Nexon America’s Q1 2012 Approval Rating

Total number of votes: 2753
Approve: 25.10% (-25.82%)
Disapprove: 39.01% (+1.48%)
Undecided/No Opinion: 35.89% (+24.34%)

Five common reasons why people disapproved were:

  • Game instability and server downtime
  • Inadequate customer support
  • Inability to keep number of hackers in games to acceptable numbers
  • Cash users have a huge advantage over those who do not have access to NX regularly
  • Account security concerns due to recent hackings and scares
Five common reasons why people approved were:
  • Nexon doing a better job than many other free-to-play publishers
  • Great content updates (core game content and game events mentioned)
  • Game is fun
  • Communication with players improving slowly but steadily
  • Extensive knowledge of the market and content localization skills

Nexon America’s approval rating fell dramatically, being cut in more than half since Q4 2011. The majority of the approvals lost seems to have gone into Undecideds/No Opinions with Disapprovals rising only slightly to 39.01%. Undecideds more than tripled to 35.89%.

83% of takers began playing Nexon America games outside of the past 3 years (2009 or prior), more than enough time to form a valid opinion on the way the company runs its games. This is up from 79% from Q4 2011.

78% of takers are from the United States and Canada and 10% from Europe. 1% from Mexico and 2% from Australia and New Zealand. The most popular ‘other’ responses (6%) were Peru and Venezuela. In Q4 2011 60% were from the United States and Canada, 16% from Europe and the most popular ‘other’ response (19%) was also Peru.

43% of takers were aged 13-16, down from 51% in Q4 2011. This time around 21-24 came in second with 26% and 17-20 third with 20%.

97% of takers play MapleStory which is up from 93% in Q4 2011 and up from 95% in Q3 2011. 35% play MapleStory Adventures while 29% from Dragon Nest. Other games ranged from 28% who play Vindictus to 5% who play Wonder Cruise. Last time’s results read:

“93% of takers play MapleStory, down slightly from 95%. 38% play Dragon Nest, while 34% play MapleStory Adventures. Other Nexon games range from 7% who play Atlantica to 24% who play Vindictus.”

The number of takers who actively play games from publishers other than Nexon America has once again increased to 65%. This is really good.

Approval Rating History

Q1 2012: 25.10% (2,753 takers)
Q4 2011: 50.92% (>1,500 takers)
Q3 2011: 55.92% (>1,000 takers)
Q1 2011: 66.38% (>1,000 takers)
Q4 2010: 70.98% (<1,000 takers)
September 2010: 62.71% (<1,000 takers)
Q3 2010: 45.23% (<500 takers)

Join us from May 7 to May 25 for Nexon America’s Q2 2012 approval rating survey!


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  1. “Three common reasons why people approved were:” but you state 5 :p
    Stupid typo’s xD

    Now .. about the “cash users have a big advantage”
    if you go, for example, to a concert. If yuo pay almost nothing, you have a big chance of sitting behind a concrete pillar, but when you pay alot of money, you have the right for better seats, so you get to sit backstage.
    These people pay some of their money, and should get something in return. In this case that is getting a easier time in the game. So what. People that complain SHOULDN’T. Why? Because it doesn’t affect them. How the hell does it affect you when someone buys a 2x coupon in the cash shop … ooo wait, it doesn’t.
    How does it effect you when someone buys a store permit .. oooh wait, IT DOESN’T.

    It is like you and a friend being at a pool in the summer. It is really hot and you both could go for a nice ice cream. So your friend, who only has enough for one, buys himself one. Then you start complaining “Dude, I hate you, you spend money on something to have a better time than me, fuck you”…. That’s wrong, but that is exactly what you complainers are doing.

    If someone wants to spend money on something, let them, but don’t start complaining that they get a bigger advantage over it. Even if they get the worst cash shop item ever, they still get a advantage over you, because they have something you don’t.
    But do you start complaining over that? No, you only start complaining once someone has something that YOU want.

    So when you start complaining about something someone else has but you don’t, don’t you think the problem is YOU?
    Both you and that other person have the ability to pay money for it. But you don’t wnat to pay money, which is fine, but then don’t start complaining that you don’t have a 2x coupon and others have, because that is just wrong.

    You don’t think a item is worth your money, then don’t start complaining to the people that think it ís worth their money.

    I sure hope people that gave that as an answer would reply to me, I would love to discuss this with them to see their point of view

    • Well the thing that gets to me is that if you don’t inject real money into this game it’s so much harder to be successful. Systems such as the item potential system have made the gap between the rich and the poor so wide and the challenges that face those who can’t access NX easily regularly to become rich are unfair. My problem isn’t the advantage that cash users receive, it’s a HUGE advantage that cash users receive.

