[NX] Nexon Stocks Fall Quite A Bit In Early Trading Day Following Revenue Report


I thought it’d be pretty interesting to see how the market reacted to Nexon’s 2011 annual revenue report, released on 14 February 2012. Despite the generally good announcement coming from this report, very early trading of stocks on the day after the report has seen Nexon’s share prices fall an average of 42 JPY (3.32%). It’ll   be interesting to see who the rest of the day goes and where Nexon closes the day.

You can keep up-to-date on such information at http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/3659:JP.


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  1. Zach, in another post ( cant remember which one, SOOO MANY POASTZZZZ), you say that Nexon hired alot of people last year, or something like that … Was it for customer Service, or Game Artist, or … Game Designer… hehe, just wondering what Nexon needs .. .like .. if they need alot of Game Designers, I get a positive feeling about my future ..

    On a sidenote, it is funny, My lil bro added Spadow on Steam (steam ID Spadow) .. Spadow was like : Are you Nightcodex from Mapleblog .. or something like that …. my lil bro said it like that …

    Lol that made me laugh xDDDD Spadow “remembers” me lol… But that must mean he checks this website alot. Shakar does it too, not sure about Max..
    They are the big 3 KMS bloggers, and you are like their “source” of Nexon information.. You are like the Journalist Basker Company that all the journalists go to dump their story, and then the newsreporters pick the story that they want to talk about from there..
    You might not be the most known, but all the big guys depend on you ;)))

    To Spadow : I would like to know if you Steam ID is really Spadow, since I thought I once read on your Twitter around Christmass time, that your Steam ID was something other than Spadow (cant remember what) ..

    K ……..

    • Well Nexon had a lot of open positions on their career page and now they have 0 open positions. I’m assuming that this had something to do with their GDC recruitment booth. I do remember seeing Game Designer in the list of open positions.

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