[GMS 1.07] Alliance Unbound: Masteria Update Teaser


Posted on March 8, 2012, in Global MapleStory, Update. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. *thanks to me xD

    jk jk

    • Well I saw the video before I saw your comment so…

      • So you CAN timetravel… and telling me all that stuff like ” sure Robbin” …. hmmm I knew it… I knew it !!!
        There is no way you could have known about this video before I told you so.
        So there are 2 options.
        1. You are lieing.
        2. You can travel through time

        The only one that seems logical is the 2nd option…

        -tired, 3 am-

        • Or, you know, maybe I just logged onto Youtube before I checked comments and saw it.

          • No, impossible, that is completly unacceptable. There is no way you could have logged into Yuotube before you checked my comment. That just defies all realism thingies

            • Yes, it sure does, Robbin, it sure does. How dare I even suggest the possibility of something happening which completely defies the laws of science and religion all at once.

              • Only explaination of you saying that : You are not you. Either the person I am replieing to is an alien, or you are held hostage by thieves who want to get to know where I get all my awsomeness from.
                Well let me tell you this thieves: I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE YOU THE SECRET TO MY AWESOMENESS. I don’t care, kill Zach, I will never tell you my secret.
                (*wishper*Alright, my secret is that I wear pink pajamas, now let Zach adn his family go!)

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