Msupdate’s Top Nexon Games That Should Be Brought To North America

The games appearing on this list are games which are published by Nexon in Korea, Japan or Europe but are not currently serviced in North America whether by Nexon or any other publisher. Games which have a global English service which is aimed towards a Western audience do not qualify even though they don’t have a service localized for North America. Games may be the intellecutal property of Nexon or another company.

1. Cyphers

Developer: Neople (Nexon Co. Ltd.)

From Neople, the developer of the worldwide blockbuster Dungeon Fighter Online (American name; Arad Senki in Japan; Dungeon & Fighter elsewhere), comes a new action fighting strategy MMO known as Cyphers. A fast paced and intense game with good graphics and combat, Cyphers is excellent for the North American market. It’s a real-time strategy (RTS) game similar in ways to League of Legends, Dota, Heroes of Newerth, etc., but is played from a third-person behind the back view with gameplay elements which differ greatly from those games.

You get matched up in intense 5 vs 5 matches in which you choose one of the many very varied characters available. Destroy your enemies’ guardian, towers and central tower. Sounds like your generic RTS such as League of Legends, right? Unlike the usual RTS, you won’t be using a point-and-click approach to combat in which you click on your enemies, spit out skill commands and your character just performs said skills. You’ll be working in a non-targeting combat system (similar to the system used in Vindictus and Dragon Nest) where you, the player, are actively involved in every movement that your character makes controlling things such as timing and aim. Knock together combos and time your attacks to perfection. Know your map and effective strategies. Cyphers is the game for every action game and strategy game fan.

Cyphers Online was launched in South Korea in early 2011 and has yet to be exported to any other market. Come on North America!

2. Kart Rider

Developer: Lodumani Studio (Nexon Co. Ltd.)

You didn’t really expect this not to be here, did you? As we await the release of Facebook platformed Kart Rider Dash, I continue to hope for the return of the North American service of the downloadable Kart Rider.

Kart Rider is an immensely popular online racing game developed and published by Nexon. Kart Rider has services for South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and France. Kart Rider was officially launched in Korea on June 1, 2004 and has since become one of the the world’s most popular online games with an unbelievable 250 million players worldwide. The game’s overwhelming success can be attributed to its Korean and Chinese services. Kart Rider is the national game of South Korea where it has been played by more than one third of the Korean population.

Kart Rider was launched into open beta phase in North America from October 2, 2007 to March 19, 2008 as the third game of Nexon America (after MapleStory and Audition). The game was not officially launched. It is still believed that Kart Rider will return to North America in the future.

3. Everplanet

Developer: Nclipse (Nexon Co. Ltd.)

Everplanet is a casual cartoonish super fun MMO developed by NCLIPSE and published by Nexon. It is very MapleStory-like with characters, skills, enemies and even a storyline similar to MapleStory’s, but in a 3D with an innovative camera system. Everplanet is the first game to use to “globe” camera system in which your character seems to be located on a planet and as you walk, the camera moves forward giving the effect of you walking around a spherical planet rather than a flat world as in other games. In other games when you walk along, distanced objects just seem to come into view from out of no where. In Everplanet distanced objects arise from below the horizon giving the world its spherical appearance.

The graphics aren’t good for the usual gamer, but if you like MapleStory graphics you’ll probably like Everplanet graphics. The graphics in Everplanet are amusing and refreshing and put a smile on my face. With countless skills, adventures and quests, Everplanet is sure to be fresh with content every time you jump on to play.

I can see Nexon America taking Everplanet over here any time. There’s nothing stopping them that I know of. Everplanet will be a sure success for the more casual gamers and may even attract some MapleStory players who want a change.

4. Counter-Strike Online

Developer: Nexon

Counter-Strike Online is an action based first person shooter developed by Nexon under license from Valve Corporation, the company behind the popular Counter-Strike series. Counter-Strike Online is free-to-play and is targeted towards Asian game markets, but with a bit of localization, I’m sure it can do well over here in the West. With services in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and South East Asia, Counter-Strike Online is among the popular online shooters in Asia. Pioneering the now widespread “zombie” game mode, Counter-Strike Online is also one of the most innovative shooters in the world.

Although tailored for an Asian market the gameplay is impressive and I am sure that through a bit (or a lot) of localization, Nexon can successfully port Counter-Strike Online to America. Unfortunately, getting license to publish Counter-Strike Online in North America will be close to impossible since the rest of the Counter-Strike series is still booming here and releasing a free version of the game might stop possible players from purchasing the rest of the games in the series. But still, we have a tiny bit of hope as Min Kim, Nexon America’s Head of Live Games, has said in the past that Nexon America is interested in bringing Counter-Strike Online to an American audience.

5. TBA

As soon as I decide on a 5th game that’s worth taking to America I’ll update this post.


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  1. KILL ME !!

    I just witnessed the worst thing ever in game designing: getting something old, add 4 things and call it something new: “The Mikhail job”.

    He is just like cygnus’ Dawn Warrior but has 4 new skills attack skills and can get to lv 200, that;s it!

    Could Orange maybe shed some light on this situation. Like, act like he hates the idea too at work, and then talk to his colleague game Designers what Maplestory version Team came up with the idea, and why. Maybe if I get an idea of WHY the maple team thought it was a good idea, I can justify it…. I asume that the GMS mapleteam took part in the discussion of wether or not they should make Dawn Warrior v2?

    • Well Orange has been of the view that Nexon should release no more than one class per year, so I doubt he supported the development of this class.

