[NX] Nexon Stock Prices Surge 4.57%, Highest Point Since Feb. 14

Nexon Co. Ltd. (3659:JP)

Nexon stock prices surged 4.57% on the day of trading of February 27, 2012. This is the highest point since the peak on February 14 and since Nexon’s stock plunged following their 2011 earnings report. Nexon needs another 2.27% to surpass the February 14 mark and another 9.9% to surpass the price of shares on the day of Nexon’s public launch, 1,300 yen.



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  1. Title error at the survey… “WE sure to vote”…..
    Or do you mean that we (you and Orange) are sure to vote before march the 2nd :p

    Ooooh I hope to god that you will also include the reasons on why people voted if they aprovved or dissaproved to Nexon, I would love them to read that I would love to work there …. twice, since I did the survey twice xD

    • Yup, I plan on highlighting the most common reasons. I’ll reply to your other comment a little later.

      • what other comment ? lol xD
        Can you look in the future and know that I am posting this comment, and telling me now that your will answer THIS COMMENT THAT YOU ARE READING NOW later?
        Wouldn’t that create a paradox, making this all end in white space

        • Yes Robbin that’s exactly what I can do. No. I meant your latest comments on “Frequent M&A Change Market Shares in South Korea’s Online Game Industry” -F3-.

          • oooh … hahaha …. haaaaaaah. I knew that …… :p
            So …. are you sure you can’t time travel?
            Try it.
            I hear this is a good method :
            Go on to a place that has snow where people will rarely go to. Tell one of your buddies to unfreeze you after a couple months or years….. then, once you are in the “future”, use a special prank phone to call your past self (or me) and tell that person about what you know from the future….. but then again, you have to tell him to not freeze himself because then your timetravel would be useless. But when you do that, you create a paradox, making your future self dissapear the moment you convince your past-self about it….

            but seriously, try it :p

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