[GMS 1.07] And It’s Complete…

It’s finally complete! Click the thumbnail below for the full picture!


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  1. Hmm..that alien icon in the middle, looks exciting!

    • It does, it does :).

      • lol, go to leafre.net now, HAHAHAHAHAHA
        I talked to SHakar, about being proffesional and all (cause he “trolled” me but I knew it lol, that he puts a to negative tone on his blog…) and now leafre is talking about non-proffesional… and they named you. I loled

        • We never said he’s unprofessional o_o, we only said that he’s not a KMS-specific blogger.

          • well then I must have misread, my fault.
            Also Shakar, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I WOULDN’T like you as a person, it’s just that I have a little bit of a negative feeling with you as a blogger (you are kind of late.. alot, and you most of the time give a depressing voice to your blog) and to you as a internet person (you’re trolling…. and trolls are society’s trash)

            • Whatever you say, except for the last statement. ‘Trolls are society’s trash.’ Look around you, 21st century! Soon, we will leave in a world where English is not even used anymore.

              • Disagree, trolls will always be the scumbags of society.
                in the middle ages you had those fake doctors. Did they say “oooh look little johny, you shouldn’t complain about htem because look at the time we are living in. Soon they will rule the world”.
                No, they were scumbags and they never went big. Nor will trolls. Trolls will always stay a minority of fucking assholes that will always try to annoy people. If only there would be a place for them to go… oooh wait I know, Basil

        • Remind me later to do TMIOP: March and update Nexon’s Top 5 Games That Should Be Brought To North America (woo Cyphers) as Nexon America has announced that they have over 30 projects currently at different stages of preparation for the American market and we can assume that many of those will be PC games. I’ll link to the interview when Daniel Kim said this soon.

          In other news more related to the comment I’m replying to, I’ve always considered myself to be one of the least professional MS bloggers. I’m so interested in Nexon and the industry that I’m constantly researching and reading. When I find something interested I post it and I love doing it. So matter what was said the fact is that lots of other MS bloggers (such as Shakar) present their blog more professionally than I present mine. And I have a leafre.net account and occasionally post, but that will stay confidential like my SP and basil accounts :P.

  2. i seriously cant wait for this

  3. What u talking about ur one of the best ms blogger i know .

  4. I know this is completely offtopic, but….
    I’m excited for SimCity! WOOOO!

  5. Me @ 0:46 ofcourse, because I am the loser of this rebellion.
    Neilz and Luis @ 1:08 cause they’re awesome
    Maplefreak @1:14 cause he’s awesome too
    Shakar @2:26 slashing a guy’s throath.. cause he’s like that, lol :p

    Guess I just killed Orange, your slave.. I mean messenger, by kicking him in a deep pit.
    Ofcourse you are the badguy Xerkes. Who will eventualy be killed and the oppersion will end — Ooh was that too much :p

    • Edited to better fit the situation. I saw your email and will reply later :).

      • HAHAHAHA I REALLY LAUGHED hahaha lol man xD
        If only I had the power to edit YOUR posts. Then edit it so you would say bad things about Orange. Then Orange would beat the living shit out of you. But then you punch him back. He gets angry and walks away going to work. When coming back from work he brought all the awesome people at Nexon to kick your ass, like Luis Reyes and Hime. But you predicted that and you got all your buddies over at Activision/Blizzard to protect you, cause you’re like that. Then your house turns into a warzone. Your wife, kid, brother and all other people that aren’t you, Orange, or co workers of you guys flee the house. Then there will be a fight of MASSIVE proportions, Activision/Blizzard VS Nexon America.
        In the end no one got hurt, because you all logged in on a 3rd party game (Allods.. idk lol :p) to fight each other in PvP there.
        Having the fight ended in a draw Nexon America decided to sue you and taking down your blog, while Activision/Blizzard decides to .. do nothing …. :p

        Then your bro and you both appologize and to prevent Nexon America taking down your blog you decide to hand over the blog to me, the supreme leader of the resistance. Then Maplefreak will be my right hand, and Neilz and Luis will get the special job to stalk you on every website.
        Shakar can be the stealth clown.