      • I disagree, most specificly for GMS. Why? GMS is the only (maybe Europe too) version that has a way of obtaining NX wihtout spending money : MTS. So if you start to complain about it and can’t spend your own money, then you should start MTS’ing.
        Potential has not much to do with NX. All that NX does for Potential is give you another try. BUt if you are lukcy and get good stuff on the first try, there is no need for NX. Also, you can just fuse/create most items with Crafting, giving people more tries/making it easier to get potential items, which removes the NX factor even more, because when you get a bad pot, you can jsut fuse or create a new one, and not spend NX on it.
        Only when NX spending was hte only way to get another try, then I would agree, but right now, I completely disagree on your point of view (woah this is new for me xD).

        IMO potential is a REALLY great thing to happen to maplestory. Even when I see a lv 10 equip being dropped, i tend to pick it up, just to be curious to see what fun pot it holds :p
        It is like a gamble, will it have a pot, and if so, what kind of pot. I LOVE IT xD

        • It’s a good new though, you disagreeing with me. MTS was first updated into JapanMS and is also present in TaiwanMS and ChinaMS. But you’re missing my point a bit. I’m not saying that NX directly gives you the advantage that the access to pot’d items gives. What I’m saying is that having NX makes the generation of mesos so much easier which in turn heightens your accessibility to high quality pot’d items.

          • So you are saying that with NX you can get messo more easilier, making the value of messo drop and thus making all other expensive items more expensive?
            In that perspective you might be right, but that has nothing to do with the huge advantage that people wiht NX receive.
            NX does nothing wrong, just becuase alot of people can affort one item now in NX, doesn’t eam that the messo should go up.
            Actualy, if there is alot of demand of an item in NX, the messo value should go down since there is a bigger demand of it in NX than in messo….
            Or did I just completly misunderstood what you just said. I litterly woke up 20 minuts ago.

            ALso, the advantage NX users get compared to non-NX users is most of the time either EXP related, item related (cachapon) or convenience related (pet with auto pot/ buff/ pickup). All cash items do is shorten the time for the player to achieve something (like gaining a level, getting a good item or pickup an an item).
            SO the player that complain are complaining that other people are getting items sooner than them. But they are forgetting the fact that those peope pay their own – real – money for it. They give some of their money and in return they should get something good.
            I work at the Mc Donlads for 4,36 euro’s an hour. It’s not much, so if I spend $30 on NX (~€27,-) I have to work 6 hours for that. Then I want to get at least 6 hours or more for that money out of it, like.. get a 2x card for 30k nx for 7 hours, so that hwen it ends, I have gotten atleast 6 hours of my time back by doing something in 6 hours that otherwise would have taken me 12…..

            Now, compare what Nexon is doing with NX, to games like LOTRO, Allods and DC universe Online (and a bit of TF2).

            With LOTRO there is a level cap and all that bullshit. You can only enjoy the game for 20% if you don’t pay.

            With Allods you shouldn’t even instal the game if you don’t play on paying money, because of things like “wait 1 hour after you die, or pay us $10,- to get out now”, or some other crap… wtf where they thinking when designing a micro-transactionmodel for this game?!

            With DC universe you have a level cap and are missing some skills, but that doesn’t take away from the core gameplay. What DOES take away from the core gameplay is trading, just like TF2. You have to spend $5 in the real money shop, in order to be allowed to trade items with other people. So without doing that, you can’t trade items with other people, which is really essensial for the game.

            Nexon games only give the player a slight advantage, shortening the time for the player to achieve something. It doesn’t punish people for not paying, instead, it rewards them for paying.

            • But LOTRO and DCU don’t use the same business model as MS does. They converted from subscription-based to free-to-play games and use a ‘play for free then pay for additional content’ business model. MS uses a ‘free to play with optional microtransaction’ business model. As for Allods, the game’s dependency on cash has improved but still isn’t good. But that doesn’t mean that Nexon is good, just that Gala-Net is worse.

              Once again you miss my point slightly. I’ll try to explain it differently. NX is very easy to convert to mesos so the generation of mesos by cash users is much quicker than the generation of NX by non-cash users. This quickening of the generation of mesos makes then makes it easier for these cash users to buy the best equipment, expensive skill books and other items and it allows them to make more mesos even faster by making merchanting easier.

