[KK] Karma Koin Expands To Fantage

Fantage, the free-to-play with optional paid membership virtual world geared towards gamers aged 6 to 13 with over 16 million players globally, is now accepting Karma Koin as one of its payment options. Fantage is developed by Fantage Inc. which is a North America-based subsidiary of Nexon Co. Ltd. Fantage Europe was published by Nexon Europe Limited but this service was closed and Europeans are now encouraged to join the North American service. Nexon Japan also published in Japanese service of Fantage which also closed.

Karma Koin (http://karmakoin.com/) is a virtual cash card from Nexon America and 1% of all purchases made using Karma Koin is donated directly to charity. In addition to use on Nexon America’s online game portal, Karma Koin’s growing list of partners currently consists of Musicshake and Fantage. For a full list of the thousands of locations where Karma Koin can be purchased, see http://karmakoin.com/where_to_buy.


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