        On a serious note, is the building where you are working one big activision/blizzard building, like with all the game devs from all games there, or only the MMO part…
        Like .. have you ever seen Robert Trollin– I mean, Robert “Last Chance” Bowling?

        • I work at the Blizzard offices. Activision and all of its development studios are located in difference offices. I prefer Dragon Nest PvP.

          • coud more comments till we have a new record.
            hmm what else could I ask. OOOH YEAH …
            I remember you giving me some photo’s about your work.
            I also remember Hime posting some photo’s from her desk, decorated with cookies (Orange’s secret crush? xD).
            Could you show me a photo of what your desk looks like at work (taking away the sensetive information). Just curious if you have a tidy desk or a real messy desk (like what I have at home lolll) :p

            • My desk is like average. Not too messy but not exactly the tidiest ever. Only 22 more comments until a new record.

              • wtf how and when did we get 58 comments on one post. WTF~~~~ !!! what post ?
                Omg I must have really had nothing to do back then, posting at least 25 times …. zomfg

                I imagine the desk of a Artist must look kind of messy with all the drawings lieing around, I started drawing some of the proto-type monsters for the CtF revamp.
                Also made a poll on basil… ppl didn’t like it, but I don’t care. Only like 20 people voted -,- so it’s not a clear indicator of what the community wants. AND … the Basil community hates Nexon America and GMS exclusive content because it “sucks” in their opinion, in general… so it might have not been the best place to ask -_-

  6. I was around back then but i just didn’t comment

      • Oh. The comments on that post no longer interest me xD. Maybe you’d like to revive that interest with a story or joke of some sort?

        • This post ?
          Well, I could talk about the dog that the girlfriend of my dad brought the other day when she visited us, that peed in the middle of our living room …

          • Yes please. Story time :D.

            • Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Brad.
              His parents were neglecting him, they never wanted Brad.
              So, when Brad was 10 years old, he ran away.
              He ran, and he ran, and he ran, till he was in the middle of a forest.
              He had so much anger inside him, so much rage from being treated so badly all those years. He had to get rid of the frustration inside him.
              He started punching the tree next to him. He was suprised that a piece of the tree broke off and dropped a weird looking brown block. The tree was still floating there, in the air, missing it’s bottom. The kid was suprised; “how can the tree float there and not be affected by the earth’s gravity?”

              Brad picked up the block that had just dropped from the tree. He realised that it was the exact same part from the tree that he had just punched out.
              He was so confused right now, that he decided to punch the tree one more time. Another block fell and the tree was still floating.

              “How can this be possible?! I wonder if this also works on other things, like the ground”.

              Brad started to punch the ground underneat him, and to his suprise, a square chunk of the ground dissapeared and, just like the tree, became a little floating square. Brad picked it up and realised that he must be in some special kind of forest.
              Brad’s hands were full, so he put the wood in his backpack.
              Suprisingly, his backpack had much more room than he thought, the wood used up almost no space.

              Brad realised that it was getting late, but there was no place of civalised life nearby. He decided to take out the wood from his backpack so he didn’t had to sleep on the cold ground. To his suprise, the wood turned into planks. Suddenly he had eight planks in his backpack.
              He took out four planks to make himself a small wall to have some cover from the sun so he wouldn’t wake up because the sun would be to bright the next morning.
              Suprisingly, the 4 planks magicly became a sort of square table, a crafting table.
              Brad now knew for sure that he was in a magical forest.

              It was almost night time and Brad had to think fast. He knew that this was a magical forest where everything was possible. He put two of his four planks and placed them on his crafting table. The planks turned into 4 sticks. Using his imagination, he placed a wooden plank on top of two sticks, and it turned into a shovel!