              I was raising my Mercedes NX-less (well, about 20k, but that’s all) since they were released and I can tell you that I am struggling. I wanted to raise my Mercedes independently of my other characters so I started by doing the following:

              1. Gave 10mil to my Mercedes
              2. Gave my Mercedes rings
              3. Gave my Mercedes a few potions to get started

              And that’s it. No more sharing with my other characters. I chose that for an extra challenge I’d go NX-less except for 2x cards until level 150 but during that time I used 20k NX on him for clothes and a pet. It really is a huge challenge making mesos and getting good equips without NX.

              • Yes, and that is where my point comes into play. People say that “NX users get a to-big-advantage”…. No .. all they get is a reduced timeframe to get the items they want, but in return they have to pay money for it. Sure, if they would get everything instaly, like getting a instant lv 120 char, it would be broken, but now, they just have to put in half the effort you as a non-nx player has to give in order to level up. But that is fair, because they pay real money for it. If someone starts complaining about it, they must be crazy, because they are playing the game for free yet they want the same thing as people that pay real omney for it. Let me think of an example other than the concert….
                If I want to go out for dinner …… uhm …. yeah , okay …
                If I want to go out for dinner and my firend wants to go to. I want to spend twice his amount of money. He picks a cheap restauarant, but I pick a really expensive one.
                Then, he suddenly starts complaining about how good my service is compared to him. And how better my food tastes than the food he gets. Wtf o.o ?
                I payed more money, so I should get better service.
                It is the same with NX, I pay money for it, so I should get a better service, not hvaing to take nearly as much time as you need to level up.

                Also, what do you mean with generation in this context. I might be missing the point because I don’t fully understand how that word fits in this context :p

                • ‘Generation’ meaning ‘making’. I’m not saying that the advantage paid users get is good or bad, I’m just saying that they get an advantage. Trust me, I haven’t spent much NX on my Mercedes and it’s taking me a lot longer than double the time to make mesos. It’s ridiculous.

  2. I also agree with msupdate on this one..MTS is not a great system ..Its another borked system that needs to be removed in order to save GMS along with potential..There are a ways to fix MTS / pot system to make it more fair..but I’m not going to go into detail seeing as how it doesnt make a difference.

    Also saying that its easy to obtain NX through MTS is a huge overstep considering you have to even have good un pot’d items to sell to make anything..and thats hard to get/make unless you are a hacker selling these items..Which are the only ones making any positive gain off of this system..

    NX should not be the main currency of a ftp game, and how GMS is now..its the only currency..Mesos are as good as useless and it doesnt seem to be getting any better..

    Sorry for the rant..dont get me wrong I approve of Nexon its just I wish they would take more assertive action on certain things that are ruining the game..or there will be no more GMS.

    • The MTS is a really great concept but is terribly flawed in GMS right now. I agree.

    • Great to see someone other than me and Zach finaly comment 😉
      But uhm … yeah.. well …. MTS is a great system, the idea is great, only the way the people use it is wrong.
      People only want good special items, which is floooded in great volume by hackers.
      That is not the point, but uhm .. alright let me start over lol xD

      Mts is a great system … You say people only want good items. Well .. duh … who would spend their money on arrows for 32k nx (looking at that #!@$ing hacker that hacked my account and bought arrows in MTS).

      You say that MTS is not a easy way to get NX. If you don’t want to pay money, ti is the only way, and you shouldn’t really compain (not “you” as YOU, but “you” as people that complain). Just sell thing that are good and easy to obtain with MESSO, like WG or scrolls. Sell those items and you will get NX. Just spend your own messo instead of your own real money to get NX.

      I for one think MTS is one of the best things to have come to GMS, only because I can sell useless items in MTS that I don’t need and maybe when I have sold a few I can buy myself something without spending real money on the game.

      One thing that might be great is add the ability to sell potential items, but for a bigger fee. This way, normal items wont be destroyed in MTS by pot items, because the price will be higher, and I can sell the items with good pot on them in the MTS for some NX too, instead of dropping them (to lazy to stand in FM)…

      (if anyone plays Bera, just tell me, i have a crap load of semi-good pot items for free for ya ;))

      • But the restrictions of the MTS such as the tax are stupid. Plus the currently NX to meso conversion rate is… what’s the word I’m looking for… “bad”.

        • haha .. yeah … maybe :p
          I agree on the tax thing. I seriously have no clue right now why they implented that … oooh wiat .. I know, money… -,-

          If an item would be 3k nx, and someone would pay that money for it, then Nexon wouldn’t make any NX profit, because the NX would just be transfered. But with the tax, some NX is lost, and with that slowly depleting the total amount of NX that is present in the game, which means people have to re-buy it again… but it is a douche move -,-

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