[MBEU] Mabinogi Europe To Close

As many would have foreseen, Nexon Europe has made the announcement of the closure of Mabinogi Europe. It was announced earlier this month that the cash shop would close as the final decision on the future of the European service of the game was yet to be made. But that decision has now been made and European Mabinogi players will have to say goodbye to all of their character data. However, it has also been announced that the IP block on the North American service of Mabinogi which is published by Nexon America will be lifted for European players allowing them to play the game.

More information coming soon.


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  1. Bummer, just when it seemed like they were getting their act together.

    And not even a database transfer, that’s gotta hurt the players really bad.

    • I agree, it makes me feel sad. I mean, everytime a game closes down, I get the feeling like one of the characters I liked on a game show, gets voted off, or a family member that dies, you are just missing something.
      I agree, I only played Mabinogi (europe) once, playted it for ~1 hour, checked out the game recorder, 10 min after the game recorder and I uploaded my vid to youtube, I left the game to never sign back in :p

      It sucks that the players of Mabinogi Europe won’t get a char transfer, or something like that. I honestly think that this gives people a bad taste in the mouth of Nexon.
      I mean, I don’t even asume that there will be a compensation for this, not like 2x exp or something like that to people from europe making a new account within the next month….. because that idea would be broken and could be exploited. Char transfer would be a good solution. Another solution would be to send every Nexon Europe account that ever played Mabinogi Europe a special code to their email. When they make a new Nexon America account, or just play Mabinogi North America, that they can put in a special code in the Cash Shop, to get some special items, some NX, and some equips and money to get started again, much like the compensation package for hacked players in GMS, but then bigger and better, because they have to start over again. 😦

      For those wondering, this is the video that I made in Mabinogi Europe (think it was Europe….. has to be).

      Don’t mind the dislikes… lollllllllllllll xD

      • What made you quit so quickly? Mabinogi is a really great game. I know how you feel. I feel so bad when a game that people play closes. I feel for the players. Especially when it’s a game that I’ve played before or from a company that I love.

        A character data transfer was unlikely and doesn’t take place very often when a game service is closed. I’m surprised the IP block is being lifted but this is a good thing. Let’s just wait to see what the compensation will be like.

        • Why are you surpised. It has to be lifted because otherwise there is no way for Europeans to play Mabinogi. THAT would really have people hold a grudge against Nexon. First, remove their game, second : Don’t give them a option to play that game ever again.
          It would be the most logical thing to do!

    • It truly is a huge bummer :(. But I foresaw it, it was so obvious that this was going to happen in the near future. Another Nexon Europe game bites the dust. Live on Europe MapleStory, Combat Arms Europe, Vindictus Europe and Dekaron Global! And Shadow Company hurry and be released. I’ve gone crazy, I’m talking to games. Not only am I talking to games but I’m talking to games which haven’t yet been released. Not only am I talking to games which haven’t yet been released, but I’m talking to games which haven’t yet been released in a comment to maplefreak26. K.

      • Not only that, but you are also talking to a game with really bad graphics

        • The graphics weren’t bad when the game was just released and are more than decent enough to fulfil the needs of the fantasy life of Mabinogi. For the game Mabinogi is, the graphics are fine.

          • I meant, Shadow Company πŸ˜›

            • Shadow Company’s graphics aren’t bad at all O_O.

              • then what was that one game where I complained about those ugly foot animations.

                And compare this :

                To this :

                • And once again I say that the foot animations aren’t ugly. I didn’t say that Shadow Company’s graphics were the best in the industry or that they are better than the graphics of a very high budget and invested game like Battlefield 3, I just said that the graphics aren’t bad, which they aren’t. Shadow Company was also developed for the free-to-play market which means that accessibility to as large an audience as possible while keeping up quality is essential. Hence why Dragon Nest was developed on the Eternity Engine. The Eternity Engine may not produce the best graphics known to man, but it produces great graphics, is known for reducing development team and has relatively low system requirements in the games.

              • hmm okay … just woke up 14 minuts ago, not …… in …. full …. conversation ….. mode …. yet

  2. That’s a shame. But It’s a good thing Nexon America Lifted the IP block. My guess they did this is because both services had an okay amount of players but then NA service could’ve taken more people, so they put them on that server. Another good thing is that the NA service had more updates. Still, restarting everything might be a turn-off. ): R.I.P Mabinogi Europe.

    • Correction: Another good thing is that the NA service had more updates. Yes, the good thing is that the NA service had updates while the EU service had nothing.

      You’re probably right. The North American service is successful but isn’t exactly Nexon’s biggest game and from the look of things the European service wasn’t doing very well. So they merge the services. And yup, many players will be very upset for having to start all over :(.

  3. Darn it. How am i expected to play mabinogi now? Even though i only played it a few times

  4. Okay not to be insensitive.. but.. Ive always, ALWAYS wanted more servers to be added to the mabinogi NA version.. So will this actually happen? is there a possibility of a new server or two?

    This would mean a fresh world, Seal stones ready to be broken, everyone starting out at level one again . no elves or giants at first, just humans… (: This Feels me with a sort of nostalgic hope for a wish that ive been wanting to come true for a very long time now—– NEW MABINOGI NA WORLDS other than mari, tarlach, ruairi, and alexina.

    So my final question is.. How much of a possibility is this? (:


    • It’s hard to say since Nexon has recognized that Mabinogi really doesn’t need any more servers at this time. I would also like to see a new servers being added soon. With the incoming European players maybe we’ll get the new server.

  5. Does this mean more mabinogi NA servers? A new mabinogi world? :b

  6. Hello hello ! this is a European playah and i uh……..feel real sad for my lost friends and ….well those 600+ lvl Friends….and for me I JUST DID G2 …i was so happy with mah paladin finally then….boom Shuts down..damn i started hating it but im waiting the ip block lift to start from the begining for the third time….Yup already restarted last summer lol…IF that ip block thing doesnt happen…….IM GONNA HUNT DOWN EVERY NEXON EU MEMBER AND KILL THEM COLD LESS!

  7. And dont forget all the 2000+ ppl D:

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