


Nexon To Report First Quarter Financials on May 10

Nexon Co. Ltd. was originally expected to make public its financial report for the first quarter of 2012 ended March 31 on April 30. Along the way this was delayed and it is now expected to be released on May 10 at 4:00PM Japan Standard Time/00:00 Pacific Daylight Time. A conference call will be hosted that day for discussion on the financial results and the company’s outlook. The call’s transcript will be posted on Nexon’s Investor Relations website ( (Japanese)/ (English)).

Nexon Stock Rises Greatly After Acquisition Hints

Owen Mahoney, Nexon's Global Chief Financial Offier

Nexon’s stock price has risen by 51 JPY or 3.39% following the company’s announcement that it is currently in discussions to buy smartphone and mobile game developers. It is said that these acquisition plans are for companies located in Japan where Nexon is headquartered. This comes not too long after Nexon and Nexon Mobile merged their operations to become one consolidated company working as two different teams rather than two separate affiliated companies.

The mobile gaming market is the fastest growing game market globally with the US market expanding 29% year-over-year in the final quarter of the 2011 calendar year. More and more gamers are moving away from consoles (which are dedicated to gaming) and moving onto more versatile platforms such as the personal computer, mobile phones and tablets.

“The industry is moving in our direction,” Mahoney said at the company’s Tokyo headquarters April 18. “We’d like to buy teams in intellectual properties early in what we consider to be their total lifetimes and then grow them.”

Nexon’s stock price now stands 19.69% above where it did when the company went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on December 13, 2011.

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