      • nonono, what I mean is, could he ask around to the GMS game devs, what the motivation and idea was on the creation of this (and most likely all other) cygnus knights as real jobs? I mean, all game designers from services have met in Korea to all come up with new ideas for the upcoming 6 months, so maybe Orange could ask what the motivation was on this job. I mean, they must have written a game content report right? Explaining how it would affect the game and why they think it is a good idea?
        Maybe not the GMS devs, but maybe the EMS devs game up with the idea at a meeting, and the GMS devs have read the report.
        All I want to know is what the game devs where thinking, and what their motivation is behind the job instructor class that is in the same category as the normal cygnus, and only has 4 new skills. What was the motivation in the report?

        • One thing that I’ve been told went into this is the fact that it was felt that an expansion to the Cygnus Knights was needed, likely going beyond level 120 and adding a 4th job advancement. But they still wanted to keep the class which allows for more casual players to accomplish the completion of a class. So instead of expanding the Cygnus Knights they decided to release a new class similar to the CK but with the ability to level up to 200.

          • Alright, nwo that you have told me this (Orange?) I look at the class with a more…. not-so-angry/dissapointed feeling… so they wanted to do what everyone was asking for all that time, expand cygnus…. alright, cool….

  2. Okay, I’ve been following your blog for a month now, I’ve scanned through all your archives and I look at this blog each day. Yet I never knew there was a comment system ’till now. D: But I’ve wanted a game simliar to LoL come to Nexon. So I agree with Cyphers. I’ve wanted KartRider ever since PopTag! ended.. and Everplanet looks nice. BUT Nexon will probably release Shadow Company around December. Which makes the FPS game total up to 3. My opinion is: 3 should be enough for now. But you seem to know alot about Nexon. (: So I have no position to bash on your beliefs (if you think that’s what I’m doing) Anyway, Thanks for putting up this awesome blog, and I hope I can be a part of the msupdate community!

    • Welcome :D. New commenters are always my inspiration. Yeah, Cyphers is definitely the game that I would really love to see Nexon bring over. And of course Kart Rider’s amazing too. Everplanet is a good game in my opinion, but Nexon knows the North American market like the back of their hands. Everplanet just isn’t the game that the Western market will embrace due to its casual style, pre-gen graphics and slow paced combat.

      You’re completely right about the FPS thing. It will be Nexon’s third FPS. Here are the factors that went into putting CSO on this list:

      1. It’s a quality FPS in the North American market. Enough said.
      2. It’s Counter Strike IP. That’s a great track-record.
      3. I needed to find games to put on the list because the approach of mostly casual games that Nexon has taken in Korea just won’t work in America so there really weren’t that many games to choose from.
      4. It has been mentioned before that Nexon America wants to publish the game but there are understandable obstacles stopping them from doing that.
      5. Other publishers, mostly notably the game portal of ijji, previously run by NHN USA and recently merged into Aeria Games, have found success in the publishing of several FPS’s.

      1. The game is getting old and even when it was released the graphics weren’t all that amazing.
      2. It will be Nexon’s third FPS, as you said.
      3. The obstacles stopping Nexon from bring the game to the West are founded and understandable and aren’t likely to change any time soon.

      But yeah, three FPS’s should be enough for now. I think that Shadow Company is a good release even with Combat Arms and Sudden Attack already established because it brings a new level of graphics and gameplay quality to Nexon’s FPS line up. Nexon will likely hold off on the release of another FPS until the can sign for one with very superior graphics and gameplay, which probably won’t be for at least two years given how good Shadow Company promises to be. Or at least until they can move away from the generic shooter with a FPS based around aliens or something like that.

      BTW “generic shooter” is one of my many coined terms that u’ll probably see me use pretty often. What I mean by that is what you would expect from the average FPS. A game where a player joins a game room and enters a timed game in different game modes and go into a semi-realistic environment and shoot each to death. Rinse and repeat. Non-generic FPS’s would be FPS’s which take another approach to gameplay in some shape, way or form.

      Yeah I do know a lot about Nexon. But that’s not any reason not to challenge me. Opposition is another thing that gives me motivation. I love to argue and love when my viewers question my opinions and ask why I form this opinion or why I predict this or whatever else. It’s really fun. And don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything. About MS, Nexon and Nexon’s games or the industry in general.

      All it takes is scroll down a little bit more to see my awesomeness, how could you have not noticed the page being 40% longer where the text ended from the blog post 😦

  3. I am currently playing CSO published by IAHGames ( Very fun, it uses GoldSrc engine, and is releasing permanent guns every 15 days. They just released the extension of zombies such as Voodoo Zombie and we get to try all the zombies for 1 day.

    I doubt CSO will be coming to America, because it is aimed at the Asian Market and was developed in partnership with Valve. The latest game mode released in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan are Hidden Mode (like Ghost mode in Crossfire), Zombie Escape and Bazooka Mode.

  4. Oh, and just discovered that IAHGames has released Human Scenario mode. More information and other game modes are found in here:

    I also must tell you that everyone can play the server as there’s no IP block but do risk getting lag due to players hosting the rooms. For example, an American who is the host of the room and I am a player in that room. I will get massive lag gameplay but the American will get lag-free gameplay in the room.

    • Oh yes, I completely forgot about the South East Asian service of the game. Thanks for reminding me :). Yeah, it isn’t likely that it will be brought over to America, but I needed games to add to the list. I still end up not having a #5.

  5. Ahh, just lookin’ at my first post. -Memories- I’m gonna mark it don on like a calandar then when its 1st anniversary I’ll make a HUGE deal out of it and bake a cake. :3

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