[GMS 1.07] This Is Just The Beginning…

M       A       S       T       E       R       I       A


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  1. Were did u get this image

    • Where it links to. Official Facebook page.

    • Were did u get the right to be the first to post on MSupdate blog. There is a strict hierarchy here ; First me, then Msupdate, then me, the MSupdate, then me, then MSupdate, then random commenter followed by a reply by Msupdate, then me again, and then I will be ignored by Msupdate.
      It has been like that for almost a year now, and you think that you can break that!
      Ooooh man, do I have a suprise for you. If you ever try to enter this blog again Luis, then I will hire 2 pretty girls, let them go out with you, let them have fun with you and then let them walk away in the middle of the night without letting you know anything.
      Sounds evil right? Muhahahahaha

      jk jk :p

      On Topic : YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Remember that “MasteriaUpdate” that GMS teased us with showing on their computer screen during the hollidays or whatever. YES, I know this is .. that.. Once I read the word “Masteria” on Basil, and people were linking it to VPQ I was like “lol, you guys are forgetting that VPQ has no ties to Masteria”

      My prediction : In the storyline of NLC they talk about another city, and about alien slug things. Look at how the Maple-Statue of liberty has been destroyed.. I think that aliens are in a deserted town, and you have to fight them. Also, I hope they revamp every NLC related map except the town and the clock tower, because those maps to the right of NLC are just AWFULL, they are to ugly, seriously, look at their design… no good background, and it feels like a wasteland.

      So, herby I officialy hand my posting rights over to Luis. All you have to do is say what I say :

      I, Luis
      Hereby promise
      to never let Zach (msupdate) down
      help him in times of need
      Make fun of him whenever possible
      And I will NEVER EVER
      take on more step out of my house
      Because being a MSupdate-commenter
      Is now my life.


      • You have way too much times on your hands.

        • I know … but so do you. Why are you still awake at 4 am :p
          Don’t you have to go to work tomorrow… or did you just got back from work. OR, did you just woke up and are you going to work now.

          I have the day off today from school, which is why I have this much time on my hands. xD

          • Don’t have work today. Went out and came home at about 3:45 and decided to check comments :).

            • LOL and you say that I don’t have a life…

              Sammi : “oooh Zach that was so much fun, I had a great time at the club with you tonight, you are such a great danser, let’s hope everyone is asleep so we can … you know * winkwink*”

              Zach : “Yeah yeah, hold on babe, gotta check the comments on my blog… euh, I will see you tomorrow morning okay?”

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