              Brad was so excited, he immediatly started digging down into the ground, where he made a hole earlier that day. He kept digging, and digging, and digging, until he hit something hard that he couldn’t move away with his shovel. It was rock.
              Brad climbed back up to the surface, punching his floating tree again. Another wooden block fell off and he quickly put it in his backpack to turn it into wooden planks.
              He then grabbed his last two sticks, and placed three wooden planks on top of them. It turned into a -heavy- wooden pickaxe. He ran back down to his hole and started hitting the rock as fast as he could could, because by now it was nighttime and he wanted to have a place to stay. Finaly, he got through the rock, but he soon noticed that he was surrounded by rock. He realised that he couldn’t spend hte night safely in a good bed inside a warm house tonight, So he grabbed a dirt block and placed it on top of his hole to seal the entrance. Suprisingly, the dirt block didn’t fell down, it just floated there.

              Brad tried to overcome his tiredness by digging down with his wooden pickaxe. Then suddenly, his pickaxe broke, it fell into a thousand pieces with no way to recover it. Brad couldn’t dig down anymore, so he decided to spend the night in his hole.

              It was a rought night for Brad. Every now and then he would wake up, hearing scary sounds, like bones slamming together, weird howling, or diabolic sizzling, however, he made it. It was a rough night, but he made it. He removed the dirt block ontop of his head and felt the sunlight on his face. He hopped out of his hole, punched his faithfull tree some more, and made a stone pickaxe using the stone that he digged up all night.
              Brad had more than enough stone to make himself a small house.
              He decided to make his house around his hole. It wasn’t a very small house, just a 4×4 stone house.

              Brad had this awfull pain in his belly, he was getting hungry. He could spot some super sized mushrooms just a few steps from his house.
              While walking to his house he found all sorts of weird stuff on the ground, bones, disgusting flesh, and some weird kind of powder. He decided to not touch all of those things, who knows what they are, or better said, what they were.

              When getting close to the mushrooms, he noticed a couple wolfs lieing down on the ground. It seemed like one of them was hurt, and the others tried to soothen it.
              The wolf had a arrow in his knee. Brad slowly walked to the wounded wolf, but the other wolfs got angry and Brad couldn’t do anything else than walk away.

              He thought that if he could make the wolfs happy, they might not be angry at him and let him get to their wounded friend.
              He picked up the bones that he noticed on the ground earlier. He walked back to the wolves, and threw one of the bones to a strong and scary looking wolf.
              The wolf wasn’t very cautious, it picked up the bone right after it fell on the ground.
              Then, without any warning, the wolf ran to Brad at a speed unmatched by anything Brad had seen before. Brad tried to run away, but it was to late. The wolf tackled Brad and …. started to lick him in the face. It tickled Brad, he laughed and rolled over. The wolf jumped on his belly and liked him on his nose. “Hahaha, stop it, hahaha, stop it, I can’t collect my mushrooms now, hahaha”.
              Other wolfs joined and Brad had no choice but get tickled by wolfs for a long, long time.

              After some time passed, Brad got up, and realised that the wounded wolf was in pain all that time that he was getting tickled by the dogs.
              He walked towards the wounded wolf and pulled the arrow out of it’s knee. The wolf made a sad, painfull howl, but it seemed like it was doing fine.
              Brad decided to call the wounded wolf, Baroq, brave and mighty Baroq.

              Brad walked towards the big red mushroom and and punched it with his fists. Some parts of the mushroom fell off. He decided to give a piece of mushroom to Baroq. He went to Baroq, lay down next to him and gave him a piece of mushroom. Baroq seemed to like the mushroom.
              Baroq tried to stand, but he fell down almost immediatly after trying to get up.
              Brad picked up Baroq, and carried him to his home. The other wolfs followed Brad.

              Back at his home, Brad realised he didn’t have enough space for himself and the wolfs.
              He placed Baroq in his house, ate a mushroom, went inside his hole, and sealed up the entrance to prevent any of his wolf friends to fall in.
              Brad grabbed his pickaxe and mined as much stone has he could possibly get.

              Some time passed, and Brad got really exhausted. He decided to dig up a few more stone and then call it a day. Brad digged through the stone infront of him, and after he broke it, he noticed that there was a big open area behind where the stone used to be.
              Brad broke another stone so he could walk to the open area.
              It was dark, really dark, and he heard all sorts of weird sounds.
              Suddenly, he felt like something flew by his head. He felt the stone wall next to him, and noticed that there was a arrow stuck in the wall. Brad pulled it out, turned around, and tried to look in the distance if he could see who shot the arrow.
              He saw a vague figure jumping up and down. He also heard the sound of bones slamming together again. Brad walked towards the figure. “Hello, is anyone there? I mean no harm, I am just a little kid”.
              Another arrow flew right by his head. Brad quickly duck down. “Why is this guy shooting arrows at me. Maybe I should charge at him so I can’t shoot me from a distance anymore”.
              Brad got up, and charged the figure. He tackled but instantly jumped back up again.
              “eeeek! It’s a skeleton!”.
              Brad ran away as fast as he could, back to his hole. Brad sealed the entrance to the open area, and ran back to his wolfpack.

              Weeks passed and the Brad’s house has received a big upgrade.
              There is a big wooden building for the wolves to stay, and Brads house is really looking like a house. His 4×4 house turned into a two story wooden house, with doors , windows and even some furniture.
              Infront of his house there is a sign. You can’t see it when you are far away, but when you get closer you notice that there is some text on it. The sign says : “I am Brad, the king of the magical forest : Minecraft. When you use your imagination, everything is possible”.

                • You better like it, it’s the future ….. of your son ….

                • -Notices Robbin hasn’t commented on the new background yet-.

                • I WAS ABOUT TO DO THAT !!! I just came back to this blog to check if you commented, and then I noticed how you STOLE the background from Maplestories YT channel.
                  No suprise that Brad will run away at the age of 10 to become a pokemon master .. i mean, minecraft Master..

                  You know howlong it took me to write that?
                  20 MINUTS !!! I just woke up 10 min ago and wrote that on the fly, not knowing what I would write next. I was doubting about making it something about pokemon or Minecraft, because I was bored. Tried to keep it as clean as possible, because a lil kid killing a skeleton ….. yeah .. thats kind of weird

                • Well Nexon originally used in their ‘Remaster Adventure’ campaign after Big Bang. So technically they used it there first, then they used on the official Youtube channel and then they stole it from themselves again as the background to the official website :D.

                  And I do like the story. It’s imaginative. A little crazy. But imaginative.

                • You better like it, I put my heart and soul in it (well not really).
                  You can notice that at the end I got bored, and just wanted to stop it. I could keep on rambling on for pages and pages till I could finaly get to a spot where I could make the story end without ending it right in the middle leaving tons of questions unanswered, or I could just end it there :p
                  And since I just woke up and wanted to play some Maplestory … yeah …..

                  ALso, you are a thief. :p

                • Yeah I noticed that you quickly rapped it up.

                  Technically Nexon is a thief for stealing it from themselves. Then they further proved their thiefness by stealing it from themselves again. So I’m actually a thief who stole something from someone who stole it from themself after stealing it from themself.

                • Wrong, that is like you having 3 cookies, you take one and then someone else calls you a thief. It is your own stuff. Stealing = taking something from SOMEONE ELSE without permission.

                  The only thief is YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU

                  So, I propose this :
                  You get me a job at Nexon for the summer, and I will not tell Nexon about this.
                  hmmmm ? souds like a fair deal to me.
                  Seeing your brother come home all depressed because I annoyed him at work, seems alot better than being in jail right?

                  LOLLLL xD

                • Exactly. You’re stealing from yourself and therefore you’re a thief. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Orange doesn’t get annoyed very easily. He’ll probably be the one doing the annoying, not you.

                • Ahahaha are you sure?

                • Sure about what? The part about Nexon being my thief. Yup, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
                  About Orange probably being the annoying one? Yes, he’s incredibly annoying.

  7. is he ur lil bro or big bro :p

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